I dont know what's up with me...3 New York fics in one day! lol Enjoy x

Aiden flicked through the report in her hands, scanning the results for the cause of death. Walking past the locker room, she casually took a look, spotting her partner. She back-stepped and wondered in, saying "Hey, Danny, I got the results back from tox…Danny?"

His back was still to her, unresponsive to her conversation. "Danny?"

Then she spotted the white earphones in his ears, leading to his pocket where his iPod peeked out.

Aiden's mouth curled into a mischievous grin, "Hey Danny, your foot's on fire"


"The Mets suck! They're never gonna win the Series"


"I love you and I want to have your babies"

"Well I cant say no to that"

Aiden froze in horror as Danny spun round, a grin attached to his mouth.

"How'd you hear me!"

"In-between songs" he smirked "So about these kids…"

Aiden swatted him with the tox report.