This story is a collabrative effort by Sarahofearth(Sarah) and Supernaturalandlostfan(Michelle). It's a sequel to "Expect The Unexpected" so if you haven't read it you might be a little lost about some things in the story, but not too much.!

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Title:They've Got One Hell Of a Band

Authors:Cowritten by Michelle and Sarah

Rating:PG-13(maybe R later)

Summary:Dean goes against Sam's wishes and gets in way over his head in their latest case.

Disclaimer:We own nothing about Supernatural, though we'd both like to own Dean!

They've Got One Hell Of a Band

Chapter 1

"Dean, wake up, we're here." Sam said, gently shaking his brother's shoulder.

"Huh? Demon? Where?" Dean said, sitting up quickly and looking around in confusion.

Sam almost laughed at how his brother automatically went on the defensive when he woke up.

"There's no demon, dumbass." he said, then chuckled at the scowl his brother gave him. "We're here, in Red Hook."

"Oh, yeah." Dean replied, with an embarrassed look on his face. "How long have I been asleep?" he asked, seeing that it was now dark out, and it hadn't been last he remembered.

"Just a couple hours. Actually, more like ever since we left Bradford." Sam answered, but quickly added, "It's all good though, and it was peaceful not hearing your constant chatter."

Dean gave him "the Look" and he gave him a big grin in return.

He was honestly glad that his brother had gotten some rest, because even though he would never admit it, he still wasn't totally recovered from his earlier ordeal. He had just gotten out of the hospital after all.

A few minutes later, they pulled into the parking lot of a motel and Dean sat in the car while Sam went in and registered them using one of their many fake ID's.

Dean looked at his watch and saw it was after seven.

Just enough time for them to get settled in before the local nightlife started hopping. Dean grinned at the thought.

He yawned and stretched his arms above his head, and then automatically regretted doing so when it pulled on his not totally healed wound. He winced just in time for Sam to see it as he got back in the car.

"Dean? You alright?" he asked, looking at him with concern.

"Yes. I'm fine, Sam." he answered sharply.

"Are you sure? 'Cause that didn't look like the face of someone who is fine." his brother pressed.

"I stretched and it kinda smarted is all. If I'm gonna have to put up with this, where I can't even frown without 'Nurse Sammy' jumping to conclusions and crap, then I'm getting my own damn room." Dean replied, giving him a look of annoyance.

"Excuse me for caring, and I won't jump to conclusions anymore." Sam said with a hurt look on his face, and Dean automatically felt bad about snapping at him.

"Look, I'm sorry Sam. Just back off a little, okay? I'm fine. Really." he said sincerely, "I'd just like to regain some resemblance of a normal life now and try to forget all that crap we left in Bradford."

"Normal life?" Sam asked with a grin. "You call our lives normal?"

"Well, as close to normal as it ever was at least. Is that better?" Dean replied, smiling back at him.

"Well, we're in room 8. I got us one on the bottom floor so you wouldn't have to..." he started out, but then, seeing how Dean was glaring at him once again, changed his mind. "So, we could get out of here quick if we had too." he said instead, which, even to him, sounded lame, but it was all he could come up with at the moment.

"Sure, Sam." Dean said and got out of the car, opening the trunk and grabbing his bag.

"Here, let me…" Sam once again stopped himself from saying something to piss his brother off again, and instead smiled at him and grabbed his own bag, then went and opened the door to the room.

They got settled in, and Sam flopped down on one of the beds, reached for the TV remote and started flipping channels.

"Come on, Sam, you can watch TV later. We've got somewhere to be." Dean said, walking from the bathroom where he'd taken a shower and changed clothes.

"What? Dean, it's late. We can start working on the case tomorrow." Sam replied, not looking at him as he started watching some news. "Anyways, I'm tired."

"Sam, it's nine o'clock. Are you 22 or 92? Nobody goes to bed this early." Dean said, irritated.

His brother looked up at him then, and, seeing he had changed clothes and was dressed to go out, frowned, "Dean, you promised me you would take it easy. That's why I agreed to come here in the first place."

"All I've been doing for the last couple of weeks is taking it easy, Sam. It's not like I want to go out and mud-wrestle with the blob or anything." Dean replied, glaring at him.

