Author's Note: Well, folks, I decided to do a sequel to Yoshi and Peppy: Season 1, so while I'm planning that, here's the end of Yoshi and Peppy: Season 1! YAYZ!1

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Episode 10: What's A Finale?

Our group of heroes were starting to wake up as the sun rose up in the background. However, only Yoshi and Dr. Hoshi would be the characters would rescue Peppy Ankylosaurus and fight Yotonzilla.

"Okay, should we try to go in now?" Yoshi asked.

Dr. Hoshi shrugged. "It's the hero's choice."

Yoshi smiled. "Really?" He started chuckling evilly. "Well, then..."

(Knock, knock, knock)

"Who's-a there-a?" Yotonzilla said in an Italian accent.

"It's Yoshi and Dr. Hoshi," Dr. Hoshi shouted.

"What do YOU losers want?" Yotonzilla asked, losing the accent.

"To kick your ass, then kill you, and finally rescue Peppy." Yoshi added.

"I don't believe your BS! Go away!" Yotonzilla replied.

Yoshi slapped his forehead. "D'oh! He didn't fall for Plan A!"

Dr. Hoshi rubbed his chin. "Right, then, time for...Plan B."

(Knock, knock, knock)

Yotonzilla threw his blue Nintendo DS in the garbage and looked at the door. "WHO'S there?"

"Yoshi and Dr. Hoshi!" Dr. Hoshi shouted.

"WHAT do you LOSERS want?" Yotonzilla asked.

"We're sellin' bananas. Fresh, yellow, fruity bananas. Wanna buy a bunch, eh?" Yoshi cleverly lied.

Yotonzilla smiled. "SURE! Come ON in!"

Yoshi gave Dr. Hoshi a high-five. "Yes! The plan worked!"

The two dinosaurs then bursted into the fortress.

Peppy cheered. "Woohoo! Yoshi and Dr. Hoshi came to rescue my sweet ass!"

Dr. Hoshi nodded. "That's right, we are here to rescue Peppy!"

Yoshi pointed his index finger at Yotonzilla in a weird fashion. "That's right, so give back Peppy, you homosexual freak!"

Yotonzilla stomped in front of Yoshi and Dr. Hoshi. "NOT SO FAST! You will have to DEFEAT me first! And with PEPPY'S POWER, I am UMBEATABLE!! BuhuhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahehehehehehehehehehehohohohohohohoholololololololololoLOLLAWLZOMFGWTGFBBQ!1!1!1!1!1!!!11!11!1!1!!!1!HAHA!1!!1!!exclamation mark!!!" He crazily laughed his head off.

Yoshi fired his Yoshi Beam right at Yotonzilla. "Yoshi Beam!"

Yotonzilla used Peppy's power to reflect the Yoshi Beam, and instead, it hit Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog, which sent the two sleeping hedgehogs into the sky high, never to be seen in this stupid fanfic ever again.

"Bwahahahahe! As YOU can SEE, your pathetic, PUNY Yoshi Beam does NOTHING to ME! BAHAHAHA!" Yotonzilla laughed evilly.

Dr. Hoshi sighed, waving his hand. "Yoshi, step back. I'll handle it from here."

Yoshi jumped in surprise. "WHA? Dr. Hoshi?"

"Step back..." Dr. Hoshi growled, a bit annoyed.

Yoshi gulped, as he took a step back like Dr. Hoshi requested.

Yotonzilla started grumbling. "Well well well, IF it isn't my pathetic puny arch-nemesis...DR. HOSHI!" He shouted, with a close-up picture of Dr. Hoshi added in, "WHAT do YOU think you can DO to ME? Will you break MY BROTHER'S Playstation 3, X-Box 360, AND Nintendo Wii, JUST like YOU did TO ME!?" He roared in anger, "YOUR plans will not WORK, for I am more powerful AND smarter AND wiser AND more clever than I was before!"

Dr. Hoshi scoffed. "No, I won't break your brother's stupid next-gen consoles, for I have the one weapon that will destroy you for good..." He took out his purple lightsaber.

Yotonzilla gasped. "The purple lightsbaer? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" He dramatically screamed in Darth Vader's voice, "How did you find it!?"

Dr. Hoshi smirked. "Life is full of surprises. Now..." He got in a fighting position, "BEGONE!" He jumped towards Yotonzilla.

"NOOOO!!!" Yotonzilla screamed again.

Yoshi and Peppy gasped. "Dr. Hoshi, NO!"

Author's Note: YESH!1 A climatic cliffhanger as the finale is PERFECT! What will happen from this point? You'll have to and Peppy: Season 2! HAHAHAHAHA!!1!1!1!