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Chapter 2: We Must Work Together

Kiyo and Zatch raced home with Yomiko behind them. Hopping to get home and help Ponygon before Shadow got there. However Shadow was already there. She looked at Ponygon who stared back.

"So your that horse Mamodo who doesn't have a book keeper, right?" asked Shadow.

"Meu?" said Ponygon (Translation: Why?)

"I want your book." Said Shadow.

"Meru meru mei?" said Ponygon (Translation: Does that mean?)

"I'll take a look at your book…" said Shadow with a smirk, she knew chances were bad that she would be the book keeper.

Ponygon went into it's… pony house and got the book, Shadow quickly looked though and couldn't read a thing, she figured as much, she got up and still held the book, Ponygon thought she was his book keeper.

"Sorry little pony, I'm not your book keeper, but I will be adding it to my collection…" she said with a smirk.

She disappeared in thin air, well actually she was engulfed in shadows. A few minutes after she left Zatch and Kiyo found Ponygon crying.

"Ponygon what happened?" asked Zatch.

"Meru meru mei!" said Ponygon (Translation: My book was stolen)

"Timmy fell down a well?" asked Zatch.

"Meru meru mei!" said Ponygon (Translation: No, My book was stolen)

"Trouble at the old mill?" asked Zatch.

"Meru meru mei!" said Ponygon (Translation: No my book was stolen!)

"Timmy's stuck in the Old mill?" asked Zatch.

"Meru… Meru meru" said Ponygon (Translation: sigh… trouble at the old well)

"Your book was stolen!" said Zatch.

Ponygon nodded, wondering how Zatch got those things.

Yomiko got there and she heard everything, "It was probably Shadow" asked Yomiko.

"I'll help you… let's go inside to talk...." Said Kiyo.

They went inside his house and up to his bedroom.

"So if what your saying was true… I'll help…" said Kiyo.

"That's great!" said Yomiko.

"Cool!" yelled Zatch.

"right…" said Kiyo with a sweat drop, "So what kind of information you have on her."

"Right now. Nothing." said Yomiko.

"What kind of spy are you!" yelled Kiyo.

"Don't worry. We'll find out something. Maybe I can see I have any messages at my place that's always a good place to start." said Yomiko.

"Sure, okay." sighed Kiyo.

"Meru Meru!" yelled Ponygon, (Translation: Let me come).

"Sorry we can't take you." said Kiyo.

"He's right… it's too dangerous for you." said Zatch.

Ponygon sighed, but understood… but that didn't stop him from crying in the corner in the fetal position.

"Will he be fine?" asked Yomiko.

"I have no idea." answered Kiyo.

And so they went into the deepest part of Tokyo where go to Yomi's building.

"So this is your apparent building." said Kiyo.

"Sort of." said Yomiko.

"What do you mean "sort of"?" asked Kiyo.

That's when they went though the building… which was more of one giant storage unit for books and it was like a maze of book. Kiyo and Zatch had to follow Yomiko so that they wouldn't get lost, that's when they finally made it to the roof.

"Air!" yelled Zatch, it was extremely hard to breath in the building.

"What was that?" asked Kiyo.

"Just part of my book collection." answered Yomiko.

"Part of your book collation?" asked Kiyo with a big sweat drop.

Yomiko nodded and the two of them went into her room… which has (surprise, surprise) more books.

"You have a serious problem." mumbled Kiyo.

"You're not the first person to mention that." laughed Yomiko, "I'll go make some tea."

Kiyo sweat dropped as Yomiko made some tea for the three of them while Zatch explored all of the books. Kiyo couldn't help twitching.

"So do you know of any more Book Keepers in the area or Mamodo?" asked Yomiko.

"Well there's Megumi!" said Zatch.

"Megumi?" asked Yomiko.

"Yeah! She's' a talented pop star." said Zatch.

"Do you mean Megumi Oumi?" asked Yomiko blinking.

"That's her!" said Zatch.

"I heard about Parco Fulgore… but not about Megumi…" said Yomiko.

"Maybe we should call Megumi to see if Tia's book was stolen!" yelled Zatch realizing a problem, "Do you have a phone."

"It's over there." said Yomiko pointing to a pile of books with a cord dangling from it.

"You seriously need to clean up." said Kiyo.

"You wouldn't be the first person who tired." said Yomiko.

Kiyo noticed several notes written by someone named "Nenene.". All helpful notes to Yomiko.

"I see…" said Kiyo with a sweat drop, but he couldn't help to think "Whoever this Nenene person is they gave up on the most part years ago."

He grabbed move the books the phone and decided call Megumi.

"Hello, I'm not hear right now. Please leave a message after the beep." said Megumi's voice/ Answering machine.

The beep happened and Kiyo said, "Megumi, there's some strange woman stealing books. I don't know why but I have gotten word on it. Please if anything happens please contact me."

Kiyo hung up and sighed, "She wasn't home." he said.

"Well she is a popular idol… so it should be hard to get a hold of her." said Yomiko.

"I know that." muttered Kiyo.

"Do you think they'll fine?" asked Zatch.

"I hope so." said Kiyo.

Meanwhile at Megumi's place, Shadow was there smirking as she erased Kiyo's message.

"This won't take long…" said Shadow with a smirk.

That's when Megumi and Tia came into the room with Megumi looking rather tired.

"It was a tough day." said Megumi.

"I know." said Tia, "You need a break."

That's when the two of them saw Shadow standing them.

"Who are you?" asked Megumi.

"Give me your spell book and no one gets hurt." said Shadow.

"Why?" asked Megumi.

"I just said hand it over, don't worry, I won't burn it." said Shadow.

The two of them glared at Shadow.

"No way!" yelled Megumi.

"Fine… then we will have to do this the hard way." said Shadow with her hand… dissolving into Shadows…

"You will never get this book!" yelled Tia.

"Your not the first ones to tell me that… and you won't be the last." laughed Shadow.

And so the three of them prepared for a fight… one where no one knew who would be the winner.

Next time: Shadow and Megumi and Tia duke it out... will Shadow get the book. Meanwhile Kiyo, Yomiko and Zatch figure out what to do... what will happen? Find out next time!