Title: beautifulgarbage

Author: Modern-Insomniac1138

Pairing/Character: Logan, OC, hints of LoVe, V/D and Logan/Lilly

Word Count: 1,905

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Logan's adventures in therapy. Season 2.

Disclaimer: Rob Thomas, the creator, owns Veronica Mars. I am merely a fan. Lauren Dohring, the wife, owns Jason Dohring (Logan). I am merely his mistress. lol. j/k... really I am! Also, beautifulgarbage is the album title of the band Garbage's 2001 album. The chapters' titles are also the titles to the songs on the album. At the beginning of each chapter there is a sample of the songs' lyrics, which I do not own. I do not own the album, the songs, the lyrics, or the band, but Shirley Manson kicks major ass.

I dreamt that I called out your name

You turned your face to me and started to say

Something so beautiful it hurt deep inside

So I will love you till the day that I die

One Month Later

"Dr. Audrey Barton's office, please hold." Zoe says coolly into the phone. "I'm sorry but Dr. Barton's completely booked that whole week. I'm sorry... okay, bye."

"Ah, hello Zoe." a familiar deep male voice says casually as she hangs up the phone.

Zoe immediately starts to tense up. "Oh, hi Logan. You're really early today."

"Yeah, well, I just wanted to catch up on the newest issue of In Style magazine before my session with Audrey. Well Zoe, don't you look pretty today. Did you cut your hair?" Logan asks sweetly as he takes a seat in the waiting room.

"Oh, yeah, I got it trimmed." she spits out nervously

"Cool, it looks good on you."

"Tha...thanks." she manages to stutter out.

"So, when is Doc Hollywood gonna see me?"

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Um... she'll be able to see you right after her client's session is over. So... probably in about ten minutes."

"Fuck, well, at least I'll know how Julia Roberts' is doing lately besides making crappy romantic comedies. Hm... I wonder where Benjamin Bratt is these days."

"Julia Roberts does not make crappy romantic comedies." Zoe says defensively.

"Yeah, well, you say London, I say France."

"Well, I hope I don't have to see anyone's underpants." a voice says, which interrupts them. Zoe and Logan both look up.

"Hey Zoe, Hi Logan."

"Hi Dr. Barton." Zoe greets warmly.

"Hey Audrey, I thought you were busy with another client." Logan says as he starts to stand up.

"Yeah, well, my other client decided to cut it short today because of this thing she had to attend. I think she said the words Tupperware and party. Wow, scary thought."

"You're telling me." Logan mumbles.

"Okay, well, come on in." Audrey says as he leads him into her office. "Logan, you know the drill."

"Yeah, I know." Logan mumbles as he lies down on the all too familiar black, leather couch that he normally occupies during his therapy sessions.

"So, where were we?" Audrey asks as she takes a seat in the chair across from him, and picks up her notebook and pen.

"Um... we were talking about my fifth birthday."

"Okay, so tell me about your fifth birthday. Tell me about who was there, what happened, and so on."

"Audrey, darling, I was meaning to ask you something first."

"All right Logan." she says slightly amused at Logan's childish behavior.

"Okay, so are therapists supposed to be interested in birthday parties, and shit like that? Do therapists get out much? Like, do you have actual friends? Also..." Logan starts as Audrey rolls her eyes. Every week, Logan seems to have a new question that Audrey just has to answer as if the fate of the world depended on it.

Audrey shakes her head in amusement as Logan starts going on and on about therapists and social lives for about five minutes.

"... and on a third note, why do..." Logan says before Audrey interrupts him.

"Logan, can we just move on with our session, already?"

"Alright, but I was just about to talk about therapists and if they party as hard as the Hiltons, and believe me, I've met 'em. Nicky's more conservative, but Paris can shake what her momma gave her. Ah, good times, good times."

"Okay, I would rather Paris not shake anything. Anyways, back to the actual therapy session. Logan, tell me about your fifth birthday."

"Hm... do you want to know before or after I got beat up by my bastard father?" Logan asks smiling weakly.

"Logan, please be serious." Audrey scolds.

"Fine, fine, mom. Okay, so it was my fifth birthday. I, uh, I woke up, got dressed, and went downstairs for breakfast. I expected the works. I expected balloons, pancakes, and all that stupid crap. I remember going into the kitchen and waiting for everyone to yell, 'Happy Birthday', but instead I get a silent welcome. There's nobody, but the maids there. I start to think, hey, everyone went out and is preparing a surprise party for me. Later that night I find out that everyone forgot my birthday. So I threw a soccer ball at the window. Well, I got a birthday present after all. I got a scolding from my mom. I got a cut lip, broken arm, and black eye from my dad, and a verbal beating from Trina. Yeah, my fifth birthday was a hoot. Raise the roof. Raise the roof." he says bitterly.

