The Case of the Problem Prone Bodyslammers--Part One
by HA

From their seats, Bo Sawchuk and Blake Hewitt watched as the two modern gladiators stared at each other in the ring. One man was dressed in red tights with white stars and white boots. He was tall and skinny with a long mane of brown hair. The other man was very muscular and dressed entirely in black, with a hood that exposed only his eyes and mouth.

The referee, a man in a white shirt and black pants, watched as the large masked man flexed his muscles for the surrounding spectators, who were seated in metal fold-up chairs behind metal fences. Bo and Blake joind in with the audience as it responded with loud boos and cheering and cries of "You suck!", "You bite!", "You rule!", and "You the man!" The masked man shook his fist at the crowd and shouted angrily.

The man in the red tights climbed to the top rope in one corner and stood there, surveying the crowd. He smiled and raised his arms in the air. The crowd cheered him on, shouting "You rule!" and "You're the greatest!" The masked man ran up behind his popular opponent and pulled him down. The man in the red tights responded with a punch to the face. A fistfight broke out between the two. The referee pointed to the timekeeper near the ring, who officially started the match with a ring of the bell.

"This is going to be great!" Bo exclaimed as the two wrestlers exchanged blows.

Blake, who was sitting on Bo's right, nodded in agreement. "You said it. Captain Courageous versus the Masked Marauder. Quickness versus brute force. This'll be, to borrow a phrase from Jim Ross, a real slobberknocker."

"They're two of the best wrestlers in the independent leagues," Bo said as Captain Courageous, the man in the red tights, dropkicked the Masked Marauder. "I heard that the big two's been scouting these guys for some time."

"That's right," Blake confirmed. "A pro wrestler's definitely got it made if he works for one or both of the big two."

Bo and Blake watched from their seats as Captain Courageous and the Masked Marauder continued their battle inside the ring. The two boys were at a professional wrestling house show being held in the recreation center. They had a good view; they were sitting directly behind one of the aluminum fences surrounding the ring. The fence was about two to three meters from the ring itself.

The Masked Marauder caught Captain Courageous when he tried to hit his opponent while jumping off the top turnbuckle. The Masked Marauder powerslammed Captain Courageous and tried to pin him. The referee quickly bent down to the mat and slapped his hand on the canvas twice before Captain Courageous kicked out of the pin.

"I can't believe your dad is missing this," Bo remarked.

"Yeah." Blake sounded disappointed. "The top guys at Interpol called him up to their main headquarters concerning ENIGMA. They want more of his input on the matter. He said he'll be back in a week at the least."

"That's too bad, Blake," Bo said sincerely. He tried to change the subject. "I can't believe you know one of the wrestlers."

Blake managed to smile. "He's why we got these great seats, Bo. He's an old family friend."

"But which one is he?" Bo asked.

"You'll see," Blake answered, still smiling.

They watched Captain Courageous and the Masked Marauder show off their moves. The match lasted three more minutes. The Masked Marauder was able to catch the Captain while he was attempting another high-risk move from the top rope. The Masked Marauder did a piledriver on his opponent and pinned him successfully for a three count. The crowd booed and cheered at the same time as he showed off his muscles and taunted the fallen Captain Courageous.

"Man, that Masked Marauder is such a jerk," Bo commented.

"He's definitely a good heel," Blake said. "Would you like to tell him that when we see the wrestlers in the locker room after the show?"

"Uh, no thanks," Bo said.

Blake just grinned.

* * * * *

After the show, Bo and Blake made their way to the locker room. The security guards were more than willing to let them in after Bo and Blake flashed them the special passes they were given.

"Man, Shirley's missing a big opportunity right now," Bo said.

"I don't think Shirley's the type of person who likes to watch two guys in tights beating the heck out of each other," Blake said. "Besides, she and her mom went out somewhere to do some more reconnecting."

They entered the locker room and saw the wrestlers getting into their street clothes and packing up their gear. The room smelled of sweat.

A large bald man with a beard spotted the two boys. "What do you two want?" he asked in a rough manner.

"We're here to see Sean Tennyson," Blake said, unfazed.

"That would be me." A muscular man with blond hair stepped forward. Bo recognized the man's outfit as that of the Masked Marauder.

Bo stared at the man, then at Blake. "You know the Masked Marauder?" he asked Blake.

Blake nodded to Bo and waved at the Masked Marauder. "Hi, Uncle Sean."

The Masked Marauder smiled. "Hey, if it isn't little Blake Hewitt!" He looked at the bald man. "Better treat this kid nicely, Breaker. His dad's with the police," he said with a wink.

The bald man laughed. "Sorry, kid," he apologized to Blake. "I haven't quite stepped out of character yet."

"Yeah, 'Breaker' Brody here's a real sweetheart outside the ring," Captain Courageous said from a nearby locker. "He likes to plant flowers in his spare time." The other wrestlers in the locker room broke out into laughter.