"You just don't need to overexert yourself, Dean, that's all I meant."

"I really don't think talking to people will do that, Sammy. The only thing that might overexert me is kicking your ass if you don't quit with your shit. Actually, now that I think about it, that wouldn't overexert me in the least. Now, I'm going to talk to some of the victims friends that I tracked down during my researching. So, if you want to stay here, stay. Just don't wait up." Dean said, and, picking up his car keys, headed towards the door.

"No! Wait. Fine, I'll go too." Sam said, quickly hopping up from the bed. "Just give me a minute to change clothes, alright?"

"Okay. Go and get pretty, but hurry up." Dean replied, a look of victory on his face.

Sam sighed and went into the bathroom. It looked like Dean wasn't going to be agreeable in the least.

He can be such a stubborn ass sometimes. He was really starting to piss him off.

At least I can keep an eye on him as long as I'm with him.

A few minutes later, Sam emerged from the bathroom, and he and Dean left soon after.

"So, where exactly are we going, Dean?" Sam asked, looking at his brother, who was driving.

"We are going to the 'Aftershock'," he replied, not taking his eyes off the road.

"The 'Aftershock?' What's that?" Sam asked.

"That is a club, little brother." Dean replied.

"And why exactly are we going to a club, Dean? I thought I agreed to go talk to the victim's friends, not watch you try and pick up women all night." Sam said quickly.

"First of all, I never have to try and pick up women. They flock to me naturally, but I guess that comes with the package when you're cursed with good looks and charm like me." Dean said, trying to sound modest, shrugging his shoulders.

"Whatever, Dean." Sam said, not amused by his brother's words.

"And secondly, we're going to a club because the victims were all members of its house band, therefore it makes a lot of sense to talk to the remaining ones, wouldn't you think?" he continued.

"So, the victims were all connected? That should definitely make it easier to track down whatever killed them. Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"I thought I did." Dean lied.


"Okay then, sorry I left you out of the loop."

"It's cool." Sam shrugged. Leaving him out of the loop had become a common occurrence it seemed.

A little later, they finally found the club, and it was, apparently, a very popular hangout. The large parking lot was packed, and they ended up having to leave the car across the road in a neighboring lot, and walk to it.

"Look, Sam, when we get inside, let me do the talking, okay? They're actually kinda expecting us because I set up a meeting of sorts." he instructed, averting his eyes so Sam wouldn't see the guilty look on his face.

"You set up a meeting from the hospital? What are you gonna tell me next, you've already solved the mystery and single-handedly taken down the bad guy? All this via cyberspace! "Sam asked angrily. " Why the hell did I even agree to come with you, Dean? You could have just left me an email to tell me what happens."

"I really don't see what your problem with this is, Sam. I'd think you'd be glad that I know exactly who we have to talk to, and that we don't have to go running around town questioning every asshole the victims ever spoke to." Dean replied calmly.

"…I guess you're right." Sam admitted finally. He had a bad feeling about this for some reason though. It was growing more by the minute as they approached the bar where a pretty blonde stood washing out some shot glasses.

"Hey there. What can I get you guys?" she asked, then frowning a bit at Sam said, "And even before you think to attempt it, if you're not 21 don't ask for anything alcoholic. Underagers are allowed in, but we don't serve them anything but sodas."

"Thanks for the tip, but I'm 22, which means I'm legal. And before you even ask, I do have my license to prove it." he replied huffily.

"Fair enough. Didn't mean to get you all pissy." she said, shrugging. "Now, once again, what's your poison?"

"Actually, we're here to see Socket, the members to be more specific." Dean replied. "Could you possibly direct us towards them?"

"Well, I can tell you where they are, but they never see anybody before their shows." she answered.

"We have a scheduled meeting with them miss..?" Dean said

"Do you now?" she asked suspiciously, then added, "Name's Cass."

"Well, Cass, where can we find them?" Dean asked again.

"Tell you what, give me your names and I'll go see if your story's kosher." she replied.

"Okay then. I'm Dean Malone, and this little squirt is my cousin Sam."

"Alright then, Dean, you and Sam wait here and I'll be right back." she said, and after yelling to an older guy, asking him to man the bar, disappeared into the crowd.

"Little squirt, Dean? I'm taller than you." Sam remarked huffily. "And why the heck didn't she question you being old enough to drink?"

