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- - - Recap- - -

Naruto is now living with Sasuke and working in a secret jutsu

- - - End Recap - - -

- - - Start Chapter - - -

More months passed in a strange and hectic way that only may the simple things better. Sasuke had decided that it would be a good idea to raid Naruto's boxes as they were being moved in and had ended up with all the presents he had never gotten along with a lump on his head for his troubles.

He was unsurprised to see that they were mostly all weapons and powerful jutsus. Exactly what he would have wanted at that time. Naruto had known him almost better than he had known himself and much better than the so-called stalkers who, for all their following and proclaimed obsession, could still not figure out that he had never and would never want home made chocolates.

Kyuubi, apparently, did not agree with this and had not hesitated to hint, and more, to Itachi that he would definitely love such chocolates. Naruto had expressly forbidden that Itachi ever be allowed to use the kitchen. And that was how Sasuke found himself in the large kitchen trying to convince Itachi that No, you did not cook chocolate in the rice maker and yes he was positive that was what it was and if Itachi didn't get his hand out of the batter, Sasuke would steal all of it for himself and give it to Naruto.

Itachi had merely raised a sceptical eyebrow and asked why Sasuke didn't have his own chocolates to give his boyfriend. Sasuke had said why on earth would he, it was Kyuubi's birthday in question. Itachi had not dignified this with a response.

Sasuke had taken the chilli pepper away and decided not to wonder what Itachi was planning to do with it.


Sasuke had been trying to erase the memories of that day ever since. So far he had managed to do remarkably well, although he still flinched should anyone mention chocolate syrup. It was now July 23 and it was his own birthday.

His surprise party had not been a surprise at all and he had spent most of it trying to avoid everyone. It was 10 when he finally managed to get even the drunk Kiba out of there. It was then that he noticed a small, unopened box lying innocently on the floor. Blinking, he stooped to pick it up. As he did so, he wondered vaguely where Naruto was and why wasn't he doing it?

Opening it up, he found a small scroll wound tightly. He frowned. What was it? Naruto had already givin him a gift. A promise ring on a fine golden chain that had elected sighs and 'awws' from the surrounding guests. Although the kiss he had giving Naruto had only resulted in whistles and a 'Get a room!'.

He pulled the bright red string off of the scroll, which sprang open in his hands. As did his mouth as he saw the title at the top

NinShin No Jutsu (Pregnancy jutsu)

A grin began to tug at the corners of his mouth. This could definitely work. With that in mind, he headed towards the bed room.

- - - -

"Woah! Woah! Hold on! Stop!" Ryou interjected. "You aren't going to tell us, about you know. . . Where we came from or anything, are you? Because Dad gave me that speech last year!"

Sasuke grinned and ruffled his sons hair. He opened his mouth to say something, but Haku interjected, her dark eyes wide with eight year old curiosity.

"Why Father? What happened?" her voice was filled with innocence. "How come you told aniki something and not me?"

Sasuke looked uncomfortable. "Um, Naruto. I told them the story. You can tell this to Haku."

His husband pouted "But I told Ryou! It's your turn!"

"Fine. You see Haku, when two people. . ."

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