This fic takes place in the future. Chandler and Monica live in Westchester with Jack and Erica who are 4. Ross and Rachel are married Emma is 5. Phoebe and Mike are married and have twins Sophie and Lil Mike they're 2. Joey is doing well in LA he's engaged to Alex..

Disclaimer: All Friends/Joey Characters belong to Bright, Kauffman and Crane. I wil be asking Santa for Chandler, Ross and Joey for Christmas this year!

Title: The Magic Of Christmas

Summery: A mushy Mondler Christmas fic with a little R&R, M&P and J&A tossed in!

Chapter 1

Monica smiled as she decorated the house for Christmas. There was tons to do before Christmas Eve which was less than a week away. Everyone would be there even Joey and his fiancee Alex were flying in from LA. The thought of Joey being engaged made her smile even more. Her forver single friend had finally found the woman that got him to leave his womanizing ways behind. She climbed on the ladder to hang a wreath above the fire place.

Chandler walked in with the twins having just picked them up from preschool. He frowned when he saw her up on a ladder "Mon you shouldn't be up there what if you fell" he asked "Oh relax honey I won't fall" she said as she started down the ladder "You know worry too much" she smiled kissing him "I just don't want anything to happen to you, either of you" he grinned placing his hand on her large stomach. "We're fine" she smiled setting her hand on his. Nearly nine months ago their dream of having a baby together had finally came true. They were happy andthe twins couldn'twait for their baby brother or sister to come.

"Come on you should be resting" Chandler took her hand trying to lead her to the sofa. "Honey I can't rest right now I have a ton to do before Christmas Eve" she told him "Sweetie you're a little over two weeks away from your due date you need to take it easy" he insisted "Mommy" Erica tugged on her arm "Can me and Jack have a snack" she asked "See there's no time for rest Chandler" she looked down at her daughter "Of course sweetie" He sighed "Do you know how stubborn you are" he asked "Yeah I know" she smiled and winked as she took Erica's hand as they headed to the kitchen.

Chapter 2 coming soon!

Author's Note: Hello Children I decided to write a Mondler Christmas fic. It'll have R&R, M&P, and J&A. It'll have romance, fluff and surprises. I didn't mention Mon's pregnancy in the description or summery I didn't want to give it away. Here's the first chapter I know its kinda short but thenextone will be longer. This fic won't be too long maybe 4 or 5 chapters at the most. I hope you all enjoy Happy Holidays!