"Maturity emanates from me, Sammy, that, and sexual energy. Combine those together and boom, you have 'The Dean'." he replied, eyes shining

Sam shook his head; sometimes his brother could be so conceited.

"'The Dean' is being 'The Idiot'." Sam said, rolling his eyes. "Hey, here comes Cass."

"Alright guys, you can come with me." she said when she reached them. "Sorry about making you wait, but you can never be sure who anyone really is nowadays. You wouldn't believe how much reporters and such have been hounding the group since the deaths."

"I hear you." Dean replied.

They had reached the far corner of the club where Cass opened a door that led to the room occupied by the remaining members of the group.

Sam was the first brother to come in behind Cass, and as soon as he entered he heard a man's voice say, "Ah, hell no. We're a rock band, not a boy band. The auditions for 'Back Street Boys' are next week, pal." he said rudely, and Sam looked in confusion at the dark-haired man who had spoken to them.

"Oh, shut the hell up, Caleb." a tall woman with short, spiky dark hair said to the man.

"Here you are guys, it's been real, but work calls." Cass said, and after smiling at them, turned and walked out of the door.

"I must admit, you're not what I was expecting." another deep voice spoke from behind them. Sam and Dean turned to see a man with longish dark hair looking at them with an expression of boredom on his face, sitting leaned back in a chair with his feet propped up on the table in front of him.

"I'm not really sure what you mean." Sam said hesitantly, since it was obvious the man was directing his words at him because he was staring at his face.

"You don't look like you'd be a drummer is what I mean." the man stated.

"A drummer? I'm not a drummer. I never said I was." Sam replied, growing more confused by the moment. "We're here to-"

"That's right. I'm the drummer." Dean said, interrupting Sam. "Not him, he's my cousin, Sam. I'm Dean Malone."

"You don't…"Sam started to protest his brother's words, but Dean gave him a shut the hell up look, shaking his head once quickly.

"That's more like it." the woman spoke up again, looking Dean over.

They hadn't even really paid him much notice at first, assuming that Sam was who they were waiting for since he'd came in first.

"Well Dean, I'm Steve, I do the singing. The ice queen over there is our bass player, Kara, and the big-mouth prick in the corner is Caleb, our lead guitarist." the man leaning in the chair said in introduction.

"Nice to meet you Steve, Kara, Caleb." Dean replied, nodding to each of them as the man spoke.

"Charmed." Caleb muttered, looking at Dean with evident dislike.

"So Dean, you have much experience?" Steve asked.

"I played in a band back home for a couple of years, and have done it on and off since then." Dean replied.

"You good?"

"Very." Dean replied confidently.

"I bet." Caleb muttered; to which Steve shot him a look of annoyance.

"You ready for your audition then?" Steve asked.

"Right now?" Dean asked in surprise.

"We're playing tonight, and we don't have a drummer, so what better time than the present? That is, unless you have a problem with that?" Steve asked suspiciously.

"No. there's no problem." he answered quickly.

"Good, we go on in fifteen minutes. We're just playing covers for the time being until we get a solid group together. We play rock, alternative, and some of the older groups like Floyd and Zepplin every now and then for diversity. We like to please our crowd so we basically play whatever they want to hear."

"Hey, Dean, think I could talk to you over here for a minute?" Sam asked through gritted teeth.

"Later, Sam." Dean replied dismissively.

"No, not later, now!" Sam said heatedly, and, grabbing his brother by the arm, said, "Excuse me and the 'master drummer' here for a minute." pulled him to the corner away from the other people.

"Dean." Sam whispered angrily. "What the hell is going on?"

"The only way I could even talk to them was if I said I was a drummer, okay?" Dean replied angrily, jerking his arm away from Sam.

"But you're not a drummer, Dean. Did it not occur to you that if you came you'd actually have to play?" Sam asked.

"How the hell do you know what I can or can't do Sam? You were gone for a long time, remember? You think all I did was go out hunting with dad? That I didn't possibly have a life of my own too? So maybe I do know how to play the drums, Sammy. There's a lot you don't know about me, baby bro. Now shut the hell up and leave me alone."

"Well, I do know that the doctor said that you'd have to take it easy. You just got out of the hospital for God's sake!"

