He was watching her again; his eyes drank in her appearance. Her luscious breasts rose up and down with calm breathing. Bite marks were all over her milky white body but only in areas where one would have to strip her of clothing from. He always did that, a habit of his giving love bites to her body only where he could see. A claim he liked to hold over her. She was just so delectable; he could feel the hunger start from within him again. She stirred in bed, shifting her position so her smooth back was only visible to him. Unable to resist any longer, he trailed his fingers through her hair silky raven hair, as if noticing she cuddled closer to his side. He looked out towards the window where the light was shining in from. It was so late, yet he couldn't go to sleep. 'Aeris' No he had to forget the name itself-- he couldn't torture himself any longer. With that thought in mind, the young albino haired man buried himself in a cocoon around his prized possession.


In a means to forget…--

Tifa stretched the next morning, the warm blanket drifting from her side. She looked around her. The young woman sighed; as usual he was never there with her in the morning. A cold feeling came into her, another day through forced appearances.

Tifa had grown to love and hate the night, where her partner would rain his affections upon her. But, during the day it was a different story, nobody would be even able to tell the relationship they held. In fact, he almost completely ignored her through out the day, unless it was for basic polite greetings. On some days he would be cruel to her, ignoring her and acting like she was nothing but a whore. And it was those days she dreaded, where she absolutely dreaded the choice she had made to continue behaving like this. Tifa would tell herself to control her feelings and show him a taste of his own medicine; however at night all would be forgotten and she would come running back to him. Just like a lovesick teenage girl. That she still was… It was humiliating, he would make her beg; make her forget why she wanted to stop in the first place. But in the end, she would feel the raw burn of humiliation while the lords above only knew what he felt.

That was the difference she supposed, while she loved him. He only felt lust for her, mere lust. Even that emotion itself was questionable. 'What you feel for Aeris can never be felt for me …'

Disgusted, she got off of bed, realizing she had already taken way too long immersing herself in her thoughts.

Tifa went into the shower and turned on the faucet, turned on the knobs for the water. The water came out and showering all over her body. The water heated her skin up and made it rosy in appearance. The heat of the water made the glass surrounding her shower fog up. Tifa felt safe and clean, and she wanted the moment to go on. But, the young woman knew she had responsibilities. So she picked up the pace, and hurried on with her shower. Ignoring the painfully obvious bite marks on her hips and breasts. 'Mine' Cloud growled nipping at the sensitive skin. The memory brought heat to her cheeks. Shaking her head, Tifa hurried out of the shower.

Tifa prepared herself to go downstairs. She would be near him again.

-FIN. ( for now atleast)