"A Distant Goodbye"
P.O.V. of Naru about Usagi and their fallen-apart friendship

It's been 3 years, Usagi. 3 years since we would go to the arcade and scope out hunks. We were the best of friends, inseparable to the last. We were loyal friends, and had been since kindergarten. Remember that time when you and I had a puppy dog follow us home? You begged and begged your mother to keep it, and finally she let you. When it died, I was by your side. I always was. Do you remember? I suppose you do, but I know you never think of it. I'm the girl in the background, the one who watches you but isn't a part of your group. Ever since those "other girls" came along, I was shunned to the side. You know who I'm talking about- Rei, Ami, Makoto, and Minako. They are your new best friends now; I hardly ever see you without them! Then there's the other 4, the "mysterious four". I'm not sure of their names, but they're all upperclassmen, much older than you. Why do you hang out with them? Then, there's ChibiUsa. She's your cousin, I believe, and is really sweet and all but can be down right annoying. So much like you! She follows you around like you're the second coming! I see a bond between you; an unbreakable one. You love her as if she's your own daughter! And what about Mamoru? Last I knew you HATED each other. Then one day, poof! You were the talk of the town, loyal lovebirds. I'm not even sure HOW it happened, but it did.

As I sit on this plane, looking out over Tokyo, I remember you. You and your long, blonde odangoes; your big heart and big smile. America will be so big and lonely without you. You don't even know I'm leaving, dear friend, but it must be. I'm sorry to leave you, and I hope when you find out you won't be mad. So this is it, this is goodbye. My distant goodbye to you.

I hope you liked this story. It is a bit sad, and I just felt like writing a story about Naru. She and Usagi were always together in the 1st season, but then when the Senshi came onto the scene, you rarely ever saw her. Please review!