Sammie noticed the similarities in the initials, and challenged me toexplore it...

They always say your first love is intoxicating. That it grabs you by the heartstrings and holds your head under water. And that it's over before it started.

That was true for the most part.

It was also true for your second love.

Claire was Mac's first love. There was no way of changing that, and no way he'd want to. Every time she walked into a room, his heart jumped a few inches and lodged itself in his throat. He supposed that was the 'head under water' part.

It was also 'over before it started'. Claire died too young. They had barely made a dent into the duration of what their relationship should have been.

For your second love, some say that its worse. You're so cautious about that 'headlong spiral', that you try to make it last, or maybe not happen at all.

You're so caught up with that first love, that you deny yourself a second.

But then one day it hits you.

You love her.

You always have.

You think you always will.

No, you know you always will.

You find yourself scribbling your initials together, like you used when you were a kid.


Huh. MS…life-threatening.


Easily misdiagnosed.

That's us.