This is what comes of pestering little plot bunnies. I read those "Dean is dying" stories, and I started speculating on how that would be relevant to the series so far. Starting from the infamous Asylum episode phone call, this is what I got. I hope you guys like it; it made Daquiri want to cry. Feel free to R&R.


One Last Trip

Dean stirred awake a little after noon. Shoving the covers away, he rolled over in the motel bed to find Sam sitting across from him. A hard, angry look was plastered onto his baby brother's face.

"You okay, Sam?" Dean inquired, sitting up in bed.

Sam exploded, "You have cancer! How could you not tell me?"

Dean was dumbfounded. "Uh...wh-what're you talking about?"

"Dad called your cell. Asking if you were okay. Seems you called him about a week ago, and left a message on his voicemail saying you needed his help. He thought your cancer had taken a turn for the worse!"

"He told you I have cancer?" Dean questioned.

"Yeah," Sam jumped up from the bed, restless and frustrated, "he was quite surprised to learn you hadn't told me yet. Why didn't you tell me? I have a right to know my brother has a terminal illness!"

Sam began pacing back and forth.

"Jeez. Calm down, there," Dean stood up and stopped Sam's strides with a firm hand on his shoulder. Looking deep into Sam's eyes, Dean said slowly, "Okay, look. I'm dying, all, right. I knew you would freak out, so I didn't tell you."

Sam made as if to interrupt, but Dean shushed him.

"I just wanted one last road trip with you," he said, a pleading look in his eyes. He didn't want Sam to be mad – to ruin their last months together, "It was kind of Dad's idea, too. He's not exactly in fighting shape anymore, and I won't be around to carry on the family business. We thought him "disappearing" and me dying...we thought it might bring you back into the game. I want you to keep fighting those ghosts – for me, Sammy."

Sam looked at Dean for a long moment, and then said, "It's Sam."

Authors Note: Correction: it did make Daquiri cry. And so did our idea for the second and final chapter, which should be up tonight. Man, she was blubbering like a baby. But she was pretty sleep-deprived, so it was easy to make her cry. Again, it will be kind of short, but trust me, it works. I hope you all will like it once it's up.