Title: Finding What Was Lost

Author: Something Like Human

Rating: 13+ (for now )

Genre: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter – Gundam Wing x-over. Basically folks, right after the Eve's War (A.C. 196 in the gundam-verse), the vampires came out of the coffin. So in the Anita-verse, it's post-Incubus Dreams.

Warnings: Yaoi/Slash, 3somes, vampires, were-everythings, zombies, blood, sex, language. (the usual for the two genres)

Pairings: 2x5, and Anita/anything male….

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the plot.

For my twenty-first birthday, my Duo decided to take me out to a club. Not just any club, no, this was Duo Maxwell we were talking about. He took me to Guilty Pleasures –a male strip club that specialized in the exotic. I am not talking about having different nationalities on stage; none of the men were human.

You see, shortly after the Eve's War, there was another revolution rocking the world. In a landmark court case, vampires were given rights as citizens in the United States and a few of its Colonies. This brought vampires, lycanthropes, and various other non-humans out of hiding and into the limelight. Many of them still hid – as their peers did in other parts of the Earthsphere, but here they were like Celebrities. Right here in St. Louis, the Master Vampire of the city was more recognizable to most people than the mayor!

But getting back to my birthday, Duo never lets it pass unnoticed. I think since he was raised on the streets of L2 and can not ever remember having a birthday, he feels that he has to go all out on mine. So he got reservations to Guilty Pleasures which mostly catered to a female crowd. I do not have a clue how he got us in. All I know is that I am trying not to look at the stage where a mostly naked vamp is moving to the music.

It is not that I don't appreciate the male form; it's just that I only do it in a bedroom where I am admiring my Duo. Maxwell on the other hand is on his feet waving credits in the air trying to lure the youthful-looking undead to our table. I take a moment to grab my overly enthusiastic partner's braid and yank him back down to his seat.

"Wha…" he squealed as he crashed back into his chair.

"Quit drawing attention to us," I snap at him. "It's bad enough we're the only male couple here but you don't need to advertise it."

"Geesh, Fei. Calm down. You made me drop my money," he chided me as he sank down to the floor to retrieve said money. As he was doing so, I noticed that the vampire had left the stage and the lights had gone down awaiting the next performer. The music started pumping, the lights flashed a few times and I could practically taste the anticipation in the audience. I think the headliner was supposed to come on now; some guy called Brandon.

When the stage lights flared to life, the headliner was already swaying to the music. I could not believe it – Duo was up there stripping. Well, not my Duo, he was still searching out his lost money on the floor but the young man on stage looked just like him. The only difference that I could tell at this distance was that his hair was in a ponytail – loose, not braided. The face was the same and the body size was similar. I would have to be closer to see if the man on stage had those same enchanting eyes. Ones that weren't exactly blue but more like lavender – the color of lilacs in the spring. He had to be a lycanthrope not a vampire; there was too much about him that was alive. The way he moved to the music just oozed sensuality. You could see the muscles moving under his skin as he stalked and strutted across the stage. There was a flush to his skin that suggested that he would be hot to the touch. Even under the stage lights the vampire dancers were pale and looked cold. Not this dancer, he was hot in more ways than one.

The music ended and the stripper gathered his shed clothing as he left the stage. The crowd had indeed gone wild for him. I was transfixed even as the last sway of his pony tail disappeared off stage. Maxwell had emerged from under the table at that point tossing his credits on the table. He had missed his doppelganger's performance completely. I was about to tell him what he had missed when a man appeared by the table. He was blonde and was wearing more skin than leather which I presumed was meant to be pants.

"Hello, gentlemen. I am Jason, Jean-Claude's pomme de sang. I am to show you backstage to meet the Master of the City and owner of the club," he said quite formally although I did not miss the leer he was giving me. Something about the look on his face made me think that he would get along well with Duo. As I rose to my feet, I could see the slight shock on Jason's face when he laid his eyes on Duo. At least I was not the only one to notice the similarity Maxwell had to the stripper.

"Awesome show man!" My lover exclaimed as he bounced to his feet. He seemed quite oblivious to the looks this Jason was giving him.

"Thanks," the other man replied shaking himself back to reality. He starts to lead us back through the crowd and through some doors out of the auditorium. "Your accent is different, are you a colonial?"

"Yeppers. Good ole space stock for the both of us. Although lately, we've been planet side for the most part," my lover answered for the both of us as he had a perchance to do.

"Jean-Claude told me that you are both high ranking Preventers, which is why you're getting the VIP treatment."

"We're more like special ops than high ranking," I contend.

"Yeah, we're called in for special occasions," Duo continues. "Like when a job requires a special kind of insane to resolve it."

Jason laughs out loud at that. "You mean when things are so dangerous that only really good agents can handle it – or only the insane will try?"

"That's us in a nutshell. He's really good," Duo explains pointing to me. "And I'm insane."

