Disclaimer: Jubei-chan is the property of Daichi Akitaro, etc.

by D. Reed

That rock looked familiar.

Sure, it was a rock, and rocks were rocks were rocks. Right?

No. That one's heart-shaped, like Juubei-sama's Lovely Eye-patch. He remembered seeing it earlier and noting the same resemblance. Make that… three times now. Going in circles was NOT going to help his search for Juubei-sama's successor.

Koinosuke always hated maps, but at this stage, he'd give anything for a map (and some water – dehydration was a constant threat, and the stream he'd found that morning was long out of his range).

Trampling beat of footsteps down the path – a ray of hope! Directions, please?

100 words. Letter 'L' in A-Z DrabbleFest.