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Pairing: GAbby

Summary: Cant really summarize this, but um Abby quit her job at NCIS and goes on a drinking binge until Gibbs confronts her three months after the fact. Sounds pretty basic but once I add in some characters it'll get more complex. R&R

Pretty Girl

Author Makala

Chapter one; crashing

Sleepily she walked to the door, stumbling a bit over her clothes that had been thrown in the hallway, she had to admit that her new apartment sucked, and her new landlord, cute as he may be was a real ass. The buzzer rang one more time, this time longer forcing a groan out of Abby, if asked she would never admit that she spent another day drinking until she passed out, the buzz was gone leaving her with one hell of a hangover. Without even caring who it was she buzzed them up, unlocking her door and leaning against the thin wall, groaning again when she heard a knock at the door, "It's open!" She heard someone clear their throat then rolled off the wall and grabbed the door handle swinging it open, "Gibbs?"

He looked good, pretty much the same as before though, a few months hadn't changed him as it had her. "Hey Abs." Clumsily she grabbed his arm and pulled him inside closing the door behind him, "My landlord gets pissed when I have 'late visitors'" looking at his watch he smiled, "It's seven in the morning." Abby ran a hand through her hair, and sighed, "Okay then were in the clear, the ass is at work." Her face suddenly turned serious, "What are you even doing here Gibbs? Last time I checked I don't work for you anymore, so you no longer have to check on me." She noted the look of hurt he gave her at the comment, "Your right. Then I'll leave."

Abby's heart broke, she hadn't expected him to respond like that, she watched helplessly as he turned his back and walked towards the door, "Tell Ducky and Tony I said hi, and I miss them." Gibbs stopped walking, his hands tightly clenched, "Will do." It seemed to take forever for him to leave, and the second she heard the door closed she collapsed against it, "I'm sorry Gibbs…" She muttered under her breath.

Closing the door he stood completely still, not understanding what had happened to make her like that, not accepting that she was gone, not wanting to ever see her like that again. She had quit suddenly, a change had occurred in her so subtly the team hadn't noticed, even worse he hadn't noticed. The connection between them had broken and she become so small until the day she handed him her letter of resignation, no one had seen it coming so when it happen it hit them hard, going through one lab tech after another, none had matched up to Abby. But that hadn't been the point of his visit, he hadn't wanted to convince her to come back, he had just wanted to see her, to confirm that she was okay…and to be honest she wasn't.

Drinking and crashing had become a habit of hers, she knew that she couldn't live like that forever but it was one hell of ride while it could last. She hated not being able to see them all, she hated acting like this, but that's who she was, that's who she was brought up to be.

Abby sat up in bed, staring down at herself, noticing that she hadn't even changed out of her skirt and tank top from the previous night, she swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up on unsteady feet. Glancing at her reflection in the mirror she fixed her hair and stepped into the hallway, wincing slightly at the light that was let in by the window, this had been the first time in quite a while that she had seen the sun, and she had to admit she missed it.

"Hey Dorko." She said as she past a shorter man in the hallway, he was younger than Abby but didn't really look it, "I told you its Derek, oh and your dad came by, dropped off this." He handed her a large cup and made a face at her, "I'm not your door man, okay and I'm not scared of you anymore so stop bossing me around!" Rolling her eyes Abby smiled "Yea what ever." They started walking in different directions until Abby cleared her throat, "Oh Dorko, it's called a Caf-Pow, and my dad is dead." Satisfied she turned around and disappeared down the stairs. What are you doing Gibbs?

She walked into the familiar building, taking in everything, much like Gibbs nothing had changed in the three months she was away, "Abby?" Tensing Abby forced a smile, "Madam Director." Jen looked at the girl, concern evident in her face but the awkward tension was apparent between the two, "What did I say about that?" Abby forced another smile, "Right, the next person who called you that was getting fired, but I…well you know." She didn't find it necessary to state the obvious, noting the small but forced laugh that the older woman mustered, "Yes, while it's just Jen." Abby nodded trying to slowly walk forward hoping that she would be left alone, to her relief Jen didn't fallow her. "It didn't last…between us." Abby turned around looking at Jen, the smile still forced on her mouth, "I'm sorry." She said coldly, not really caring about her love life, "Right, while Abby don't hesitate to come visit again. Your more then welcome." Taking that into consideration she admired Jen for being so nice to her, after all that happened, and all that was said it was nice to know that nothing was taken to heart.

"Hey Tony…" Abby said shyly not sure why she felt so nervous, she noticed him glance up then back at his work almost instantly jumping up and running to her, squeezing her in a tight hug, "Abs! Please tell me your back to stay!" With a small grunt Abby was placed back on the ground looking up at him with apologetic eyes, "Sorry Tony…I can't come back." He nodded, not understanding but respecting her choice, "McGee and Ziva are at a crime scene and Gibbs hasn't come in it yet, but Ducky is in autopsy and Palmer too." Nodding she began to walk past him stopping briefly, "Um…my replacement?" Tony just stared at her for a second, "Is a total stiff, not as hot as you either…" Smiling Abby turned and began to walk away feeling Tony's gaze on her back even as the elevator doors closed.

"Abby?" The second she entered the room Palmer had her in a hug, just a quick one though, he pulled back and smiled at her, "Boy have I missed you!" He said truthfully, "Hey Palmer, where's Ducky?" He looked over his shoulder and then turned back to realize Abby was no longer in front of him, "Ducky!" Abby squealed and jumped cautiously into his arms holding on tight, "Oh my gosh Ducky I missed you!" She said ecstatically pulling back and forcing her feet to stay on the ground. "Abigail, you look…" Abby watched as he searched for the word, "Bad, ugly, hung over, like I just woke up, take your pick there all true." She said comically, "I was going to say good…" Abby put a hand on his shoulder, "You were always too nice Duck." She kissed him on the cheek "You know where he is?" Abby said loud enough for only Ducky to hear, "Jethro? I haven't seen him this morning sorry Abigail." Walking away she turned around, "Nah, its no problem Duck, just wanted to say hi…you know." Smiling again she left.

"Tony, I'm gone. When McGee and Ziva get back tell them I stopped by and said hi." He stood up one more time and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, "And Gibbs?" Abby looked at him, suddenly feeling nervous again, "Tell him what ever you want." Tony blinked a few times and just nodded watching as she once again disappeared inside the elevator.

Throwing a punch at the metal doors she slammed against the back of the elevator, "Dam it all!" Not even sure why she was mad just knowing that she had to blow off some steam, just not in the NCIS elevator. Calming herself down she straitened her skirt and ran a hand through her hair, watching as the numbers lit up and finally stopped, taking a step out of the elevator she ran into someone and stumbled backwards, "I'm sorr-" She stared up at him, his crystal blue eyes locked on her, and she just froze.

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