Hello there, this is my first stab at Teen Titans poetry. Any poetry at all, actually. I'm not usually a poetry person, so don't go to hard on me, but reviews of all kinds are highly appreciated. Enjoy! This poem is dedicated to my best friend, Princess of stars, for encouraging me to post this.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans, go figure.

Ones Greatest Fear

It's been a tough day

A robber, a mad man

But for once

No sign of Slade.

It's rainy and dreary and it's half past 8

They've been fighting all day, they haven't even ate.

The Titans arrive back at the tour

They're tired and in dire need of a shower.

But Robin, exhausted heads straight to his room

And goes straight to bed.

He falls asleep right away

But he wakes up an hour later

And his head starts to shake.

He's tired but he can't fall back asleep

And so he closes his eyes, and tried to count sheep.

But soon those sheep turn into Starfire's

And he can't go to sleep with his mind constantly on her.

So he puts on his uniform

And goes back outside

And looks and the stars twinkling in the sky.

And suddenly a wind rips through the air!

It knocks him down and ruffles his hair

But the wind soon dies down, and he stands right back up.

And through boredom, he twiddles his thumbs.

An hour later he sees a shadow coming closer.

It's a tall skinny man.

He's coming closer, and closer.

And then so close he can see who it is.

It's Slade, of course, it always is.

But he left his utility belt back in his room

He hasn't a weapon, not even a broom.

It's hand to hand combat.

It's one on one

And for Robin the fun's just begun.

You see, he never gives up a chance to beat Slade.

How he wants to punch in his face.

Slade, to him, is his source of all evil

The nightmare that keeps him up at night

And so it's begun.

Robin starts the fight.

And he hits Slade so hard that it even hurts himself

He draws his fist back

But Slade isn't hurt at all.

Slade says "Robin, always playing the good one, the protector of all. The week and the strong, the big and the small"

But it's not sincere and Robin throws and punch

So hard, that it nearly causes Slade to loose his lunch

And after another five sweeping kicks Slade is on the ground and Robin's had his fix.

Slade has captured his friends

And tortured them and himself to no ends

He's pillaged the town

And the Robin finds

That his curiosity of who Slade is still abounds.

"Who are you?" Robin asked to the unconscious man

and he pulls back Slade's mask

and lets out a gasp

and realizes the man under the mask is no one other then himself.

Sweating, and screaming he jolts out of bed

His greatest fear has come true

But he looks around

And lets out a scream

Only to find that

It was only a dream.


So, what did you think?