Author: aishuu
He wondered vaguely if he would survive the horrendous experience.

If there was one thing Reiichi Katano hated, it was people. To have to have them in his home, invading his personal space, was beyond irritating. He felt his ever-present paranoia start to rise as Mr. Money started to make polite comments on his taste. He wanted them out - but his common sense took control.

It was for X-day. He would have to bear with this; it wasn't like he didn't tolerate worse at school.

He stared at 11 resentfully, thinking that she was exactly the type of girl whom he always hated in school - too pretty and too popular. Then she would sigh, and her hair would fall over her eyes, and he would remember that she, too, had the same feeling of hate and destruction, the same desire to disapear. Mr. Money was always watching her, and he felt himself soften as the younger man placed a familiar hand on 11's shoulder. Here, now, they could relax.

"It's so cute!" he heard Polaris squeal, and she spun around, her black lace skirt flaring high as she danced merrily through his apartment. Here she seemed comfortable; here she seemed to be herself.

He couldn't help but respond to her genuine delight, his resentment fading like a mournful serenade, replaced by a soaring aria of warmth and gladness. He could offer this to her; he could offer this to them all. The world couldn't intrude on him here, and by extension, the other three. This place, now their place, was safe.

It was theirs.