"Logan, that sounds terrible. Why did your parents forget your birthday?" Audrey asks as she starts writing in her notebook.

"Well, because they were busy with a new movie that my dad was going to star in. It was called 'Night of Doom'. Night of fucking Doom? You know how much that movie made in the box office?"

"I don't know, what?"

"What's five thousand times ten?"

"Fifty thousand."

"Ding, ding, right answer! Give this lady a toaster or something! Yeah, well, Gigli made more than that, I think, and you know what I get? I get another black eye. I get a fucking black eye for some stupid B-rated film that my genius dad signed up for!" Logan shouts angrily as he shoots up from the couch and starts pacing.

"Logan, maybe you have to view this from your father's point of view. Maybe he was just frustrated about the movie bombing and that's why he took all of his anger, pain, resentment, ect. on you." Audrey reasons.

"Yeah, right, and I'm the Easter bunny." Logan says sarcastically.

"Well, with that shirt that you're wearing, I sort of got you two mixed up." Audrey teases.

"Totally not the right moment to crack a joke, Dr. B. It's just that, that bastard abused me. He hit me whenever he felt like it. I mean I was a royal pain the ass, but the way he beat me, he made it sound like I was just as bad as freakin' Damien from the Omen!"

"Logan, is that why you started acting the part? Did you get the feeling that since your dad thought you were such an awful kid, that you should be an awful kid?"

"Where are you getting at?"

"I'm saying that maybe the reason you're such an obnoxious jackass sometimes, is because that's what your father thought you were, and maybe you thought that since that's what your father thought you were, then that's who you were gonna be. You hide your self-doubt and insecurities by picking on lesser others. It makes you feel better about yourself. It makes you feel in charge. It makes you feel how your father felt when he beat you. It makes you feel powerful." Audrey says as Logan looks at her in awe.

"Uh, Logan?"

"Wow, you were so right before. You don't need to look or pretend to be good at your job, you are good at your job."

"Grazie, well back to what I was saying..." she starts before there's a knock on the door. Audrey sighs.


The door slowly opens and Zoe peeks in. "Uh, Dr. Barton?"

"Yes, Zoe?"

"There's a call for you on line two. It's Andy. He said that if you're busy, you don't have to answer. He just wanted to call and tell you that he can't make it for dinner tonight and that he's sorry. He says that he'll call you later and reschedule if he can." Zoe says.

"Oh, well I'll talk to him now. Thanks Zoe."

"Your welcome." Zoe says as she closes the door.

Audrey sighs in disappointment as she walks over to her phone on her desk to take the call. "Excuse me." she mumbles to Logan before she picks up the phone. Logan carefully observes and listens carefully.

"Hi sweetie... I'm sorry that you can't come home tonight... I really miss you. How about we get some coffee tomorrow? Oh, you're busy... how about coffee next week, then? Is that okay for you? Okay, coffee it is. Oh honey, I'm with a client, can I call you later? Okay, talk to you later. I love you, bye." she says before she hangs up. She slowly walks over to the chair that she was previously sitting in.

"Sorry about that. Where were we, again?" Audrey asks as she picks up her notebook and pen again.

"Well, we were on the subject on my asshole-ness, but who's Andy?"

"It's non of your business."

"C'mon Dr. B, you know I'm your favorite client. Who is it? Tell me."

"Logan, you are extremely nosey and annoying today and it is really starting to piss me off." Audrey snaps angrily.

"Ouch, sorry. So, I take it this "Andy" guy was supposed to have dinner with you tonight? Did he flake out or something?"

"It's nothing of your concern, Logan. Now, let's get on with our session."

"We can't." Logan says knowingly.

"And why not?" Audrey asks tiredly.

"Because our session is over." Logan says as he waves the watch on his wrist in front of her.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Well, see you next week Logan. Good-bye." she says.

"Okay, bye Audrey. Say hi to Andy for me, will ya?" Logan asks teasingly.

"Good-bye Logan." she says as she motions for him to leave.

"Alright, alright." Logan says as he leaves.

Once Logan leaves, Audrey smiles weakly as she gets up and walks toward her desk. She, then, sits in the chair behind the cluttered desk and opens up a drawer. In it there's a picture of a young man, who looks to be in his early twenties. She starts staring at it for a few more moments, before she closes the drawer shut. Audrey buries her head in her hands and starts to rub her eyes in frustration.

Author's Notes: Thanks for reading. I know it's been a long wait, but I've had a severe case of writer's block. Well, thanks to all my fans! Here, Nikki, gah! All you do in school is ask about this damn story, well, here it is! lol. Oh, and if y'all didn't already know, grazie is Italian for thank you. Well, please review!