Author: Jadelyn Ja Lee

Story: Through Her Eyes

Disclaimer: I own no one.

Time Frame: Post Endings 1 & 2

Summary: AJ's father was the greatest ranger ever….now she's taking on the mantle he gave up. Power Rangers SPD. COMPLETE!

Author Notes: See end notes.

SPD, Emergency! Jack, Sky, Bridge, Z, Syd, Cruger, AJ, JD, Kat
January 1, 2028

Sky looked around at the decorated park with a small smile. Two years of dating and one very annoying-but-defeated-evil-dictator had come down to this.

His and Aimee's wedding day.

They were at the gazebo, the place they had originally admitted they were interested in each other. Of course, they hadn't been at all direct about it and neither had an inkling they had been talking about each other, but it still held a special place in their hearts. He was standing just at the entrance, in front of three hundred chairs in which sat three hundred family members and lots and lots of friends, who were, as far as Aimee was concerned, also family.

Behind him stood Commander Cruger, who as head of earth's SPD, was licensed to perform the ceremony. Next to the commander were Sky's best man, Bridge, and his four groomsmen, Jack, JD, Boom, and his step-dad Michael.

"Sky, she's coming." Bridge whispered quietly to his team leader. Sky looked to where the blue ranger had motioned and saw an old fashioned white carriage approaching, pulled by four white stallions. The horse and carriage idea had been Zoe's and Aimee had been thrilled when they actually found one reminiscent of the Cinderella carriage. Sky could just make out Tommy driving, with Caleb and Dylan standing on the back as the footmen.

Everyone hastened to take their places as the carriage slowed to a stop in front of the rose lined aisle in between the chairs. With a grace that belied his age, Tommy hopped to the ground, quickly smoothed his black and green tux and then stood at attention as Caleb and Dylan hurried to position. Dylan opened the carriage door and Caleb held his hand out for the first bridesmaid, Camryn.

Instead of going with tradition and having the same dress for each bridesmaid as her mother had wanted, Aimee had put her foot down and let the girls choose there own dresses. Now seeing his soon-to-be sister-in-law in a gorgeous, pale purple dress that was entirely too grown up for her, he was glad she had. However, he did have to restrain himself from glaring at all the ogling boys in the audience.

As Camryn, grinning from ear to ear, walked down the aisle, her older sister Zoe was helped out of the carriage by Caleb, dressed in a blue dress similar to Camryn's. She locked eyes with Sky and gave him a look that told him if he hurt her sister there would be hell to pay. He smiled knowingly at the nearly eighteen year old. She rolled her eyes but smiled.

It was Sky's turn to smile slightly when Sydney stepped out of the carriage andgrinned down the aisle, past Sky to Jack, her husband of nearly a year. Syd's gown was two fold: she wore a very pale pink strapless under gown dress that clung to her body and showed off a fair bit of cleavage and a nice view of her butt. Over it was a silk crimson bell sleeve over dress that tied just under her breast. Just barely visible were crimson and pink lined strappy heals that took her six weeks to find in New Tech.

Behind him he could hear Bridge's breath catch when Z, helped by Dylan, stepped from the carriage. It took very little to understand why once Sky saw the yellow ranger's dress. It was a faint yellow silk and clung to her body like a second skin. The top had a dark green silk scarf on the right shoulder that hung down her back but the dress was otherwise strapless. The skirt fell down from her waist like a waterfall and green embroidered butterflies on the waist enhanced her thin figure.

Sky grinned when Aimee's maid of honor Katherine Manx was helped out of the carriage by both of her soon-to-be step-sons. She was wearing a simple but traditional Felinian black and white dress. Sky smirked slightly when he saw Tommy swallow heavily when Kat quickly glanced back at him. Once the five women were lined up across from the men on the gazebo, everyone fixed there gazes solely on the carriage door.

Sky's breath caught as AJ stepped into view. Her hair had been left down but curled into large ringlets that were kept tame by a circlet of silver leaves with faux diamond roses studded throughout that sat snugly on her head, with the veil hanging down her back. The dress, however, was what completely stunned him.

The top was held up with nothing but a single deep silver ribbon that wound its way from the top of the left side of the dress to wrap around her throat. Hanging from the place where the ribbon connected with itself was a silver crescent moon with a diamond star.

The dress itself was a pure white and besides the ribbon, was strapless and clung to her body in a way that showed off just enough cleavage to make him swallow. Just below her breasts was a silver one inch-ribbon that added a touch of elegance that only enhanced her beauty. On her feet were silver heals that had ribbons criss-crossing up her ankles. The train wasn't very long but that didn't bother him. In her hands was a bouquet of white roses with the six center ones dyed blue.

After a stunned moment, Tommy stepped forward and offered his hand. Aimee smiled brightly at her father and gladly accepted it as her brothers arranged the train behind her. Once satisfied, she allowed her father to walk her down the aisle, knowing her brothers would be remaining with the carriage.

As she locked eyes with Sky, the past flashed through her mind like a film and she knew it was doing the same for Sky. It seemed like only a few seconds between her stepping from the carriage and her standing in front of the love of her life. As she and Sky stepped up the gazebo steps to stand in front of Commander Cruger, she felt Sky squeeze her hand. Smiling, she squeezed back as Cruger cleared his throat.

"Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, you are here today to witness the joining of Schuyler Troy Tate and Aimee Josephine Oliver in holy matrimony…"

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