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Tyson: (nods) and dirty thoughts

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Tyson bounced up to team captain, whom was sitting in the hotel room's armchair. The team were waiting for the day they would fly to their respective home countries now they had won the tournament.

"Kai." He said seriously, plopping himself down on the armchair's arm.

"What?" The older teen grunted, staring in a more concentrated fashion at his newspaper.

"Seeing as we kicked the Russian's asses so well, can I have some fun with you?" The dragon blinked his big blue eyes innocently, in an attempt to win Kai over.

A light blue eyebrow rose, "we didn't win easily, Kinomiya." He stated.

"We still won, same thing." Tyson brushed off his captain's comment easily, "well?"

"Well what?"

"Can I have some fun with you?"

"And why, pray tell, can't you have fun with others as moronic as yourself?" Kai questioned, folding his newspaper and placing on his lap as he knew he wouldn't be getting much reading done now.

"They've all gone out! Besides, this will be much more fun with you." The bluenette replied seriously.

Kai knew he was going to kick for himself for what he asked next, but he asked anyway.

"What is it that you want to do?"

"Well, it's kinda like a dare…"

"Forget it." Kai stated, lifting his newspaper up again.

"Dude, I didn't even finish!" Tyson retorted, poking the elder in the shoulder. "Anyway. We… swap clothes!" He finished dramatically.

The phoenix fixed the dragon with an odd look, "swap clothes?" He repeated, looking thoroughly unimpressed.

"Yup! So…" Tyson grinned cheekily at the dual haired blader, "gonna join in for once sourpuss?"


"Aww….. come on!" The younger whined, sticking his face in front of Kai's shocked one and pouted, "please?"

Kai blinked rapidly and scooted backwards at the sudden invasion of personal space. Forced to stare into large, pleading dark blue eyes, he bit the side of his cheek to prevent doing anything stupid.

"Please?" The dragon repeated, blinking his eyes once more.

The dual haired teen looked away pointedly, "no." He stated firmly, though his voice sounded kind of strangled.

"Pleasepleaseplease?" Tyson pleaded, and then a light bulb went off above his head, "what are you afraid of anyway?"

Kai turned his head to frown at the younger teen, "afraid of? Nothing."

The bluenet grinned, nodding, "suuuure. I bet you're just scared that you might actually have fun once, grumpy."

The older teen scowled, "I am not."

"Of course not." Tyson sing-sang, jumping off the arm of the armchair and walking slowly away, "if you don't want to prove it, then that's fine. It's ok to be scared."

Kai placed the newspaper down beside him in a freighting way. Standing up he turned his gaze on the younger, who gulped and tried to make a quick getaway.

Stalking quickly after the bluenet, the dual haired teen grabbed Tyson by the scruff of his neck and dragged him back into the room.

"Heh heh…. Uh, Kai? You do know I was joking around right, dude?" Tyson chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his head. "Right? Kai?" He blinked when the older teen didn't say anything.

Kai let go of him and staring impassively into the other teen's slightly meek blue eyes, "take your clothes off, Kinomiya."

A furious blush exploded across Tyson's heart-shaped cheeks, "I beg your pardon!"

Red eyes rolled. "We're swapping clothes, aren't we? So…" he smirked, "strip."

The pair of wide, blue eyes blinking rapidly. He just had to have gotten himself into this mess, hadn't he? "Well…" he started, an idea forming in his head, "only if you do too." He smirked cheekily, "at the same time."

Kai frowned a little, but nodded slowly, "fine." He grabbed his scarf, and, avoiding Tyson's eyes, he unwound it and tossed it on the floor before his feet.

The younger teen stared a little at Kai's neck, which was rarely exposed, and shrugged off his jacket, the garment falling to floor to join the scarf.

In response, the older undid his armguards and tossed them onto the ground.

The dragon found his eyes staring at the muscular lower arms instead of the exposes neck all of a sudden. Gulping, he took off his own gloves and his hat.

Kai smirked a little, "two, Tyson?" He commented softly, his pale hands going to the bottom of his tank top to begin to tug it off.

Tyson's eyes were glued to the growing amount of pale skin and stomach muscles slowly being revealed to him. He shifted uncomfortably on his spot; it was getting very hot in the room all of a sudden.

The phoenix noticed this and begun stripping off his muscle shirt slower, pausing when it was bunched up just above his chest muscles.

The bluenet tried his best not to make any noise, hands gripping the bottom of his own shirt to restrain himself.

Kai, finished with playing around, tugged the top over his head and dropped onto the carpeted floor, hands going to his belt buckle and undoing it, tossing that to join the black top.

Seeing the older blader cross his arms in a signal he was done, Tyson tore off his own shirt quickly, shortly followed by his own belt.

