This fan fiction is dedicated to Sugar Freak.

After reading Sugar Freak's Never Give a Kitsune Candy, I decided to go ahead and post this, Never Give a Saiyan Sugar. I was supposed to intro my OC, Sage, in another fic, but I just can't get it together, so I'll just give a little background info.

Sage is a full-blooded female Saiyan who was revived from a bone found floating in space by people who wanted to use her to take over the universe. (If you've seen the movie The Fifth Element, it's kinda like that.) Goku and the others find her when they are in space checking out a strange energy for King Kai.

And now, time for the first chapter, The Chaos Begins!

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball GT.

WARNING If you are acquainted with a Saiyan, heed this warning! Never, under any circumstances, give a Saiyan sugar. Though the result may not be disastrous, it will be scary.

"BULMA!" Vegeta's powerful voice echoed through the Brief residence. "WHERE ARE YOU, WOMAN!" He stood in his Gravity Room, yelling his head off.

"You don't need to shout, Vegeta, I'm right here." Bulma said, "What's wrong now."

"What are all these boxes doing in here!" Motioning to the piles of boxes scattered about the Gravity Room.

"Well… it's candy. It's only going to be in here for a little while, until we can empty out a store room…"

"BUT HOW WILL I TRAIN, WOMAN!" Vegeta yelled.

"You won't! Not while Goku and the others are visiting!" Bulma retorted.

"Kakerot! HERE! You didn't tell me that!" Vegeta exclaimed.

"Yes, I did. You just never listen. Now, I need you to work in the yard."

"Why should I do that, woman." Vegeta replied.

WHAMMMM! Bulma smacked Vegeta on the back of the head with a frying pan

"That's why," She retorted, walking out the door.

"Why you…" Vegeta stalked out the door after Bulma, and their voices faded. Then…

"Bulma! Vegeta! Are you back here!" Sage, the girl Saiyan, rounded the corner and walked into the Gravity Room.

"What the- what the heck is this stuff?" She opened up one of the boxes, and pulled out a package of candy. She opened the package, and popped a piece in her mouth.

"Hey," she thought "This stuff is good…" and she ate another piece. (A/N: Dun dun duuuuuun !)


"That woman!" Vegeta muttered to himself as he stalked around the yard, picking up sticks and blasting them with energy attacks. "She drives me crazy sometimes…"

"Hi, Vegeta!" Sage's voice came from nowhere. Vegeta looked down and found himself staring at Sage's feet.

"HI VEGETA!" Sage yelled again, grinning.

"Sage," Vegeta said finally, "why are you upside down?"

"I'm not upside down! Everything else is!" Sage cried, and she began laughing insanely.

"Are you alright?"

"No, but neither are you!" Sage fell over, and lay on the ground, laughed maniacally.

"Something is wrong with you," Vegeta said, reaching down to help Sage up, "Come on, we're going to see Bulma…"

"No! I must do as the bunnies command! ALL HAIL THE BUNNIES!" Sage bellowed.


"I hear and obey, wise bunnies!" Sage exclaimed, and she turned and began hopping towards the building.

"Sage! Come on Sage you need to see Bulma," Vegeta grabbed Sage's arm, and she stopped. She cocked her head to one side, as if listening to someone.

"Let's go, Sage…"

"I will do as you command, great and powerful bunnies!" Sage exploded. She spun around and grabbed Vegeta's hair, then turned back and kept hopping towards the building.

"Sage! OW! SAGE! OW!" Vegeta exclaimed, yelling 'ow' every time Sage landed, because his head slammed into the ground every time. "SAGE! THIS HURTS! OW!"

Sage turned and threw Vegeta into the Gravity Room. After righting himself, Vegeta looked around. There were candy wrappers scattered about the room.

"How much of this stuff did you eat, Sage?" Vegeta asked. "Sage?"

"I hear and I obey, mighty bunnies!" Sage yelled, throwing a rope around Vegeta. Before he could respond, he found himself tied to a chair.

"Sage! What are you doing!" Vegeta yelled. Sage grinned, and tore open a box and pulled out a pack of candy. She opened it, dumped half of the contents in he mouth, and shoved the rest into Vegeta's mouth.

"What the heck did you do that for!" Vegeta demanded, after nearly choking.

"The bunnies told me to…" Sage said, reaching for another pack of candy.

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