"Breaker" Brody rolled his eyes. "Give me a break, guys."

The Masked Marauder laughed. "So who's your friend, Blake?"

"Uncle Sean, this is Bo Sawchuk," Blake said, gesturing towards Bo. "Bo, this is my Uncle Sean, also known as the Masked Marauder."

"Nice to meet you, Bo," the Masked Marauder said, giving Bo's hand a hearty shake. Bo noticed how firm the wrestler's grip was.

"'Uncle Sean'?" Bo wondered out loud as he looked at the Masked Marauder.

The Masked Marauder grinned. "Blake's dad and I went to the same college. I used to live next to him in California when I wasn't wrestling yet. I used to babysit little Blake there ever since he was a baby. You'd be surprised what a handful Blake was when he was young." He laughed and winked at Blake. "He used to run around without a diaper after I cleaned him up. Took me forever to catch him."

Blake started to blush. "Uh, can we change the subject, please?" he requested, looking down at his shoes.

Bo grinned at his friend, then obliged him. "So, how did you get into wrestling?" he asked the Masked Marauder.

"I've been interested in wrestling since I was maybe seven," the Masked Marauder recalled. "My mom used to complain about me piledriving my pillow in the living room. I was a member of my high school wrestling team. No one could beat me. I'd twist them into pretzels and make them cry out for their mommies." He flashed a grin. "I still give them one heck of a fight, although these guys are too tough to cry out for their mommies."

"Got that right, M.M.!" Captain Courageous said from his locker, giving his previous opponent a thumbs-up. "You the main heel in this little group."

"Not for long if Mr. Hammond decides to turn you into a face," a black man in pants with the design of the U.S. flag on them. "The fans have been warming up to you recently, Sean. Many of them like your attitude. Just like Stone Cold in the WWF."

"I hope so, Major Glory," the Masked Marauder said. "I've been a heel in this group for too long. I'd be nice to play a face for once."

"Hey, you deserve it," Major Glory said. "You've been in this company for what? Three years? Five? A hundred?"

"I think it's been seven," the Masked Marauder guessed. "I've lost track."

"Maybe all those chair shots to the head screwed up your memory," Captain Courageous said with a laugh.

"Well, with you turning face soon, looks like I'll be the top heel around here," "Breaker" Brody said, grinning.

"Yeah, right, Breaker," a nearby man with black slicked-back hair said. "Marvin Marvelous is the top heel here, and don't you forget it," he declared, jabbing his thumb at himself for emphasis.

"Well, you didn't look so marvelous out there," "Breaker" Brody said. "Major Glory kicked your butt out there. He totally outclassed you."

"That's right, Marv," Major Glory said.

"I blame the bookers," Marvin Marvelous said. "If they'd listened to my ideas, I'd have won."

Bo and Blake watched as some of the other wrestlers in the locker room threw their towels at Marvin Marvelous. "Watch the hair!" he shouted while laughing and dodging.

"Is this normal?" Bo asked the Masked Marauder.

"It's normal for us," the Masked Marauder said. "We're all pretty much a big happy family here."

"Of course, my brother doesn't stuff fake rats into my gym bag," "Breaker" Brody said, arching an eyebrow at Marvin Marvelous.

"Well, how was I supposed to know you'd scream like a little girl?" Marvin Marvelous said defensively. "Besides, I did say 'sorry'."

"I know, Marv, but it's a miracle Mr. Hammond hasn't fired you yet," "Breaker" Brody said. "He doesn't exactly find your practical jokes funny."

"Especially when you put those pigs in his office in Little Rock," Major Glory said. "That mess they left on the floor didn't help his blood pressure any."

Marvin Marvelous shrugged. "I'm just relieving the stress around here, guys. Besides, I've always been a practical joker."

"Better watch it, Marv. One day we might get you back," the Masked Marauder said with a twinkle in his eye.

"I'll keep that in mind," Marvin Marvelous said, smiling.

"I've got dibs on him first, guys," a man with curly brown hair carrying a toiletry bag and a towel said. "Marv's still gotta pay for when he put pudding in my shoes in Bismarck."

"Aw, come on, Boom Boom," Marvin Marvelous said. "It was your favorite. Chocolate."

The man laughed, then went into the shower room. The next thing everyone heard was the sound of the shower running.

"That's Boom Boom Kaboom for you," Marvin Marvelous said. "Always showering last because he doesn't want anyone to see his private parts."

"Ha ha. Very funny, Marv!" Boom Boom Kaboom shouted from the showers.

Marvin Marvelous laughed in response.

"Great. It's Stink with black hair and muscles," Bo whispered to Blake, who nodded in agreement.

The Masked Marauder shook his head, then turned to Blake. "So, how's Redington? Your dad once told me that you're attending some fancy private school."

Before Blake could answer, a scream came from the showers. Everyone stared at the showers. Then two wrestlers ran in to find out what was going on.