One Thing

Disclaimer- I do not own Finger Eleven's song One Thing, but I do thank them for writing it.

Restless tonight

Cause I wasted the light

Between both these times

I drew a really thin line

Yamcha was lying in bed. It just turned 11:30 pm. He was pissed off, he had Bulma twice and twice they broke up because she saw him with another woman or he was talking to another woman at night.

It's nothing I planned

And not that I can

But you should be mine

Across that line

Seeing her with Vegeta made him miss her so much. He would do anything to get her back.

If I traded it all

If I gave it all away for one thing

Wouldn't that be something

Yamcha had gotten large sum of money and fame from playing baseball but would trade it if he could get Bulma.

I promise I might

Not walk on by

Maybe next time

But not this time

Everyday he would walk by Capsule Corp. or by her. He would promise himself that he wouldn't but he always did.

Even though I know

I don't want to know

Yeah I guess I know

I just hate how it sounds

Yamcha knew it was over, he'd wish he didn't. The sound of it made his stomach turn, but he had no choice but to face reality. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger

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