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Summary: What if things had gone differently? Irina had not only disappeared but so had a seven year old Sydney, Jack thinks that they are both dead. Irina, now holds control of her own organisation, the IASydney works for her and things are about to get alot stranger as identities are unfolding and secrets revealed...

Alias Fanfiction- Mistaken Identity

By Digistorm


'I once thought of contacting him, the man they call my father. I was told when I was ten that he was a CIA agent and that my mother, like many others, was a KGB agent looking for intel on Project Christmas. He had used it on me, I was programmed by him to become what I am to day. A spy, I was trained to compartmentalise information, use a weapon and remember things easily. Well, the tables turned on him, my mother was extracted by her agency and she took me with her, he still believes today that we are both dead. We did not die we lived on, and now I work in my mothers' organisation: The IA (Intelligence Association). If my father or any other CIA agent ever found me they would sure arrest me, as I am according to them 'a threat to their country'. As I said I once thought of contacting him, later I realised, he was the enemy, for him to know of my existence would ruin every chance of survival me and my mother had. I had to keep my cover, to the world I was known as Julia Thorne, an employer of 'the man' that ran the IA. And that was how I would continue. As a shadow, someone feared, someone powerful.'

Chapter One – 'The Associate'

Sydney hid underneath the cover of an abandoned van, the gravel underneath her back starting to cause an annoyance. She was skilled and had the will power to stay there as long as she needed but she was also a thrill seeker. She would risk her life for her job on a daily bases, like she did, all for the thrill. The CIA had arrived before she had and was waiting for them to break through the secured perimeter of the bank, inside was a vault, a vault that carried something extremely important. She had to get it first. But first she would let the two agents do the hard part for her.

Soon they had gotten through the perimeter and she escaped from her hiding place, she ran quickly into the winding corridor of the bank. She was not a inexperienced agent and knew that it was wise for her to jam the cameras, to security everything would look fine.

The first agent was easy to take out, they had split up. She grabbed him from behind and choked him until he passed out, simple. She smiled, she was nearing the vault. The next agent had already retrieved the artefact. Sydney was curious to what it was, she had not yet been privy to that information. She kicked the agent in the groin and he went down, the artefact rolled out of his gloved hands, they were scripts, old parchment. He was soon up again. She quickly picked the scripts up and securely put them in her sleeve. She then smirked at the agent, he was around her age but she suspected quite new on the job. He swung for her, she dodged and high kicked him in the chest, he flew backwards. She then punched him once and he was down, nearly out. She got out her tranquilliser.

"Who are you?" He asked in bewilderment. She smiled, she loved the fact that still the CIA had gathered no information on her, the only way they knew of her was that people she left alive told them about her.

"I rather not give my name, I go to you and your agency by 'the associate'." She said and tranqed him.

After extracting the parchment, she took them to her hotel room in Spain, they were written in a language she had seen many times before, one that she had learned to study like her mother. It was a piece of the Rambaldi mystery. Rambaldi was one of her mothers' main concerns, her mother thrived in learning more about the ancient inventor. Sydney was thrown away from her thoughts as her private and secure cell phone rang. The ID said 'man', this was her mother calling for confirmation.

"Hello?" Sydney asked already aware of who it was.

"Julia, it is me, your mother," She told her, they never used names over the phone just in case, only in person would they call each other by their real names. "I hadn't heard from you, have you got it?" Irina asked. 'Julia' smiled to herself, her mother again and again underestimated her.

"Yes, mother. I got it without any problems, the CIA was there, but I sorted that out. I'm still a secret." She smiled at hearing her mother tut.

"Julia, you are not a secret, it is just a lot of people would want to harm you if they knew you were alive. As I have explained numerous times to the world you are dead, only with me are you alive. You shall return to base tomorrow, until then try not to study them too much." She said and then hung up. 'Great,' Sydney thought sarcastically, now her mother would surely give her a lecture when she arrived in the office.


Irina had been up most of the night, she could not sleep. Her thoughts kept her awake, this was very unusual. She was not one to worry, she was calm and collected but when it came to her daughter in some ways she was weak. She would never give that weakness up though, Sydney meant too much to her. Jack thought they were both dead, even if Jack did lay eyes upon Sydney he would not recognise her, the last time he had seen her was when she was seven years old, that was when they had the supposed 'car accident' that cost him so much. His family destroyed, he was left alone. In actual fact 'Laura' and Sydney were perfectly healthy, they were in Russia, Sydney spending time with Yelena Derevko, her youngest sister, while Irina was being debriefed. She had left the KGB shortly after.

After leaving the KGB Irina had started her own organisation, every few years becoming more known through out the intelligence world. At present the CIA had the IA up on their priority list. Which was a compliment to Irina. The dealt in Intelligence, with no one knowing their true goal. Not even herself as of yet. Each year her aim would change, at the present her aim was on Rambaldi, she was interested in the prophecies and the inventions. She wanted to know everything. Her daughter, Sydney, was also starting to share her interest just not as vibrantly.

Sydney's interest in Rambaldi was more subtle and secret, Irina had seen several times on the security feeds Sydney going into the vault at night when she thought no one was watching and studying the artefacts they had recovered. At present they had seven, although they had no idea how many there were to find.

Sydney was second in charge, although she wasn't sure Sydney knew that. Sydney was in it for the thrill, Irina for the knowledge. Over time though Sydney's interests would mature, as she was only twenty three. Soon though, more challenges would arise and the next phase was to be put in place. They were going to set an office up in Los Angeles, home of the CIA. And someone who deserved to know what had been hidden for so many years…

To be continued...

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