"We're about to go on, Dean?" Steve said. "So, are you coming?"

Looking at Sam for a moment, Dean actually thought about backing out. His brother was only worried about him, and Dean had to admit that he really didn't feel all that well, but if they wanted to find out what they could about the victims, they needed to get close to their friends. The only way to get close was by doing this.

"Yeah, I'm coming." he replied, and took his coat off, laying it in a chair, and followed the singer and bass player out; Caleb lingered behind for a moment.

Sam was staring angrily at his brother's back, but feeling someone's eyes on him, looked up to see Caleb, standing a few feet away, staring at him.

"What are you looking at?" Sam asked him angrily. "Shouldn't you be getting some practice in or something?"

"We don't have to practice." he stated, staring evenly at him. "You should really persuade your cousin from joining the band, Sam."

"I already tried." he replied, staring at Caleb with a confused look on his face. "Why would you tell me to do that though?" he asked suspiciously

"Caleb!" Kara called out, walking back into the room, looking at Sam with flat, emotionless green eyes. "Bring your ass on, we're ready to play."

"I'm coming." he replied, then as he was following her out the door, turned back to Sam and said quietly, "It's for his own good." and disappeared through the door.

What was that all about? Sam wondered. For his own good? Was Caleb threatening him, or was he warning him?

Sam's first impression of the tall man, with short dark hair was one of instant dislike. He eluded an air of cockiness and was rude to say the least, but he had seemed different when his fellow band members weren't in the room. Maybe Sam was just reading too much into it.

Sighing deeply, Sam walked out of the room to watch his brother make a fool of himself. Sam hadn't been around for a couple of years, that was true enough, but surely Dean would have mentioned at some point that he was playing in a band on one of the few occasions they had talked during that time.

Wouldn't he? No he wouldn't, Sam. He doesn't tell you anything. He evidently doesn't need you...

He found a seat at a table close to the stage and sat down, preparing to laugh at Dean when the time came. Normally, he might have acted in a more sensitive manner, but Dean had lied to him and was just being an all-over ass towards him. He planned to laugh hard and enjoy it.

They finished setting up, Dean positioned at the drum set, running his hand nervously through his short hair, and Steve walked up to the microphone.

The crowd in the club went crazy at seeing him and Sam looked around the room, and was shocked to see how many more people had arrived in the short time he and Dean had been in the back talking to the band.

"What's up, people?" Steve asked into the microphone. "Are you ready for Socket?"

They all screamed and, with a look of satisfaction on his face, the man spoke again, "Tonight we have someone new joining us, maybe temporarily, maybe not. You can help us decide. On this special occasion we're going to do something we haven't done in a while and let you, the fans, decide what we play. And if he can hang with us, we might just keep him. So that being said let me introduce you to Dean Malone." he pointed his hand flourishingly towards him.

Dean waved a drumstick in greeting and smiled.

"Oh god, he is so hot." Sam heard a woman say to her group of friends who were standing close to the stage, and they all quickly agreed. Sam rolled his eyes.

"Now, like I said, we want to play what you want to here. So don't be shy, just don't ask to hear anything lame." Steve said, staring out into the crowd. "And don't go easy on ole Dean here, because only the best drummer is worthy of us. So if he thinks it's him, let him prove it! What do you people want to hear?" he asked loudly into the mic.

People started yelling different requests out.

"Alter bridge!"

"Peal Jam!"

"Pink Floyd!"


"Okay you," Steve said, pointing at an attractive blonde. "You pick first."

"Play 'Blind' by Lifehouse." she requested.

"Hmmm. 'Blind' by Lifehouse? You got it." he replied, and, turning to look at the other band members and Dean, nodded his head. The guitar player started up.

Crap, Sam thought to himself. There's no way Dean can play that. All he listens to is old eighties rock. He probably doesn't even know who Lifehouse is.

Sam was wrong; apparently Dean did know who they were, because after only a few seconds he jumped right in. And, after messing up only once, he caught on to the beat easily.

"Holy shit." Sam said after they played several more songs, and his brother kept right in pace and everything with them.

The band was really good. The singer seemed to be able to switch his tone at will, and had awesome range.

The audience requested songs from different eras and the band just jumped right into each of them without hesitating.