Jason just laughs again and claps Maxwell on the back. "You're a riot man. What was your name again?"

"Duo Maxwell, at your service." He replied with much gusto and a little bow. "And this surly dragon over here is Chang WuFei."

"Surly?" I query while glaring at my lover.

"It was on the word-a-day calendar on my desk," he replies shrugging it off. I just shake my head and notice Jason doing the same thing.

"That's great," the blonde mutters mostly to himself. "Jean-Claude is right through these doors."

We went through the doors and into the office of Guilty Pleasures. It was not at all what I expected it to be. I'm not quite sure what I anticipated but a normal desk, chairs and other office paraphernalia were not it. Although, once fully into the office, it was very hard to look at the furnishings. The room's occupant's mere presence just demanded one's full attention. The vampire was perhaps the most attractive man I had ever laid my eyes upon. The way the black pants looked poured on over his thighs that rose out of knee high boots, or the delicate spill of white lace at the wrist of each hand, or the glimpse of pale flesh peaking through the laces across his chest that held the shirt together were all enough to take my breath away. I did not even chance looking at his face for fear of falling into his eyes. It was common knowledge that they could be spell you with their eyes but I was not sure if believed it or not – but I was not taking any chances.

"Damn!" I heard my lover say with such enthusiasm that he made the word have two syllables.

"Mon Deiu," the vampire muttered. I wondered briefly if he was aware of the similarity Duo had to one of his dancers. My speculation was cut short by his quick recovery. "Good evening and welcome to Guilty Pleasures. I am Jean-Claude and you must be Change Wu Fei and Duo Maxwell."

He made a sweeping, theatrical bow that I could tell was more from custom than theatrics. He was probably old enough to come from a time when Westerners actually did show respect. I bowed in return, noticing that Maxwell bobbed his head slightly. That was about all one could expect to get out of the crass American. When I straightened up again, I glanced back at Duo and noted that his eyes ere darting around the room; he was checking his surroundings and avoiding eye contact with the vampire.

"Monsieurs, I promise you that I will not try any vampire tricks on you. You don't have to act like rabbits running from wolves," Jean-Claude said.

Jason then wrapped his arms around our shoulders from behind us. "Unless you want this wolf to chase you, that is."

"Well buddy, I don't know how enjoyable that chase will be when you find out that these bunnies have got big, pointy teeth," Maxwell responded in his overly cheerful voice that told me that he was doing something dangerous. I could also tell from the werewolf's stiffening posture that something was up. I took a step out from under Jason's arm and looked back. Duo had one of his knives lying against the bare skin of Jason's torso.

"You two weren't kidding when you said that you were good and insane," the were laughed. "Too bad it's not silver."

"It's gundanium, never tried it against nonhumans. It seems to kill everything else well enough, so I wouldn't chance it if I were you."

Before Duo could test his theory, Jean-Claude laughed. I don't even know how to explain that laugh. It was nothing like Duo's joyous guffaws and no where near as frightening as Yuy's maniacal cackles. It was somewhere in between the two. All at once that laughter made me feel warm and happy while it also scared the hell out of me. The vampire's laugh felt like it rolled through my body and held promises of passion and pleasure. It was so inhuman that it frightened me more than a battle with mobile dolls.

"Whoa," Maxwell explained while he put his knife away. "I'd ask you to do whatever you did with your voice again but I don't think I could get Wu Fei into private before I could finish what that laugh of your started."

"You two are a riot!" Jason chuckled.

"Indeed they are," the master vampire replied. There was a knock on the office door before he could say any more. Jason turned around to answer the door while Jean-Claude looked Duo up and down again. I really wanted to ask something about the dancer I had seen but I did not know how to start.

"The party's here, the entertainment has arrived!" Jason crowed behind us. When I turned to look, I could see him ushering in a few of the club's dancers. They were thankfully more fully dressed than when I had last seen some of them. As I scanned the small group, my eyes locked on to a set of purple irises. I could hear Maxwell talking with one of the dancers that had come in. The other man had a British accent which my partner was emulating poorly. I could not take my eyes off the doppelganger. The dancer though, seemed to be transfixed by Maxwell. I don't blame him – it is not everyday that you encounter someone who looks just like you.

After a moment, Duo seemed to sense that someone was starring at him. His conversation with the other dancer trailed off as he looked around. When his gaze stopped at the as of yet, quiet dancer that looked just like him, his mouth opened some in what appeared to be disbelief. They starred at each other in silence for a moment while everyone in the room looked on. The dancer nervously licked his lips and in a small voice said questioningly, "Nicky?"

Duo's lavender eyes got as wide as saucers. He flicked his glance to me briefly before he bolted out the office door. I tried to stop him but I couldn't push through the small crowd of people gathered in the office. I called his name but knew it wouldn't make him turn around. Duo Maxwell runs and hides. That's what he does best.