Chapter: 6

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Eliment2000: I made Marishka that way because of the way she died, and how Dracula said he would simply replace her. She was the first to die, so perhaps that would make her feel useless. Also, in 'Memories', she was tormented that she was not loved by Dracula, and that she would never see her children live. That was another thing: she died before the children were brought to life.

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Verona stood as Vladislaus made his plans against Gabriel. She could not believe she had ever loved that man. How did it happen? She smiled lovingly at Vladislaus. He would always be her love. No matter how many brides he took. She glanced at Aleera, who quickly turned away. Aleera had been staring at her. But why? What was she thinking? Verona turned her gaze back to Vladislaus. Surely she did not still think that she was the only one he loved? In truth, he really did not love any of us, she thought. In life he had truly loved her, but in death, she could not be sure. She glanced at Marishka. So much sorrow. Marishka looked delighted at the moment, but she knew that inside her heart ached to matter. She knew that in her own heart, she too ached for the same. Things were so much different now. Vladislaus, Marishka, Aleera, and herself had always felt invincible. But now the possibility of death would now forever loom over them, a giant plague threatening their very being. All because of Gabriel. Why did you have to kill him Gabriel, she cried out silently. None of this would have ever happened. She alone would be married to Vladislaus. She would be dead, in heaven, to continue her love for Vladislaus, instead of in this disgusting wasteland. Everything would have been different. She would have had children. She would have never lived to feel the pain of another woman, even worse, two other women. Everything would have been different. Now Gabriel had to pay for what he did to her. He had every right to be angry, but he had no right to kill Vladislaus. No right.


Finally, I shall give a reason for my writers block. I will not go into major detail, for it is personal, but I would just like people to know the reason for the lack of updates. I think it's important to let your readers know what's going on: In February, my father was placed in the hospital from pneumonia. No big deal, right? Wrong. During one of the scans, they discovered a blood clot in his lung. But they could not deal with it until the pneumonia was gone, so they sent him home for about a week. He went back, they did some sort of surgical procedure, with collapsing the lung and all that stuff. Then he recuperated, and all was good, he came home. I was able to write the portion above, and then stopped because it was getting late at night. The next morning, I awoke to sirens. He couldn't breathe. Yeah, nightmare. I couldn't go with him because I wasn't dressed yet, so I was home alone all day to dwell. I was too anxious to write. Phone calls wouldn't go through, so I didn't know what was going on all day. Turned out to be another blood clot, and within another hour that morning, he would have died. Obviously, almost losing your father isn't the best inspiration when your writing a story where a daughter is plotting to kill her father.