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A quick note, this chapter is inspired by my Uncle Jerry, whom I like to go fishing with.

"SUGARSUGARSUGARSUGARSUGAR!!!!" Gohan yelled, running around in a circle.

"SUGAR!!!" Goten yelled

"FISH CAKES!!!" Trunks and Sage yelled. Everyone stared at them

"What do we do now?" Goku asked, trying to stand on his head.

"We could go terrorize a few villages," Goten said. (A/N who knew he had it in him?)

"No, let's go fishing!" Sage exclaimed.

"Why fishing?" Gohan asked.

"Why not?" Sage replied.


"Hai," the sugar-crazed Saiyans replied, and the all flew off, busting a huge hole on the candy factory's roof.

A few minutes later, they spotted a sports equipment store and went inside.

"Hello," the old man at the counter said. "How can I help you?"

"Can you tell me how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?" Goku asked.

"Idiot, what does that have to do with fishing!?" Sage said, smacking Goku on the head.

"Well, he asked how he could help me," Goku said, "and I've always wanted to know."

"Here," Vegeta said, dumping a bunch of fishing rods, nets, and other fishing equipment on the counter

"Okay, let's see," the old man said, slowly scanning one item… then another… and another….

Half an hour later

"AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!" Goku screeched. "THIS IS TAKING TO LONG!!!"

"Here," Sage said, pulling a large plastic bag out of her pocket and shoving it into the man's hands. "This should cover it, keep the change!" All the Saiyans snatched the fishing gear and flew off.

"What was all that noise, Dad?" a younger man asked, walking into the room from the back.

"Some nice young people bought a lot of fishing gear," the old man said, smiling. "They told me to keep the change."

"Oh," the younger man said, looking into the bag. "DAD!!!"

"You don't have to shout, son, I'm not deaf," the old man said.

"Well, you are, but that's beside the point," the younger man said, "They paid you in Monopoly Money!"

"And that's bad?" the old man said.

Back to everyone's favorite sugar-crazed Saiyans

"Alright, this should be a good place," Vegeta said, and the all stopped flying. They were over the ocean, but it was very cloudy, and they couldn't see much.

"Alright everyone, let's get this party started!" Goten yelled, and everyone cast their lines. And the hovered there… and hovered there…

Half and hour later

Goku's poll jumped suddenly.

"Hey!" he yelled. "I think I've got something!"

"Pull it in, pull it in!" Vegeta urged, and Goku began winding in the line. However, it wasn't a fish on the end.

"Uhhhh… what's going on here?" a little man in a Hawaiian shirt said, looking around.

"We caught… a guy?" Gohan asked.

"I caught one too!" Trunks said, pulling up another Hawaiian-shirt wearing man. Soon the gang was pulling up a man or woman every time they cast their lines. Sage used a move to solidify the air so the people could stand, and the soon had over twenty people.

"What's going on here?" Sage said, staring at the people.

"I didn't know that people lived in the ocean," Vegeta said.

"SO YOU ARE THE ONE'S WHO HAVE BEEN UBDUCTING PEOPLE!!!" a little man in a suit yelled as he swung from Vegeta's fishing poll.

"Hey, look," Sage said. "I think this one's a different breed."

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS ANIME IS GOING IN HERE!!!!" the little man bellowed.

"We're fishing," the sugar crazed Saiyan said together.


"Oh, okay," Goku said, and they moved. A few minutes later, they had caught a huge fish.

"ALRIGHT, WE DID IT!!!" Sage yelled.

"YES!!!!" the other Saiyans yelled.

"Now what do we do," Goten asked. The others thought.

"YOU COOK IT YOU IDIOTS!!!" the little man in the suit yelled.

"Hey, Humunus Yellus is right!" Sage said. "Let's go cook it!" They all flew off.

"They're finally gone!" the man in the suit said. Then, Sage's move failed and everyone fell into the ocean.

A few minutes later

Piccelo was meditating under a waterfall. He heard a strange noise and looked up. He saw a bird, no a plane, no Lord Canti. Actually, it was the six sugar-crazed Saiyans, carrying their huge fish. They were singing a song.

"All hail SUGAR
All hail SUGAR
It gives us the POWER
To do whatever we WANT!

All hail SUGAR!
All hail SUGAR!
Second only to the POWER…
OF ALCOHOL!!!!!!!"

That looks bad Piccelo thought. I better call Bulma.

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