The bass player and Dean perfectly complimented each other's playing, and Sam would go so far as to say that they had to be one of the best group of musicians he'd ever heard. Caleb was by far the best guitar player he'd heard in a long time.

It seemed eerie to him how at ease they were with just switching back and forth, playing songs from opposite sides of the spectrum.

Why were these people not already signed by some big record company? He wondered as they ended one song and went straight into playing "Velvet Revolver."

"Pretty good, aren't they?" he heard a female voice ask, and turned to see Cass was standing behind him, nodding her head along with the beat.

"That's an understatement." Sam replied.

"Mind if I have a seat?" she asked, pointing at an empty chair at the table he was occupying.

"Be my guest." he replied and she sat down beside him, watching the people onstage.

"Your cousin's sounds like he could be part of them already." she commented. "He's really good."

"Yeah, he is isn't he?" Sam replied. "And you know what? Until tonight, I never even had any idea he knew how to play drums."

"I guess you can't know everything about people. Then what fun would it be to discover these little surprises."

"Are they always this good?" he asked. "I mean, they haven't messed up once, and Steve can sing just about anything."

"Yep, they are always this good." she replied. "Only time I've ever heard them hit a sour note was when this other guy, Eric, I think his name was, was playing rhythm guitar with them for a bit. You should have seen the way Steve looked at him when he did it though. He looked like he could kill him right then and there if not for the people watching."

"What happened? Did they give him the boot?" Sam asked.

"Didn't get the chance too. He was attacked a little bit after that. Got mauled and chewed on by some kinda escaped animal from the zoo was the official report on it. When he was found the next day there wasn't a lot left to him." she replied, a bit of a disturbed look on his face.

"That sucks, did they ever find the animal?" he asked.

"Nope. It's actually still on the loose. Guess it has a sweet tooth for Socket though, because the three people that have been mauled to death were members of their little band."

"Do people not find that a bit odd?" he asked.

"Yeah, I suppose they do. So, is Dean going to join up with them?" she asked.

"Well, about an hour and a half ago, I would have said no, because I thought he was going to embarrass himself and them horribly when he went up there with them, but now? Who knows?" Sam answered with a shrug.

After looking indecisive for a moment, she spoke again, "Sam, I'm only going to tell you this once, so pay attention, because there would be some angry people if they found out I'd said this."

"Okay, I'm listening." he replied, turning his total attention to her.

"This might sound totally ridiculous to you, but, when people join that band they change." she said quickly.

"They change? Okay, I'll bite, how do they change?" he asked.

"They turn into totally different people. Kara's attractive, right?" she asked him from out of nowhere.

"Yeah, she's not too bad. So?"

"Up until a year ago Sam, that woman weighed twice as much, and had long blonde hair, with a major acne problem. Then suddenly after her and her brother joined Socket, she magically loses weight, gets good hair, and her acne problem clears right up."

"So, maybe she just decided to change herself for the better, there's nothing odd about that, people do it all the time."

"So you mean to tell me that it's normal to lose that much weight in less than a month?"

"Hmm? That is a bit odd, but still…"

"Kara and her brother were also less than mediocre players, then boom. They haven't hit not one sour note since. And it's not just the physical changes, Sam. She found her brother dead, well her and Steve did, in the woods behind the apartment they shared."

"Hold up a minute. Her brother was one of the victims?" Sam asked.

"Yes, he was the drummer your cousin is here to replace. I have a friend whose husband is on the police force, and she told me that he was the first to arrive on the scene after they received the 911 call. He said Steve and Kara were sitting on the couch watching MTV2, drinking coffee and eating sausage biscuits. It was as if finding your brother dead was a common occurrence to her by how she was reacting. She didn't even cry, Sam. And not even a day later they had already put an ad in the paper for his replacement."

"That isn't your typical way of showing grief, but maybe it's how she handles it. What about Mr. Personality?" He asked, nodding at Caleb. "What's his story?"

