Ok. I started a new story cause I felt like I needed a break from 'For The Love Of It'. Don't worry it is still my main priority but it just seems that the chapters aren't turning out very well. So this is like a story off to the side that I just started today. Hope you like it.

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Summery: Kagome and Inuyasha are going to get married because their parents want to merge companies. Thing is that Inuyasha is King of the Preps with Kikyo as his girlfriend. Kagome on the other hand is leader of the punks and school outcast with some admirers. Can they survive? And Kikyo isn't too pleased with Kagome for getting her man.

Inuyasha: 19

As Kagome rode to school Monday morning on her motorcycle her mind was still muddling over what had happened that weekend. She was still pissed at her parents for deciding to put her through this ordeal.

As she reached the school she slowly started to slow down her bike. She wished for nothing more than to just drive right past it going 100 mph. with only herself and the wind in her hair. Sadly she knew that would never happen. Being the leader of the 'Outcasts' she knew had to keep the peace...and terrorize the preps.

She parked her bike next to a black bike with purple flames. Her's was black and had a red pattern that made it looked as if someone had been murdered beside the bike. She had chosen the blood splatter pattern because it was like everyone had flames on their bikes these days.

"Hey Kagome." called Miroku, the owner of the purple bike. "How was your weekend, honey bunckins?" he teased. He had started calling her that when he found out about her secret love for honey on a toasted bun. So for 6 years he had been calling her that.

"Miroku, I'm 18. Cut it out!" Kagome screamed.

"My." he said putting a hand over his heart and faking a tear. "I never thought my true love, my soul mate," he dropped his act. "Would be a total bitch."

Kagome smiled. "Thanks. I needed a pick-me-up."

"Anytime." Miroku said. "So how bad was your weekend?"

"Terrible. Words can not begin to describe the horrors."

"That bad?"

"Worse. I'll tell you the story when Sango gets here. I lived the nightmare once, I don't need to tell it twice. And Miroku, when I tell you two NO ONE is to find out. Got it?"

"Yes your Bitchiness!" Miroku saluted Kagome as if he was in the army.

Kagome saluted him back. Then they both cracked up and fell on the ground holding their stomachs while they laughed their asses off. When ever someone stopped and started at them for a while Kagome simple gave them the middle finger and then they took off running. She was intimating and she knew it.

Fifteen minutes later Sango came riding up on her bike. (It's exactly likw Miroku's but with blue flames instead of purple. I know lots of stories have Sango wearing pink BUT I SAY NO PINK! It reminds me of the pink room. Sorry that'd from For The Love Of It.) She parked next to Kagome and walked over to where the two were laying on the ground. She plunked down beside them and greeted them with a simple "Yo.'"

Kagome and Miroku "Yo'd" back.

"How was your weekend monk?" Sango asked.

Miroku quickly slapped his hand over her mouth. No one in the whole school knew that he was a monk, Kagome was a miko, and that Sango was a demon slayer. Half the high school was made up of demons and hanyous, and if they knew that Kagome, Sango and himself had the ability to kill them, well let's say there are worse things than death.

"Fine, but now that you're here Kagome can tell us the story."

"What story?"

"The story of her weekend."

They turned their heads towards Kagome.

Kagome took a breath and prepared herself to tell the story.

Hope you like it.

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