The Case of the Problem Prone Bodyslammers--Conclusion
by HA

The next day, Bo managed to get up and go to school despite some lingering soreness in his body. It bothered him now and then during his classes, but he tried to ignore it. Thanks to Parker's big mouth, his fellow Sussex Academy students found out that he and Blake wrestled on Sunday. They kept congratulating him and Blake over their performance and asking questions about how the experience was. He was very grateful when lunch began; everyone was too busy eating to bother him.

Bo joined Shirley and Blake as usual. "So, how are you doing?" Blake asked him.

"Well, the pain in my body's fading ever so slowly," Bo answered dryly.

"At least you didn't break any bones," Blake said, trying to be positive.

"So, how did it feel to participate in a wrestling match?" Shirley asked her friends.

"It was great, I got to admit," Bo said. "I just wished that I didn't have to be the guy who got pummeled a lot."

"It was definitely great," Blake said. "I have to admit that a lot of work is involved. The matches may be planned out, but the pain isn't." He recalled something. "Uncle Sean would be disappointed if he heard me say that. He said we had great potential."

"Goody," Bo said wryly.

"So would you do it all over again?" Shirley asked out of curiosity.

Bo and Blake thought for a moment. Bo was the first to answer. "Well, I think I'll leave the wrestling to the experts." He rubbed his shoulder.

"It was a wonderful experience, but I'll have to agree with Bo," Blake said. "It's definitely tough in that ring."

"Excuse me?" Bo gave Blake a look. "I was the one who did most of the work."

"Jealous that he signed the most autographs?" Shirley asked with a grin.

Bo groaned. "I was the one who spent the most time in the ring getting my butt kicked, and the kids asked for his autograph the most."

"Not my fault that the kids liked me," Blake said modestly. "Maybe it was the martial arts."

They continued eating their lunch. As they ate, a man in a uniform walked up to the table holding a bouquet of roses. Bo looked up. "What the...?"

The man stopped in front of the table. "Excuse me, but which one of you is Blake Hewitt?" he asked.

"I am," Blake answered.

"These are for you," the man said, handing Blake the flowers.

"Thank you," Blake said as the man left. He looked at the card attached to the bouquet.

"Who's it from?" Shirley asked.

"It doesn't say," Blake replied.

Shirley snatched the card out of Blake's hand and read it. "'I heard about your big wrestling match yesterday. I wish that I was there to cheer you on. You must have been great. Signed, an admirer.'" She put down the card and found herself trying to control her emotions.

Bo let out a loud whistle. "Whoa, you've got an admirer," he said, grinning at Blake.

Shirley was not amused. She picked up the note and examined it. "Typed note and no signature, so I can't trace any handwriting. Maybe if I dust it for fingerprints..." She studied the flowers. "Excellent quality. Very expensive. That narrows down the list of suspects..."

"To everyone in this school," Bo quipped.

"Shirley, you really shouldn't worry about this," Blake said, trying to reassure her. "After all, a lot of girls are interested in me."

Shirley raised an eyebrow at Blake. "Oh really? How would you know?"

"Come to think of it, a lot of girls do stare at him, especially in the hallway," Bo pointed out.

"See what I mean?" Blake said. He looked into Shirley's inquisitive blue eyes. "Don't worry about it. It's not a big thing."

"If you say so," Shirley said, telling herself mentally to dust for fingerprints on the card and make inquiries at certain florist shops later.

"Well, I'd like to propose a toast," Bo said, raising his fruit juice carton. "To pro wrestling. May Blake and I continue to watch it, but never to participate in it again or anything like it."

"If you say so," Blake said. "Although to be honest, if we keep hanging out with Shirley, we'll always end up doing something dangerous," he added with a grin.

"Definitely," Bo said, smiling. "Here's to no more dressing up in ridiculous costumes."

Shirley smiled good-naturedly at the two boys, knowing that idea was not an absolute as long as they remained her sleuthing partners. "Well then, here's to more good luck in the future as well as continuing to be good friends."

"Here, here," Bo and Blake said.

On that note, the three friends bumped their juice cartons together. As they drank, Bo looked at Shirley and had a thought. When he looked at Shirley and Blake together and noticed how they looked at each other, Bo sighed and erased that thought.