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It wasn't his fault. That's what Sasuke tells people when they ask what happened. It was the Hokage's fault for messing up the labels on the dumb jutsu's. Naruto always said that if Sasuke hadn't been reading the forbidden scroll in the first place then it wouldn't have mattered if the Hokage had mislabeled it or not. Tsunade protests that it wasn't mislabeled at all, she had done it on purpose to foil people who read it without permission, which was always said with a pointed look at the youngest Uchiha. Sasuke usually then asked that even if you did have permission, the jutsu would still have the wrong name on it. Tsunade pointed out that the fourth Hokage had a jutsu that anyone with permission could say that would restore the titles to their proper place and a counter jutsu to shuffle it once more. The argument would continue along this line for quite some time, until someone, usually Sakura or her daughter Harmony, pointed out that if whatever had happened hadn't happened, then both Sasuke and Naruto would probably be very alone in their separate houses. Then their daughter Haku would usually ask what had happened and her brother would roll his eyes and proclaim that he could care less about some stupid romance, even if his dad had turned into a cat. Which only made Haku more curious and so the story began- - -

- - -It started on a dark stormy night. In all actuality it had been a bright sunny day in the middle of July, but that was what Sasuke said, and no one really wanted to argue with him about such petty things as facts. Sasuke had managed, after long last, to get his hands on a secret scroll. Unfortunately, he hadn't had a person tell him where to get it and how to work it, like most of the other people had when the scroll had come into their possession. So when he saw the hand signals for a jutsu that was said to drain your enemies chakra and give it to you, he hadn't even hesitated. He had done almost all of the fifty hand signs without stopping, his hands moving with years of practice, his sharingan insuring the quick memorization that meant he didn't have to glance down at the scroll every few signs.

He felt a bit strange not shouting out the name of the jutsu as he performed the final sign, but some things couldn't be helped. He performed the final hand movement, horse, and crouched down with his hand on the earth, expecting to feel a large amount of chakra flow into him. Nothing happened. Correction, something happened but nothing involving large amounts of chakra flowing into him. Instead he felt as he was being squeezed through a very strangely shaped tube. He fell to all fours, closing his eyes as he tried not to cry out in pain. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself looking, not at human hands but some distinctly not human paws that were for some reason, attached to his very not human body. Something had gone wrong. He wasn't sure what, but unless suddenly receiving large amounts of chakra made you a cat, this was not how the jutsu was supposed to end up.

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