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Dr. Hoshi: You do know that fanfics don't have seasons in them, right?

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Dr. Hoshi: (shakes his head in disapproval) No really. A fanfic is not like a show. You can't just go and make up arbitrary rules that have no sense or logic in them. All it's going to do is mess with people's minds and distort the meaning behind what the story is-

Dis: Oh shut up, you mother-

Claimer: (steals the story) MINE!

Censor Man: CENSOR! Censor Man is here to censor everything! (censors)

Pichu: Muahahahaha… cheesecake… CHEESECAKE! (eats a load of cheesecake)

Dr. Hoshi: Oh for Christ's sake, Yoshi and Peppy aren't even here!

May: Mwahaha…Happy Meals…HAPPY MEALS! (starts eating several Happy Meals) I am the world's greatest Pokemon-


Dr. Hoshi: (sighs and rolls his eyes) Well that's a mood breaker right there.

Yoshi and Peppy

Season 1

Series Pilot (Episode 000): Once Upon A Bad Pun

Yoshi and Peppy Ankylosaurus were sitting in a white room, which had nothing but a computer. As Yoshi and Peppy laughed their heads off at the humorous stories in the Super Smash Brothers section, Yoshi realized something. Something… well… (sigh) Just read.

"Hahahaha! These stupid Smash Bros stories crack me up! I mean, could these get any stupider?" Peppy shouted as he fell off the ground, laughing.

Yoshi chuckled, but then it wasn't long before he realize what the stories were based on. "Wait a minute, Peppy. What exactly ARE we doing here in the middle of a room full of nothing but this computer? I mean, don't we have something important to do?" Yoshi asked his yellow Ankylosaurus buddy.

Peppy looked at Yoshi, then at the computer, and gasped. "You're right, Yoshi! We're sitting in a room without a door that's in the middle of nowhere! Who's responsible for this outrage? Someone has to pay!" Peppy shouted angrily, as he looked around the room.

Yoshi looked at the computer, then at Peppy and said, "I think it's these fanfiction authors' fault. After all, we've been put into some serious shit lately. Especially by this Yoshizilla guy."

Peppy's eyes were replaced with flames. "Then here's what we're gonna do! Let's go get this Yoshizilla guy and destroy him!" Peppy shouted.

Yoshi scratched his head and said, "Um…Peppy, wouldn't that be a bad idea? What if we're caught?" Yoshi received a whack from Peppy's tail after the remark.

As Yoshi rubbed his injury, Peppy faced Yoshi, saying, "Come on, you big wuss! I mean, these fanfiction writers are one thing, but Yoshizilla! That guy has been putting us in the stupidest, most aggravating, most retarded, and crappiest parts of his stupid, pointless, lame stories! We should be the stars!"

Yoshi walked towards Peppy and asked, "Yeah, but who, Peppy? I mean, we have to have someone to keep our backs covered. Who's going to help us out, exactly?"

Peppy thought for a moment, and then he chuckled evilly. "Yoshi, I just happen to know the idiot…" Peppy said, as he opened a warp and grabbed Yoshi. The two dinosaurs plunged into the warp, just as it disappeared.

Bowser mysteriously appeared in the room through a warp. He looked around, and scratched his head. "What the hell is going on here?" Bowser said, as he sat down and started to think to himself, the Koopa King wondering what he just got himself into.

In the warp, Yoshi and Peppy noticed how everything was colorful in vibrant ways, with everything being a rainbow. The two dinosaurs passed by Petey Piranha and Pichu, who were playing pong while eating popcorn with each other. Glancing at each other, the dino duo then glanced to their left to see Waluigi smashing Toadsworth in the face with a purple tennis racket, turning to their right to see Princess Daisy farting deep pitched bassy tuba poots constantly. As the reptilian stars turned to each other and shrugged, they spotted Shadow The Hedgehog chasing after that damn fourth Chaos Emerald, disappearing into a black warp portal that suddenly appeared.

"...So, do you know where we're going?" Yoshi asked as he folded his arms.

Peppy pulled out some green lettuce out of nowhere and munched on it, shrugging. "I don't fucking know."

Author's Note: Well, there ya go. That was the intro of Yoshi and Peppy. Yep. Sorry if it was short, but don't worry! It will get longer! Anyways, Yoshi and Peppy are out to find the mysterious person to help them, but who could it be? And what will Bowser do to help this plot. Find out next time…mwaha! …Ahem.