Guess what? It's Christmas! The annual ice-rink has rolled into town with much delight :D I didnt fall over once, and somewhere between pirouettes -cough- this little drabble was born :)

It's pure fluff, but pure Christmassy fluff :D Happy Holidays!

If there was to be any kind of crime that screamed 'Christmas' and 'New York', it would be murder on the ice rink. Thankfully this particular scene wasn't Rockerfeller Center. Trying to respect the deceadant's wishes, in front a thousand-strong crowd, was difficult to say the least.

This crime was in a private indoor rink. That narrowed down the suspects considerably, as all skaters had to sign in at the gates first.

Mac and Stella bagged and tagged the entrant sheet and followed the officer to the ice.

"Ready?" Mac smirked

Stella grinned. Holding on tightly to the railing, she gingerly put a foot onto the ice. Satisfied she wasn't going to fall, her other foot joined it. Although her arms where out to the side, balancing her, she seemed a natural at the ice.

She spun to face Mac. "C'mon, its not that bad"

He rose an eyebrow to her, but stepped onto the ice. He didn't hold onto the rail as she had done.

The bloody mass that was the victim was propped up against the far wall. The CSIs scanned the ice for anything that seemed suspicious, as they went.

They were half way to the body when Mac's footing almost went from under him. He swung slightly, trying to find his equilibrium. Stella's hands shot to his back and his chest, keeping him upright. "whoa" she chuckled, "You alright?"

Mac breathed a thankful sigh, "Yeah, thanks"

"Here" she held out her arm "grab onto me, and just kind of…shuffle" she demonstrated

"Shuffle" he mumbled, as if commanding his feet

Mac's arm entwined with Stella's, while his fingers wrapped around her wrist. The scene kit in his gloved left hand gave him the balance he need to shuffle closer to the body.

That was until his foot slipped from under him, sending him crashing to the ice with an "oomph!"

A snigger and a giggle sounded from Stella. He turned his head to the side, seeing her flat on her back also, her face creased with laughter.

"You okay down there?" the officer asked, he was a few yards away with the body, holding tightly onto the rail.

"We're fine" Stella chuckled sitting up, her hand rubbing at the back of her head. She turned to Mac "You okay?"

"Yeah" Mac smiled, rubbing circles to the small of his back. "That's gonna hurt in the morning"

"Oh yeah" Stella nodded. "C'mon" she brought herself up onto her knees.

Mac slid the scene kit in front of them, using it to help them to their feet.

Once steady, Stella slid her arm through Mac's, and they slowly, carefully and painfully shuffled the rest of the way.

"I'm definitely hitching over that rail and walking on the way back"