Author: Jadelyn Ja Lee

Story: Through Her Eyes

Disclaimer: I own no one. Don't sue!

Time Frame: During Beginnings, Part One & Beginnings, Part Two

Summary: She may not have been a ranger, but that didn't mean she didn't care. Power Rangers SPD.

Author Notes: Okay, my "sister" BashfulC has been writing fics on for a while now and I've just started to post mine because she blackmailed me. In fact, I got blackmailed into posting this when I accidentally left the rough draft on my desk and she found it. That said, I hope you enjoy.

On a side note, BashfulC has been having some personal issues as of late and hasn't updated a lot of her stuff so if you're waiting, please be patient.

Z:Why do the nuts of the world always seem to find you?
Jack: Just lucky, I guess. Beginnings, Part One

She wasn't a stalker.

She wasn't a Troobian.

She wasn't a ranger.

She was simply a fellow cadet who had come to respect them.

AJ Roberts sat in the commissary, munching quietly at her chicken as she watched the B squad sitting a few tables away. Cadet Bridge Carson was happily buttering his toast. Her eyes twinkled, knowing that any second he would pronounce it "buttery enough."

"There. Do you want some perfectly, buttery toast?" he asked Sydney Drew, wiggling his fingers. AJ smiled. Close enough. Sydney shook her head, just as AJ knew she would, and stabbed her salad. AJ mentally counted to ten and then grinned when Schuyler Tate, the third member of B squad, opened his mouth. Right on schedule.

"How can you eat that? It's rabbit food." He commented. AJ smirked when Syd stuck her tongue out at him. Looking down at her own tray, she grinned when the fashion conscience blonde and the by-the-book brunette began arguing the merits of meatloaf to salad. They did this every day. No matter what either one of them chose to eat, they would find something to argue about. AJ snuck a glance at the butter-lover and caught his gaze. He gave her a knowing look and she blushed. Bridge was the only one who seemed to know that she kept tabs on them. Shrugging, she gave him a wry grin and stood up. She always left the moment she got caught watching them.

After dumping her tray, she left the commissary and headed towards the training room. She knew that the three of them had a training session with Dr. Manx right after lunch and she wanted to get her data work finished before they showed up.

"Hello Lieutenant." Dr. Manx acknowledged her. AJ nodded back and went to the science terminal. Placing her data pad on the consol, she began to transfer data. Just as the computer beeped to inform her the transfer was finished, the door opened to admit B Squad. AJ hid a smile when she saw Sky and Syd were still arguing. Bridge wandered over.

"Hello." He said simply. AJ raised an eyebrow and grabbed her data pad. Nodding to him, she went over to Dr. Manx who was speaking with Boom.

"Dr., permission to go back to my quarters to complete my work?" she asked politely. Dr. Manx gave her a nod and a smile.

"Permission granted, Lieutenant Roberts." She replied, looking up to give her a smile. Smiling back, she said goodbye to Boom and left.

Once back in her room, she began working on the biophysical problems assigned to her. She was the only SPD lieutenant on earth who specialized in the biophysical and the biopsychological aspects of rangering so she worked mostly alone. Dr. Manx supervised all her class work and she trained with the cadets but she was something of a loner.

She had given up on the chance to be a ranger on KO-35 a few years before so her twin brother JD could. SPD regulations didn't allow siblings to be rangers on the same planet or at the same time. Besides, like she told her dad, she enjoyed helping Dr. Manx. When her father had still objected, her favorite uncle had stepped in and got him to see reason. Well….kinda. AJ still chuckled whenever she remembered her father's expression when her uncle Billy had argued that being in the background was just as important as being in the front lines. Of course, her uncle Billy had purposely slipped into technobabble and her father, despite his PhD, had had no idea what Uncle Billy had been talking about but knew he had just been lectured.

An hour later she had finished half of her work and had decided to take a break. She stepped out of her room and immediate jumped out of the way as A squad walked by. They were morphed and heading to the vehicle bay.

Shaking her head, she went back to her room. If A squad was geared up, it was safer in there.

Later that night, AJ walked into the commissary to find it buzzing. Smiling in mild confusion, she grabbed a tray and waited in line for the synthetron.

"Did you hear? Cruger made B Squad rangers!" AJ frowned at the two girls in front of her. One was a known gossip who worked in command central. The room suddenly went quiet as the doors opened to admit Sky, Bridge, and Syd. AJ watched in amusement as Sky ignored the gawking cadets and grabbed a tray, somewhat angrily. Syd, on the other hand, soaked up the attention, flashing everyone a big smile. Bridge…AJ shook her head. Bridge seemed oblivious as he spoke to a C squad cadet before grabbing a tray. AJ turned back to the girls in front of her as the two new rangers came to stand behind her.

"I can't believe Cruger made those…those…street thieves' rangers. They're not even cadets! And making that annoying twit red ranger!" Sky fumed quietly. AJ raised an eyebrow. Well this is new.

Seeing it was her turn, she stepped up and pressed a few buttons on the machine. When nothing happened, she tried again.

"Oh brother!" she muttered. She set her tray aside and pried the protective sheet off to show the insides. She groaned. Three of the wires were smoking and a large metal piece was melted. She had no idea what any of them were, but she knew that couldn't be good.

"Lieutenant, is something the matter?"the impatient voice of Sky asked. AJ sighed and stepped aside so he could see the mess inside the synthetron.

"It's down again. Cadet." She added belatedly. Sky frowned while the cadets waiting behind him and Bridge groaned. Shrugging, she put her tray back and headed out the door.

"Hey! Aren't you going to eat?" Bridge asked her. She turned back to him and smiled.

"No offense to SPD and Mishel, but I can't stand some of the alien dishes he serves. I'll just order take-out." She told him. Syd suddenly perked up.

"What are you going to have?" she asked curiously. AJ shrugged.

"Probably Chinese. Or I could call for Mexican. Depends on when I get back." She told her. Syd eyes shined.

"Would you mind if I joined you? I don't like the alien dishes much either and I would really like to order out but I've hit my limit for the month." She admitted. AJ hid a smile. That wasn't unusual. All the cadets and lieutenants could only order out five times every two months and have it paid for by SPD. It was no secret on base that Syd had a habit of hitting her limit really quickly. She nodded.

"Sure. Not a problem." She told her. Syd smiled happily and handed her tray to the cleaner. Bridge stepped forward.

"Would you two mind if I joined you? I still have one more take out left." He explained. Syd shrugged and AJ nodded.

"I don't see why not. You're paying for yourself." AJ replied. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sky glance at Syd and Bridge, to the now smoking synthetron, and then back at thethree of them. She smiled.

"Would you like to join us as well, Cadet Tate?" she offered, knowing he would never invite himself. Syd and Bridge turned to Sky expectantly and he nodded in agreement.

"Very well." He told her, putting his tray away. Hiding another smile, she led the way to the take-out terminal. After quickly agreeing on Chinese, Bridge and AJ each ordered two meals since Sky had hit his limit as well. Once the food arrived, they headed to the common areas and sat down to eat. AJ rolled her eyes at the gawking the other cadets were doing. Seeing one young cadet staring at Sky open mouthed, she chuckled.

"Ya know, if you keep your mouth open like that you're going to swallow flies and you don't look like an amphibian to me." She commented teasingly. The cadet snapped her mouth shut with a snap, blushing. Syd and Bridge laughed, Sky just rolled his eyes. Winking at the young cadet, she went back to her fried rice.