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Note: Davis might be ooc, I've never tried to write him before, or a Digimon fic for that matter. This idea was just stuck in my head and I had to get it out. This fic contains NO Davis bashing. Down with Davis bashing!

Late Excuses

Ack! I'm late again! The guys are gonna kill me!

Ok, so not literally. But when Kari glares at me, it feels like she's killed me.

Fifteen minutes late! Yep, there goes a clock. Heh, amazing how fast I can run when I put my mind to it.

I hate to disappoint everyone. They're counting on me. But I'm Davis Motomiya! I'll be there in double the time of a normal human being! I'll just ignore this nice blurry sensation from running too long, and my legs turning to jelly. Whoops knocked down a trashcan.

I tried to be here on time! I really did! I couldn't help it . . . stuff came up.

Mom was sick again. It's ok though, I didn't really want to finish my homework. I always get bad grades when I do it. When does anyone need math anyway? I can count money, what more do they want from me? . . . Jun should have been here tonight. She went to her friends instead. She didn't used to be this ditzy. I think she's shutting down. That's what you call it right? Mental breakdown?

I dunno, I probably should ask Ken about it, but then he'd figure it out and Mom doesn't want anyone to know.

I wish Dad was here . . . I hope I didn't say something stupid again. She's so weak and frail. I don't know what to do. Sometimes, she almost passes out. I think I should call the ambulance, but Mom doesn't want me to. All I can do is hold her hair for her why she gets sick . . . or get her a washcloth. Sometimes, I wish I could be a doctor like Joe wants to be . . . but I'm too afraid of breaking people. What if I used the wrong bottle? Cut something out I'm not supposed to? Bang. The person's dead. Just like that.

Cancer does that too.

She'll get better though. I know she will. The doctor's don't know anything! They don't know anything about the Digital World or what we fight for. If digimon can come back to life, why can't people cure cancer? With courage you can do anything! What good are digi-eggs of courage and friendship if they can't save my mom? What I need is that Digi-egg of Miracles thing, but I think it's gone. It was a one-time use sort of thing, like those contacts you use once and throw away. Jun always has those things scattered all over the place.

If miracles happened all the time, they wouldn't be called miracles . . . I sometimes wish I had used it on mom instead of using it to stop Ken . . . But Ken needed to be saved right? If given a choice, I'd use it on my mom instead. . . I guess I really don't deserve that Digi-egg of friendship. The Ken now would do it too . . . and that makes it even worse.

They should of given it to one of the perfect kids, like Kari or TK. They freak me out you know, they're just so perfect. I probably should just leave them alone. I might mess up the perfection thing they have going on. It's just not fair! TK is so perfect . . . he's got Kari after all right? He has to be perfect! It's the only explanation. Kari's perfect, so she needs a perfect friend . . . or is it boyfriend? I dunno, they confuse me.

Yes! I can see the school . . .

I wish I could tell somebody. It's hard keeping it in and being happy all the time. But if I'm not happy, then it'll make other people unhappy and . . . I don't want to bring other people down. I'm ok. I'm tough. I can handle it.

Mom's sensitive about the wig. Maybe that's why she doesn't want anyone to know. The chemo did it to her, made all her hair fall out. I think it looks just like her old hair. No one should be able to tell. She's sensitive about it, girls get all mushy over that kind of stuff.

I wonder what I'm going to tell everyone. I can't very well walk up there and go, 'Gee, I'm late guys. I was holding my mom up as she puked her guts out because of the damn chemotherapy. Hope I didn't mess up your busy schedules.' Heh, the look on TK's face would be priceless.

But I can't. I won't. Mom doesn't deserve that. I should be there with her right now, but I can't. I've got to help save the world. If I don't, there won't be any world for her to get well in.

Whoops, I just got serious again huh? Sorry about that. Don't wanna bring anyone down.

I wonder how Tai would handle something like this?

. . . Heh, he'd probably get Kari to help him.

Hmm, I wonder how Ken would handle it? He's the smartest guy I know. I don't know that many people but trust me, if I knew a lot of people Ken would still be the smartest one. He didn't handle the death of his brother very well, but it was so unexpected. Not that my mom is going to die! Cause she's not! It's just . . . he's been through some stuff. Maybe he knows some tricks . . . other than turning into an evil guy with a whip. That won't help.

Finally! The door to the school! And only three flights of steps to run up . . . great.

Ack. Stomach cramp.

Serves me right. I skipped lunch again. Ramen being the only thing I can cook, I decided to skip it again today. I made some for mom . . . but JEEZ if I have to eat that stuff one more time . . . I make pretty good ramen though. When you survive on something you learn to make it taste good.

I think it would be easiest to talk to Ken. He never makes me feel stupid like the other kids. I know they don't mean it. The comical guy always gets the fall out, like in the movies. They're never taken seriously, or get the girl . . .

Grrr. Stupid movies.

At least, I'm making them laugh. That has to be worth something. It still hurts sometimes though .

Will they even be there? What if they leave without me? They've done it before . . .

No, they need me for the D.N.A Digivolve thing. I'm their leader! They can't leave me behind! I don't think Ken would let them . . . Ken will be there if everyone else isn't. The guy can't do anything without me these days. Seriously, he's a different guy than he was before. He needs people's help now . . .

I don't though. I'm different.

Mom needs me. Jun needs me. Chibimon needs me. Ken needs me. The whole gang needs me . . . even if they don't know it. I can't crumble. People depend on me. I can't be leaning on someone else if someone is already leaning on me.

But . . . I still hope the guys didn't leave without me . . .

Whoops! Got serious again huh?


I flew open the door and jumped in. The gang was sitting around waiting for me. Wow, I was half expecting them not to have waited. Oh crud, Chibimon was eating chocolate again. I'm going to have to have a talk with Yolei about leaving chocolate rice balls unattended next to sugar high blue creatures.

"Davish!" Chibimon ran up at me, face covered in chocolate.

"Davis, we've been waiting for ever!" TK frowned. "What was keeping you?"

Ahh! I forgot to think up an excuse! Think brain, think! I didn't feed you all those fish sticks for nuthin!

"Oh I . . . uh was going to get a haircut, but I looked into the mirror and realized I didn't need one!" Sigh . . . great save brain.

TK sighed and I died a little from Kari's look. Not a glare, I don't think she would use something so powerful like that against a normal person. No, it was just this . . . disappointed glance. Yolei's was a definite glare. Hah! Can't hurt me with that one Yolei. Buy a pink shirt and start wearing a camera around your neck and THEN we'll see.

I just smiled apologetically and tried to catch my breath. If only they knew, but they don't and that's ok. It's better this way. Leaders can't seem weak. They have to be strong. They can't bother the other members with their worries. The gang's depending on me. I can handle it.

Motomiya's don't crumble that easily . . .