Title: Finding What Was Lost

Author: Something Like Human

Rating: 13+

Genre: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter – Gundam Wing x-over. Basically folks, right after the Eve's War (A.C. 196 in the gundam-verse), the vampires came out of the coffin. So in the Anita-verse, it's post-Incubus Dreams.

Warnings: Yaoi/Slash, 3somes, vampires, were-everythings, zombies, blood, sex, language. (the usual for the two genres)

Pairings: 2x5, 4x3, 1xR and Anita/anything male…. mentions of past 5x1, 4x2x5

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the plot.

(Wu Fei POV)


Our jobs took us, Duo and I, away for a while after the trial. For a while, we were both on opposite side of the Earthsphere. I always hate it because I dislike sleeping alone. I know my partner really does not like being away from who he considers family. It used to be, he'd have a hard time being away from myself, Yuy, and the other Gundam Pilots. Since my birthday when we found his natural family, he has been really missing them when he is away from St Louis.

We both try to really keep in touch with Nathaniel, Anita, and Micah. I even get calls occassionally from Jason. The last time that he called, he said that he is still getting requests to have me dance at the club again. I don't know if that will ever happen but I'm pretty sure Duo wants to dance again with his brother. Although, I know that if Duo asked me, I will do it. I can never seem to resist him.

We finally got some leave this fall and are went back to St Louis for a visit. We even stayed at Anita's house for the duration. Nathaniel begged us. It seems I am just as indulgent with him as I am with his brother. It must be those eyes. They both have those impossibly colored eyes. I can't seem to say no when they turn those violet colored irises on me.

Today we are visiting with Duo's Aunt Stacy and her family. We were saddened to learn that Nathaniel has not been keeping in touch with her. I know it has to do with his feelings of abandonment and I don't really blame him. I can understand. I also understand Duo's perspective, too. Duo has lost everyone that he ever loved in childhood so he has been fighting his whole adolescence and adulthood to hold tightly to those he cares about. He's working on forgiving her for leaving them as boys but at the moment, he is soaking up any opportunity he gets to be with family. He found something he lost from childhood so he is holding on to it as tightly as possible.

We were sitting on his aunt's back porch watching her kids play in the yard. Josh was tossing the football around with a couple of neighborhood kids. Duo's younger cousins were busy climbing around in the tree house that their father had built them. It was very peaceful and idyllic which was odd for both Duo and I.

We were having idle conversation with his aunt and uncle. Josh's friends ended up having to go home so he walked back up to the porch to sit with us. He was smiling as his friends said their good byes. Duo had an odd look on his face as he watched them.

"What is it, dear?" His aunt asked him upon noticing his expression. "Is something wrong?"

"Nah," he said turning to look at her. "I was just thinking."

"'Bout what?" Josh asked plopping himself down on the steps up to the porch.

Duo regarded him for a moment as if he were sizing up an enemy. It was a very calculated look. I can usually read my lover pretty well but at that particular time, I was not sure what he was thinking.

"I was just thinking about myself when I was your age," he replied. "You really are just a kid, aren't you?"

"Hey, now! I'm almost 16!"

Duo laughed at that. It was a rather cynical sound. "No, I know. You're almost an adult. I hated being called a kid when I was your age. I sure as hell didn't feel like one."

"You're really not that much older than me," Josh argued. "Don't talk like you're ancient or something."

"I'm not saying that I'm that much older than you, just that my life was so different from yours. It seems like your biggest worry is that history exam coming up next week or which girl you're going to ask to homecoming. It's just a little different to me."

"Well, homecoming is a big deal," the kid argued still not quite getting the point.

"That's not what Duo's getting at," I explained trying to be helpful. "I think what he is trying to say is that he kind of missed out on all of those big things that normal kids do."

"Oh," his cousin said stopping to think about what I had told him. "What was he doing at my age that was so different than going to school and dating?"

I looked at my partner and he looked at me. We had not really told his family about our involvement in the wars. They had not even seemed to wonder about our young ages being involved in the Preventers. They had just been very accepting of anything that we had told them about ourselves. Duo seemed to be giving me a look that said he want to tell them. It was up to him really what he wanted to share so I just shrugged.

"So you really want to know what I was doing at your age?" He asked his cousin.


"Well, let's see, this time of year when I was 15," Duo replied biting his lip and thinking. I snorted some because, thinking back, it was the fall of that year that we had first hooked up on the Lunar base. I was really hoping that he wouldn't mention that little detail to his family.

"I think that was right after we were, ahem, on the moon," I suggested to him.

"That's right!" He replied with a waggle of his eyebrows. "I seem to remember a daring escape from the Lunar base with stolen suits."

"They weren't stolen, they were already ours," I contested.

"Well, yeah, but we stole them back."

"I'll give you that."

"You two were on the Lunar base?" Josh asked. "That is so cool! And you escaped by disguising yourself in suits."

"Not those kind of suits, mobile suits," Duo smirked.

"You can pilot mobile suits? That is so cool!"

"Duo," his uncle interrupted our discussion. "You two were in the war, weren't you? That was going on when you were about his age, right?"

"Yeah, we were both pilots in the war," I explained cautiously. "That's how we met."

Stacy was looking at her teenaged son and then back to her nephew. Her lips were pressed tightly together. I watched a lot of emotions wash over her face before she finally opened her mouth to speak. "I'm trying to picture my Joshy, as he is right now, fighting in a war and killing. I just can't do it. Then I look at you, Nicky, I mean, Duo, and I can't see it either. But then, I think about all of the police that I've treated at the trauma unit. I've caught you a couple of times with that same haunted look in your eyes. That hard edge that comes from too many years carrying a gun and having to use it. You really were a soldier who killed in the line of duty. That fact makes me regret even more not saving you from your stepfather as a child. I failed you in so many ways."

"During the wars, I called myself The God of Death," Duo explained. "I had seen so many people die on the colony even before the wars that the Grim Reaper was basically the only god that I believed in. I chose at his age to take up arms to project the other kids on L2 from having to go through what I did. I'm not jealous of Josh growing up in a loving family where he is sheltered from the pain and suffering that I endured. It makes me glad that we accomplished what we did with the wars. Josh and his friends are allowed to be kids instead of watching their friends and families die. They only have to worry about school and dating not infiltration and execution. I may not always like what I have done but I like what I've accomplished."

"I want to know what all you've lived through," his aunt said while hugging him close. "I know it will be difficult for me to hear about the horrors of being a soldier but because I want to hear what you accomplished."

"In time, when I feel ready, I will tell you everything. Just one thing though," Duo replied cheekily. "I was never a soldier. Dear God! Could you picture me taking orders?"

I laughed at that. He was bad enough following directions from Lady Une.

"If you weren't a soldier during the war, what were you?" His uncle asked taking Duo's bait.

"Most people considered me a terrorist!"

"More like a terror," I argued. We bantered back and forth with each other about his antics during the war. We told some stories of his pranks including the ones he pulled on his comrades and the few he actually pulled off against OZ. Duo and his cousin seemed to be plotting some sort of prank they were going to pull on some of Josh's friends. I sat back and listened to them. It was good to see Duo connecting with his family. I suspected that it would still be a long road of healing ahead of them before Duo was ready to tell them all of what he had been through. His family were good people though despite their earlier flaws.

I was hoping that in time, Nathaniel would be able to meet his aunt on common ground. He had told us that he has been in therapy for a while now. I hope that he is able to start to forgive. If he can't, that is his choice though.