Kai felt a little disappointed by his younger team-mate's hurry. "You know, to strip properly, you have to go slower." He pointed out in an almost casual way, shaking his legs a little to rid himself of his baggy trousers. They had been falling down as they had no belt to hold them up anymore.

Tyson felt his whole face (and other parts) heat up at the simple, yet very nice sight, of Kai standing there, arms crossed, in just his boxers. Looking very superior. In just his boxers. Only his boxers.

The thought made his nervous system tingle happily.

Taking off his blue shorts and stripping his tanned legs of his socks, he completed his pile of clothes, and looked meekly up at the older blader, who was staring at him with dark red eyes.

"H-here." He said hoarsely, picking up his clothes and handing them to Kai. "Go and change!"

The phoenix blinked, where had the view of that tanned skin gone? He glared at the pile of clothes blocking the view. "Hn." With a grunt, he took the garments into his own arms. That was better; he could see the skin again.

Tyson bent over and picked up the pile of Kai's clothes and turned around. "See you in a minute Kai!" He sang out, sounding all too eager at the prospect of seeing Kai in his own clothing.

Though the view of him in just boxers was very nice on its own.

"Well, the scarf's not so bad." Tyson commented, fingering the white cotton material. "Nice and cosy, but I wouldn't wear it all day every day."

He glanced behind him at the tail of the long garment, "I'm certain he practices walking up down his room to learn not to trip over this thing."

Plucking at his top he frowned, it was a little too tight for his liking, and with the baggy trousers, it just felt a little odd. He preferred it the way around, comfy at the top and a little tighter at the bottom.

He was standing in the room he had been teasing Kai in, while the older teen was in the bathroom.

"As for this face paint." He muttered, poking his cheeks where his triangles looked more like pointy circles, "it's so itchy! Kai wears really odd stuff…."

Kai, however, thought his 'costume' in short, sucked. The high socks made his calves itch, and he had to refrain from bending down every so often and scratching away the annoyance.

"How the hell does Kinomiya put up with wearing these?" He grumbled, it bothered him that his legs were so… exposed.

Then again, Kinomiya probably didn't mind showing off his lower limbs as they were rather nice to look at…

Kai shook his head firmly to rid himself of thoughts, therefore sending the red, blue and white baseball cap flying off his head and onto the floor.

Grumbling, he snatched it back it and plonked it back on his head, much to his annoyance. The cap messed up his hair, making it all stick up and shove to the front and fall into his eyes.

"Kinomiya, you wear the most ridiculous stuff." He stated on a slight growl.

'He looks so ridiculous!' Was Tyson's amused thought as he first laid eyes on Kai in his 'Tyson costume'.

'He looks so…' Kai was stuck for a word. '…. Cute.' He settled for that.

Tyson bounded over and poked Kai in the chest, "well, don't you look… interesting?" He commented, barely containing his amused laughter.

The older teen grabbed the front of the younger's shirt and pulled him closer to his chest, "and don't you look adorable?" He growled.

The dragon, who had first been a little intimidated by the sudden drag, but decided he liked it smirked, "was that sarcasm? Because you're not intimidating anymore Hiwatari with my socks."

Kai glowered darkly. "You have the most stupid socks on the planet." He muttered.

"I do not!" Tyson exclaimed, insulted, poking Kai in the chest repeatedly.

The phoenix reached up with a brown gloved hand and grabbed the poking hand tightly in his own, "they're itchy." He stated.

"That's because you're not used to wearing things close to your legs." The bluenet pointed out, "you wear these baggy trousers all time!" His face morphed into a smirk, "have you got hairy legs or something?"

Kai's cheeks coloured. "No, I don't." He stated, "you just saw for yourself."

"Oh yeah, I did." Tyson said, his voice sounding very pleased and dreamy. "well, you certainly make a ridiculous looking me. And I definitely make a cuter you."

"I was thinking more handsome." Kai breathed into the younger's ear, "you couldn't pull off handsome if you wanted to, Kinomiya."

'Yet.' He told himself mentally, 'he's still got time to grow.'

"Well then, is the sexier me a better kisser?" Tyson whispered back in an identical heated voice, grasping the back of Kai's head, turning his head to press his lips to the elder boy's gently.

The phoenix found his arms winding themselves around the younger's waist, slowly deepening the kiss.

As they pulled apart slowly, Tyson tapped the older teen's nose and grinned, "I guess so." He stated, grinning and prancing out of Kai's arms, "I'm going to change!" He called over his shoulder.

Kai stood there with his mouth agape before frowning, stalking after the younger blader.

"Oh no, Kinomiya, you are not getting away that easily."

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