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Chapter Five.

Sam makes his way around the back of his house, making sure not to make any noises. He looks back at Old Lady Riley for a moment. She's smiling at him from her window. The one she used to grin at them from while holding one of their basket ball or their frisbe or something like that. She really doesn't seem like the same person. The trees hung over the fencing force the window, along with Mrs. Riley to dissapear behind them. He finds the patio doors somewhat open and slowly slides them open a little more so he can squeeze through into the house. He walks through into the kitchen and stands there a moment. The house is pretty quiet - there doesnt seem to be anyone around... then why was the back door open? Sam suddenly feels a little nautious and his nerves get the better of him. He turns back to leave, and feels the hairs on the back of his neck rise.


He hears Kyle's voice but he does not stop. He's almost at the door.

"SAM!" he hears his dads voice shout.

Someone jumps out at him from the living room and tries to grab at him. It's Jack. He swerves and turns, slipping on the carpet beneat him. He begins to run - fear taking over.

"Leave me alone!" he screams as he races through the house to the front door.

When he gets there Nick is standing between him and the front door.

"What are you doing?" he says trying to keep his voice from shaking.

"Where have you been?" he asks calmly.

"I, I stayed at Angela's..." he says softly.

"Oh really, because we called there, and Angela said she hasn't seen you for at least two days"

"Okay... I was at Mrs. Riley's house. I just don't want you to be horrible to her or anything"

"Teaming up with the old bag hey?" he mutters, "Well if she really knew what you'd.."

"No!" Sam shouts, "She already knows the truth - that I didn't do anything to Kyle. He's the monster, for lying about such a serious thing, for putting all this shit on me... i can't believe you didn't even doubt whatever he's told you because you know I could never do anything to hurt him like that... you're all pathetic if you can't see through his lies..."

Sam is interrupted by a thump to the face. Nick stands over him as he now lies beneath him. The automatic tears spring to his eyes.

"See, you think you're in the right. How can you solve problems with violence? You're an awful father... even before this, you just ignored me... Mum would be ashamed of you. She'd believe me..."

A kick to the stomach stops his mumbles again, and he coughs.

"...Don't you dare bring your mother into this." Nick says stern.

"Listen to me, for once.. please, what proof have you got that i did anything to him? If you send him to a psychiatrist or a hospital then you'll see he's making it up..."

Sam watches Nick's face. He's thinking about what he's just said. Maybe he's made progress.

"Fine, I'll go to a psychiatrist and I'll tell them how you stuck it in me! I'll tell them how you made me promise not to tell anyone... well look, they believe me, not you, so there... fine then" Kyles interrupts, and then he begins to cry.

Sam watches with his mouth agape. How did Kyle know what to say to make them turn against him? Where did he get this idea from? He's lost Nick, and he puts his head in his hands. "He's lying. He's very good at it, but he's lying." he says, more confused than ever.

"I don't believe you." Nick says flatly. "And that's why we're sending you to live with you're uncle Tim.."

"What!" Sam blurts out in disbelief. "Uncle Tim...you can't... thats like thousands of miles from here... and you don't even like your brother, none of us have even met him.." Sam trails off his breathing becoming heavier.

"He won't like you then - but I told him the circumstances and he's agreed to take you in for however long..." he stops.

Sam becomes speechless. He stares at everyone around him. Once his brothers, once his father, now just a bunch of people who hate his guts... except for TJ. Where's TJ? There's Jack, Nick, Kyle and Chris, but no sign of TJ.

"Where's TJ?" is the first thing Sam can force out.

"Away from you" Nick spits.

Kyle begins to cry again.

"To do this to me... you obviously can't love me.." Sam says on the verge of tears himself.

Nick is silent and then a moment later he speaks.

"Get him out of my sight..." he turns to Chris and Jack.

He didn't love him - Sam knew right then he couldn't. He looks up at Chris and Jack with pleading eyes, but they take no notice as they haul him to his feet, digging their fingers into the flesh of his arms.

"Where are you taking me?" he asks, again trying to keep his voice from shaking.

"Somewhere you can wait until Uncle Tim comes to take you to your new home..." Jack answers.

Sams heart races. He'd heard many stories about Uncle Tim. Of when his father and Jimmy were younger, and he'd constantly get in trouble for beating on them - once he heard he was even into torturing small animals. How can his father send him to a place he doesn't even know is safe? Or maybe that's the idea - a punishment.

"What about innocent until proven guilty" Sam mumbles as they drag him along.

He'd been locked in the cellar for what seemed like days. Its all darkness and his stomach growls with hunger. Mrs. Riley had fed him a fry up breakfast this morning and yet he can hear it grumbling away. The dripping of a leaking pipe sounds every few seconds and after a while he begins to count the drips. It's very cold down in the cellar, and dressed in just a now tatty red shirt and a pair of muddied shorts he's been shivering like crazy for the last hour. He sighs.

"Mom..." he whispers, "Mom, please help me... please tell Dad to stop. I don't know how much more I can take... Mom, Mommy please" his voice becomes high pitched but he promises to himself that he wont cry again. He's almost a man - and all he's doing is crying all the time. "I love you Mom."

He suddenly hears the door being unlocked and then light sheds into the pitch black cellar.

"Get you're butt up here boy!" he hears a strange and unfamiliar voice call him.

He rises from the concrete ground and covers his eyes as he ascends up the staircase - the light too bright for his eyes to take straight away. As he reaches the top a hand reaches out and grabs the collar of his shirt almost choking him as they pull him along with them.

"You an' me, gonna be livin' together boy.." it must be uncle Tim.

Everyone else is gone, and Sam is being led out of the house by this strange man. He's a plumb middle aged man who seems to be balding, and he's wearing a pair of jeans that are way too tight for him, that only half his stomach sticks out, and his tight blue t-shirt sticks to his skin. His hands are huge, almost as big as Sams head. He wraps one around his head as he pushes him forwards

"Now, don't you try any funny business.. I'm watching you."

'Very reassuring...' Sam thinks to himself. "I really want to stay here. I have a job, and school..." he says, trying to bring together a reasonable argument.

Most reasonable an argument would have been to stress how scared he is of going with this man, but obviously this would not be an option in a one on one conversation with said man.

"Don't you worry. I'll get you a place in the local school. You're in High school now, aren't you? You can get two jobs if you want, I don't care as long as you pay your rent..." he finishes.

"But my neighbour, Old Lady Riley, I, I promised I'd stay with her, to keep her company. That's what I was doing when they put me in the cellar, I was getting my stuff to go stay there..."

"Were ya now?" he says, an amused smile on his face.

"Yeah.. if you could just..." he is cut off by a smack to the back of the head.

"Quit you're whining boy, I'm taking you back with me and thats that, I promised your father I would. Now if you don't shut up I might be forced to throw you in the boot - and its a long journey home." He laughs to himself as he finishes and suddenly he reminds Sam of someone... of someone he knows very well, of Kyle.

Sam becomes quiet, and the shock of everything that is happening finally hits him in a wave of fear and questions of what may come. He looks back at Mrs. Riley's house, she must be cooking or cleaning something or maybe reading because she isn't in the living room. He lowers his head as he gets into the back seat of Uncle Tim's Volkswagen and lies down, feeling the comfort of the back seat - the heat and the crying have made him suddenly very tired.

"I guess you must have inherited my genes then" he laughs.

Sam gulps from where he is lay as the car begins its journey home. Left with the questions of 'why couldn't he have made out of the house', or better still, 'why did he have to go back in the first place?' he does not speak, he just sighs, and tries to get some sleep. He might need it.

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