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Tyson practically pranced into the hotel suite's relatively small kitchen, with the goal in mind to wash off the itchy face paint adorning his cheeks. He really couldn't understand how Kai could wear the blue stuff all day every day.

Turning on the tap and sticking his hands under the spray to wet them, he couldn't stop the small smile that was growing into a broad grin straight across his face. His lips were still tingling from Kai had kissed him prior and although it had just one, the sensation was left.

Outside, said dual haired teen found himself stalking his prey silently. He peered at the shorter teen through his bangs (the hat plonked on top his head was really beginning to mess up his hair), deciding that he was busy enough to not notice when he sneaked up on him.

As Tyson wetted a dishcloth to rub off most of the blue paint and wiping any spills with tissues. The blue gunk was resilient and took a while to remove. Pleased with himself, despite his hands were blue and there were blue smidgens dotting his white scarf, Tyson switched off the tap and admired his now unpainted face in the small hotel window in front of him.

Stepping swiftly and quietly, Kai leaned down to whisper huskily into the shorter teen's ear, "well you sure made a mess."

Tyson nearly jumped three feet in the air and turned around to look at Kai with wild scared blue eyes and one hand grasping his chest through his shirt. "Geez! Sneaky much? Don't do that!"

The taller teen just smirked before his eyes fell on the blue smudges on what had been a pristine white scarf. "I think you deserve it for getting my scarf dirty." He growled lowly, fingering the white material with an annoyed expression.

The bluenet laughed nervously, fully aware of having been pulled closer to Kai's face as the dual haired teen examined his scarf. "Hey, you know I didn't mean it right?" He batted his eyelashes playfully in a poor attempt to get out of trouble.

Kai's crimson eyes switched up to stay into the innocent blue ones hotly, "Hn." He grunted. "Why did you take the face paint off anyway? You looked cuter with it on."

Tyson had to blink at the sudden complement. "Well, it was itchy! I don't see how you can wear it all day and not find it annoying."

"Because I have better tolerance than you do." Kai commented simply, still staring into the shorter teen's eyes.

"Of course." The bluenet's smile had turned slightly devious, "you should take it off more, you look normal."

He got a warning growl from the team captain but his smile only grew wider, "of course you do look more handsome without it on too."

"Kinomiya, are you flirting with me?" Kai demanded, slicking one brown gloved hand up and down his team mate's black muscle shirted covered back slowly.

Tyson fought back a surprised gasp and a rosy blush erupted over his cheeks in his embarrassment, "well… maybe…" he chocked out, feeling slightly small under the older teen's penetrative gaze.

"Good." Kai swooped down to capture the blue haired teen's lips in a quick kiss before pulling away and smirking at him, "I think we better go somewhere comfier, Kinomiya."

A sudden rush of perverted thoughts rushed through Tyson's head before he shook it and grinned happily. "As my captain commands…" he mock cooed, looping his arms around the dual haired teen's shoulder and batting his eyelashes again.

Kai rolled his eyes but the tips of mouth quirked up in amusement briefly. Curling a muscular arm around the pony tailed boy's waist, he yanked him roughly to his front, pressing a passionate kiss to those lips parted in shock swiftly, backing slowly out of the kitchen as his free hand ventured up to tear Tyson's hair tie from his hair and toss it away uncaringly.

After getting over his initial shock, Tyson begun kissing the older teen with equal vigour, running his hands happily over Kai's chest covered in his own bright yellow t-shirt.

The older teen shoved the shorter gently but firmly up the nearby wall, pausing in their route to his room by preferring to run his lips along Tyson's cheekbones and jaw feverishly, dragging his tongue down the tanned skin of his neck and hovering over the pulse beating in his temple before clamping down with his lips and sucking lightly.

The bluenet bit back a throaty moan and opened eyes he hadn't known he'd closed to stare down at Kai's head with lusty, dark eyes.

The dual haired teen broke away long enough to look up into those dark blue eyes and smirking before crushing his lips to his younger team mate's and slipping a hand underneath the tight black muscle shirt Tyson had 'borrowed' off of him.

Tyson shuddered and let out a small whimper, arching into the hand that ran up his stomach and chest. He cracked open his eyes with a cry of protest when Kai suddenly pulled his hand away. He had a few moments to recuperate before he was suddenly hefted over Kai's shoulder and hauled away. "Hey!" He squawked, wriggling slightly, "what gives?"

"Have to get you to my room a little quicker Kinomiya…" Kai replied smoothly, his smirk evident his voice as a brown gloved hand reached up to cup the shorter teen's baggy trouser covered butt and squeeze suggestively.

The blue haired teen shuddered and said nothing more, burying his face into Kai's shoulder blades to cover his growing grin from the older teen.

Coming to door to his room, Kai shifted the younger teen's weight so he could keep him balanced with one arm and turned the doorknob to open the door, raising that hand to cup Tyson's butt again to steady him and kicking open the door.

Setting down his team mate, Kai wound his arms around Tyson immediately and kicked the door shut behind him, guiding the bluenet slowly to the middle of the room.

Complying quite happily with his captain, the bluenet tugged at the sleeves his red jacket that Kai was wearing, demanding that the older teen take the garment off.