"Well, he's probably the only remaining member who has a heart for once. Tom, that's Kara's brother, was Caleb's best friend. He got Caleb in the band after the original guitar player was found dead, and it seemed more like they were the ones related, not Tom and Kara. When they found Tom dead, it almost killed Caleb. They'd been friends since they were babies, and he really felt as if he'd lost his brother. It was rough for a week or so afterwards. He went kinda loopy for a bit and even accused Steve of being the one who had caused Tom's death. He said he was going to quit the band I don't know how many times, and he hated Kara with a passion. Two days ago, he just up and calmed down, out of nowhere. Acts like nothing happened between them, but you can tell he still hates them, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. I think they must have threatened him or something to make him quit acting how he was." she finished.

"Did he develop super human playing ability too when he joined up? Like the woman and her brother?"

"Caleb was always a gifted guitarist, but even he messed up sometimes. Not any more though. So I guess the answer to your question is yes, he did."

"You sure know a lot about him. Are you a Caleb groupie?" Sam asked jokingly.

"He's my brother, stupid. He got me this job bar tendering to help pay for the medical school classes I take during the mornings." she answered huffily. "Why do men always jump to conclusions and open their mouths before they know anything? It is definitely a trait that makes them the more ignorant of the sexes."

"Oh, sorry then ma'am. I know women never would do anything like that. Wait, I'm wrong. Didn't you just jump to the conclusion earlier that I wasn't old enough to drink? So I guess that makes you fall into the ignorant category too." Sam said with a sarcastic smile.

"Okay, truce?" she asked with a smile, holding her hand out to shake.

"Truce." Sam said after a moment, and shook her hand.

"They're about to stop playing, so let me close in saying that I just think there's something going on in that band, and it must be big, because after Tom died I've never seen Caleb as scared as he was then. With all the deaths, it might not be the best thing for Dean to get involved with them." she finished, and stood up, giving him a smile, and walked away.

Yeah, well it does just as much good for you to tell him as me, Sam thought with a frown, watching her retreating figure.

The band was done and after much cheering and clapping Steve said into the mic, "Well boys and girls. I think we've found our new drummer. What do you think? Do you all like Dean as much as we do?"

They exploded into applause, yelling his name, making it very clear that they did indeed agree with the band.

"Well then there you have it Dean! Welcome to Socket!" he yelled, to which Dean stood up smiling and modestly took a little bow before sitting right back down.

Looking at his watch and seeing it was after one am, Sam wondered if the great drummer was planning on leaving anytime soon. He had a lot he wanted to tell him about what he'd learnt from Cass, but he was still extremely pissed at him too. Finally, about a half hour later, he saw him.

"Hey, Sammy," Dean said loudly, approaching where his brother sat.

"Dean." Sam said, nodding his head in reply, a stony expression on his face. "Decided to break away from your new friends long enough to talk to me?"

"I'm sorry about all that in the back, Sam. I should have told you what I had planned before we got here, but I knew you'd try and stop me from doing it."

"You're right. I would have, but I'm sure it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Since my opinions and thoughts are apparently not as important to you as yours are to me."

"No, that's not true, Sam. They are important, it's just that I'm not going to sit around and be treated like some damn invalid that everyone thinks they have to walk around on pins and needles. I'm not a child, Sam, and I'll be damned if I'll be treated like one by my baby brother, who could've cared less about me until recently if you want to be totally honest." Dean said in reply. "So back off!"

"Okay, Dean. I've had enough of your bullshit. I have always cared about you. I'm so tired of you saying I don't! If it weren't for you I wouldn't even be looking for dad. I put my whole life on hold for you because I didn't want you to have to do this alone. What do I get in return though? Nothing, except you constantly telling me to back off. I care about you, Dean, and I just don't want to see you hurt again, but since you have a different opinion of me, I'll tell you what, Mr. Badass, I don't need anyone but myself. After we finish this one, I'm gone. You want to keep running around doing stupid shit, endangering your life everyday, then fine. Do it, but I'm not going to help you anymore. You won't do anything I ask, ever. You make all the decisions without even bothering to let me in on what's going on. You don't care about what I think, so you can have it the way you like." Sam retorted heatedly then quickly told Dean what the woman had told him before he could say anything. "And now that you know that, Dean, I'll be going back to the hotel." he said, standing up and moving away from his brother.

"Sam. Wait a minute. I said I'm sorry." Dean said, walking quickly and grabbing his arm.

