Chapter 1: Land of the Dead

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A large flame burst from the ground, and from it walked out Satin, Lucifer, the Devil himself. Verona, Marishka, and Aleera cowered in fear, but bravely stepped forward all the same.

" Please, allow us to return. The Monster lives! Our children still have a chance." they cried out in unity.

" Silence!" the Devil boomed.

The brides of Dracula stepped backward, screeching in anger and fear, behind their Master.

Satin lowered his voice, but he still was not calm.

" You failed me." He hissed. " Why should I grant you live again! Why, hmm? WHY?"

Count Vladislaus Dracula cleared his throat , not once showing evidence of fear.

" As my brides said." he began, Satin giving a quick disgusted glance at the brides, " The Frankenstein Monster lives. We still have a chance to bring our children to life."

" Think about it..." he said, stepping forward. " The entire world, begging you for mercy. Begging us for mercy."

Satin chewed this over for a moment. Worked it out. Thought of the consequences. How could this man and his three teary brides possibly carry out his plan? Then he thought about how they had been so close before. But they had been stopped. By a certain "Van Helsing". That was it. Van Helsing. He had to be taken care of.

" Fine." the Devil sneered. " You can return to the land of the living."

The brides leaped up for joy.

" On one condition. Van Helsing."

All four vampires began to glower at the sound of that name.

" Kill him."

The brides turned to Dracula, and let their fangs slide down. Then they glanced at Satin.

" With pleasure." they whispered, Marishka and Aleera cackling.

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