Chapter 2

Sam stalked behind the bars of the prison cell, like a wolf trapped in a cage. He and Dean had made their way to Rocky Level, Utah, where it was rumored that a local high school was haunted by the malevolent, headless ghost of a former professor. Without thinking, Dean and Sam had broken into the high school, unaware that it had a silent alarm system. Who expected such things in small, middle-of-nowhere towns? So the cops had caught them, and they were arrested when Dean failed to explain the presence of their arsenal of spirit-hunting paraphernalia.

Sam was not frustrated because he was in jail, but rather because Dean was. His brother was sitting on the bench; head resting against the stone wall, eyes clenched shut against the pain. Dean's cancer had been getting much worse over the past weeks, and Sam was afraid for him.

Dean started to cough. Sam screamed for the guard to come – blood had come up with that cough, flecking Dean's lips.

Sam managed to convince the guard that Dean needed to go to the hospital; by some sudden miracle, Sam was allowed to go with him.

It had been a cancerous tumor that ruptured. Dean was white-faced and panting in his hospital bed, holding Sam's eyes with his own, knowing these would be their last moments together.

"Take care of that creepy old-man ghost for me, okay Sammy?" Dean said.

Sam nodded and hastily looked away from Dean's face. Dean had begun to cry, and Sam refused to acknowledge this display of weakness. He wanted to remember Dean as the strong, proud, cocky big brother he had always been.

"Look at me, Sam," Dean growled.

And Sam did. He looked at the brother he was about to lose. Just like he had lost Mom, Dad, and Jess. He couldn't handle this kind of pain again. He had to learn to harden himself to the suffering that seemed to plague those he loved.

So Sam looked at Dean one last time, stood, and began to walk towards the hospital room door. He needed a clean break.

"Sam? Where are you going?" Dean called from his bed, "Please don't leave me, Sammy…"

His hand grasping the doorknob, Sam refused to look back. He opened the door, stepped from the room and said in a fervent whisper, "I love you, Dean."

Dean heard, and smiled. Then let go….

Author's Note: That's pretty much it. If you would prefer a happy, AU ending, write to us, whether in review or email. We'll email you our alternate ending. Mistro wouldn't have made one, but Daquiri insisted. She just couldn't take this ending. Well, happy gallavantations!