Kai pulled back long enough to smirk at him softly before walking forwards (therefore making Tyson step backwards) until the younger teen plopped down on the bed and blinked up at him with curious blue eyes. "Stay there." Kai commanded, his voice huskier than normal, his red eyes darker.

Grasping the sides of the red jacket he was adorning he slid it off slowly, tossing it for the bluenet on the bed to catch in surprise. Grabbing the cap on his head that messed up his hair horribly, he tossed it away, ignoring Tyson's irritated scowl. He took a firm hold of the yellow t-shirt he was wearing and slipped it over his head slowly, fully aware of Tyson's staring eyes and he grinned.

Tyson's pink tongue darted out to wet sudden dry lips as Kai's pale skin and chiselled muscles came into view, the sight making him shiver with anticipation and the sensation going straight down to his groin.

Dropping the yellow shirt on the shirt on the floor, the dual haired teen went for the belt holding up the ridiculously short blue shorts, undoing it slowly and threading it out of the blue garment, letting it fall to the floor. As a result the blue shorts begun to slip down Kai's thighs.

Dark blue eyes were for a moment or two to Kai's obvious large arousal before switching up to meet Kai's own eyes lust filled eyes. Grinning softly, Tyson ignored his previous command and got up, walking slowly to his tem captain to hook his fingers around the waist band of the blue shorts, pulling them down slowly. His small hand brushed 'accidentally' over the bulge in the taller teen's boxers.

Kai hissed, eyes dropping shut as he kicked away the blue shorts. He cracked one eyes open to stare down into Tyson's innocent expression and smirked, "that wasn't an accident, was it Kinomiya?" He asked thickly, leaning down to place a quick kiss on the shorter boy's cheek near his ear, tongue flicking out to tease the lobe. "Your turn I believe."

"No it isn't." Tyson's tone was mischievous and playful, "You've still got my shoes and socks on, Hiwatari."

Kai growled in annoyed and flicked off the shoes he was wearing quickly. He was about to bend down and peel the knee socks off as well but Tyson stopped him. He watched through heavy eyelids as the younger teen lifted his leg by placing a hand under his thigh and pulled off the sock there slowly. He did the same to the other leg and tossed the pair of socks away, looking up to grin at Kai.

The taller teen stopped himself from rolling his eye and settled for a small smirk, reaching out to tug at the scarf the smaller teen was wearing. "Now it's your turn." He purred, looking into those dark blue eyes.

Tyson shuddered minutely and reached up to tug the stifling white scarf away and letting it fall away from his shoulders and neck to the floor. Gulping slightly, he grabbed the bottom of the black tank top and pulled it up slowly, up and over his head, shaking his hair out of his eyes when it got mused.

The dual haired teen wanted very much to run his hands over the smooth tanned chest before him but resisted, enjoying the show.

Now half naked in front of his captain, Tyson fumbled with his belt and slid it out of the baggy trousers, pulling the blue garment down and pushing it away with his foot, suddenly feeling embarrassed t being so… exposed to his team captain. There was an obvious bulge in his blue boxers and he shuffled his feet slightly and a rosy pink blush spread across his cheeks.

Kai's smirk formed into a soft a smile and he took a step forward to cup the younger teen's cheek and kiss him softly, guiding him slowly back wards until they tumbled onto his hotel bed.

They pulled apart slowly, staring into each other's eyes. Kai was the first to speak as he moved slowly down the bluenet's body, "well, aren't you gorgeous?" He pressed an open mouthed kiss to the tanned skin covering his collarbone.

"You mean that?" Tyson gasped, arching into the kisses as the older teen kissed and licked his way slowly, teasingly down his chest.

"Of course…" Kai murmured, running a pale hand along the shorter teen's quivering side. His tongue reached a dark, perk nipple and he licked around the nub, earning a strangled moan from the younger teen above his head. Grasping the nipple between his teeth, he played with it, his right hand going to grasp its twin and roll between his fingers.

Tyson moaned throatily and writhed slightly, "then I guess it's only fair to say you're hot too…" he groaned, running his small hands along Kai's slightly sweaty pale back. He whimpered slightly in disappointment when Kai left his chest, travelling down slowly to dip his tongue into his navel. A small laugh escaped from Tyson's lips and he shuddered slightly.

Kai raised his eyebrows in interest, making a mental note that the younger teen was sensitive there. He stopped just before the waist band of the blue haired teen's boxers, slipping his long, pale fingers underneath the elastic and raising his eyes to look up into Tyson's. "Thanks for the complement…" he paused, "… you're sure right?"

Tyson ran a shaky hand through his dark blue bangs and sighed, "Yeah." He replied, nodding and grinning at Kai in an attempt to reassure, "go on ahead, captain."

Tanned legs slipped boneless from Kai's waist as the older teen managed to withdraw before collapsing, breathless, beside Tyson. They laid there for a while, trying to regain their breaths, and waiting for their hearts to quit thumping loudly inside their chest.

Tyson yawned slightly and rolled over, curling into the older teen, smiling when he felt a pair of muscled pale arms wrap hesitantly around his waist. He nuzzled Kai's sweaty shoulder, "I love you." He told him happily.

A few moments of silence passed before Kai repeated the words quietly.

Kai: (smirking wider)

Tyson: (red in the face)

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