"You always say that, but then you just do the same shit again, Dean. You promised me back in Bradford that you would take things easy and let me handle the hard stuff. You lied. All you do is lie to me. You didn't tell me about your heart problem, so obviously I'm not considered important enough to know key things about you. For all I know, you could know where dad is, and just don't think I'm important enough to know that either. You sure do jump to his defense every time I say his name in a tone you think is inappropriate. You never even told me you could play the drums, Dean. Why you even came and got me to help you, I'll never know. You have never needed me, Dean, and you never will. I love you, but like I said, after this, I'm heading back home. Hey Cass! Can you give me a ride?" he called out to the blonde, who was preparing to leave. When she nodded, he walked away from his brother, saying over his shoulder, "Guess I'll see you sometime tomorrow if you decide to come to the room that is. If not, then I'll do some research in town and leave you a note with what I find out. Maybe you could do the same." and was gone.

Dean felt as if he'd been punched in the face.

Sam was going to leave him after this, and it was his own entire fault.

Maybe he was just blowing smoke.

No, his brother was serious; his tone and facial expressions had shown that much.

Looking back to where the rest of the band members stood talking to a group of people, he knew Sam was right, and maybe if he told them he had changed his mind, his brother would forgive him, because no matter what Sam thought. Dean did need him. He couldn't do this alone. And if Sam left him again, he was sure he'd never get him back. He'd lose the brother he'd tried so hard to keep with him over the past several months.

"Dean!" Steve called out, beckoning him to come closer. "Now on to the fun stuff buddy, the real initiation into the group." he announced when Dean reached them, and put his arm around his shoulders.

"Look man, it's late and I just got into town this afternoon, so I'm beat." Dean replied.

"Now, Dean." Kara said in her deep silky voice. "You're one of us now, so don't you think we at least deserve to give you a real welcome into the family?"

"It won't take long, Dean." Steve pressed. "It's just something we do as a tradition. So come on. We don't have to play again until the day after tomorrow and since we're so good that we don't have to practice. That will give you plenty of time to catch up on your beauty sleep."

"Not that you need any." Kara said, smiling seductively at him.

Normally, Dean would have found a woman that looks like her very attractive, but something seemed fake about her, and her actions repulsed him for some reason.

Trying to smile naturally he said, "Well, okay. I don't guess it could hurt anything. Just let me run to the bathroom real quick."

"We'll be waiting out front." Steve said, and they walked towards the exit as he went into the bathroom and locked the door.

His hands were shaking, and his chest where he'd been shot throbbed. He felt like shit, mentally and physically and would like nothing more than to just go back to Sam and his hotel room and curl up on his bed to sleep for about three days. Playing drums was not the best thing in the world for someone who had just been what he'd been through to do. It worked his chest muscles big time, and they protested every move he'd made.

Splashing cold water on his face, he stood up and looked in the mirror. He once again had dark circles around his eyes and his skin had a pale pallor to it. Sam was right, he was trying to do too much too soon, and after he went to hang with his new fellow band members tonight and found out what he could from them, he was going to tell them he'd changed his mind, and hopefully Sam would forgive him and not leave.

"Hey Dean!" he heard a voice say loudly, as they knocked on the door. "You coming?"

He looked in the mirror one last time, then sighed and opened the door, seeing Caleb leaning against the wall outside of it.

"Yeah, I'm coming, so lets move." he replied, and started walking towards the door.

"You alright, man?" the dark-haired guitarist asked when he almost tripped walking out the door.

"Yeah. There was just something on the floor there." Dean replied, and they went to the parking lot.

"Caleb, you ride with Dean and show him the way to the place." Steve ordered. The other man nodded, and got in the Impala with Dean.

Looking uneasily at the older of the Winchester brothers, Caleb felt guilt for what they were going to put him through tonight, but it was part of the initiation process and couldn't be helped. He supposed he could try and warn the young man, but automatically struck that thought when he recalled what Steve had promised he would do to his sister if he ever went against them again. And Caleb didn't particularly want to die like Tom and the others. So all he could do was just sit there and play along.

Thinking how shaky Dean had seemed after coming from the bathroom, he wondered if he was sick or something.

He hoped not, because even if it were only something minor, the initiation process would amplify it. He himself had learned that the hard way.

He'd went to Steve's house with a slight headache that night, and by the time they were through, he was in so much pain that he thought it was going to explode.

Oh well.