A/N: This story was fun to write and at first i wasn't going to place it in my second x-men series but after finishing the sereies and still wanting to do alot of things I found that by placing this story in the sereies I could do everything I wanted to do and more. Anyway, This first chater is a long awaited chapter for me to write, I've put it off several times and one of my friends got made at me becuase of it. So with out further adu, her is Chapter one intitled, The Wedding.

By the way, If you see text that is bold and in italics then the words are being spoke telepathically(with the mind) If the words are in italics and underlined then the conversation is taking place over a radio or a com-link.


Theressa was in her room with her bridal party which consisted of most of the mansion's inhabitants. Jean was fixing Theressa's hair, curling it a bit here and there and then placing her vale and crown on her head as she slipped into her strapless, diamond laced form fitting dress and white high heal shoes. Storm was doing Theressa's make up which felt weird because Theressa hadn't worn it very often. The last time that she remembered wearing make up was when she married Chris and that had been forever ago. While Jean and Storm aided Theressa in getting ready for the big day, Andi, Mian, Chelsea and Stephanie donned the blue sleeveless, form fitting dresses, matching shoes, sapphire necklaces and small crowns.

"Mom, will I have to call Warren, dad?" Andi asked once she was dressed and Storm had finished with Theressa's makeup and was moving on to Stephanie, who was the last to need makeup.

"Andi, Come sit by me." Theressa said hitting the bed she sat on as Andi walked to her mother and sat down next to her, "Why don't you like Warren? Is there something you know that I don't or is it just the fact that you think he's replacing daddy?"

At the mention of Chris, Jean and Storm took Mian, Chelsea and Stephanie into another room so mother and daughter could have privacy. Mian decided to leave because she actually like Warren and didn't see why Andi didn't. Besides Mian had all ready talked with her mother about the wedding a week ago and now it was Andi's turn. When the door shut Theressa looked at Andi whose head was cast down.

"Andi, sweet heart look at me."

Andi reluctantly looked at her mother with tears in her eyes that were unwilling to fall because she didn't want to mess up her makeup.

"Andi, why don't you like warren?"

"All right! I admit it I don't like him because I'm afraid you're trying to replace daddy."

"Honey, I could never replace daddy and I thought you knew that. I loved your father with al my heart, soul and mind and when he died so did I. That's one reason why I left like I did. I was trying to find that part of me that had died but I didn't find it there. Ironically, once I came back and settled in I found what I had been searching for in Warren. He makes me happy, Andrea and I just hope that he can be the kind of father Chris never got the chance to be. In answer to your question, no you do not have to call him dad. You can call him any thing as long as it is polite. He respects you Michael and Mian enough to wait until you are ready."

Just then someone knocked three times.

"Come in Dad." Theressa said standing up as Wolverine walked into the room.

"How'd you know it was me?" He asked handing Theressa a bouquet of roses.

"Logan, you're the only one who knocks three times around here." Theressa said pausing and then added, "Come to think of it you're the only one who knocks around here."

"Andi, Storm told me to tell you to go to Jean and Scott's room. Their almost ready to head down."

"All right. I'll see you later mom."

Andrea, think about what I said. Theressa said telepathically as Andi left the room.

All right. I'll respect him but that doesn't mean I'll like him.

Far enough.

"You ready Kid?" Wolverine asked holding his arm out to escort her down to the grounds of the Xavier estate. Warren and Theressa had decided to have the wedding on the estate since it was beautiful country side and no one else was planning on using it.

"Yeah, Angel sends these flowers?" Theressa asked when she didn't see a card.

"Yeah he sent you the flowers." Logan lied. In all truth Warren was so nervous that he'd forgotten about the flowers, so Wolverine had to go into town to by a 12 roses and give them to Theressa, saying Angel sent them. Theressa grabbed her father's arm and walked into the hall way and into the elevator. Once in the back of the mansion, Theressa and Wolverine had to walk a little bit to get to the wedding site.

"You cleaned up well." Theressa joked looking at her father's new tux and white rose in the pocket. His hair was still in the same style but he looked good all the same.

"Well, I am going to a wedding, Theressa. What didn't you think your old man could look this good?" Wolverine asked stopping at an archway that had red, blue, yellow, and white flowers wrapped around them. Jean, Storm, Andi, Mian, Chelsea and Stephanie were in front of Theressa sort of hiding her from Angel's view.

The music started and everyone was surprised, except Warren and Theressa, because they thought more classical music would be playing. Instead, Celine Dion's Because you love me began and once she began to sing, the minister came out followed by, Michael, Beast, Scott, Xavier, who had a chip on his shoulder that would allow him to go anywhere, Nethogent and finally Angel.

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I'll be forever thankful baby
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through it all

Then the brides maids walked down the isle and looked at the people sitting in the audience. Generation X, lead by Banshee had shown up as had Warren's uncle and older sister who was a mutant as well although Theressa didn't know what she was capable of doing. Spiderman was there even though the had met briefly on a mission to save his fiancé he felt that he should be there to support Theressa just the same. Stephanie's parents and brother were also there but other than that it was a rather small wedding but Theressa didn't care because she was marring the man she loved. As everyone stood up, Theressa and Logan walked down the isle. Theressa listened to the song and thought it perfect for the wedding.

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

Theressa now stood at second flower covered archway with Angel and began to sing the second verse of the song to him.

"You gave me wings and made me fly You touched my hand I could touch the sky .I lost my faith, you gave it back to me. You said no star was out of reach You stood by me and I stood tall. I had your love I had it all. I'm grateful for each day you gave me. Maybe I don't know that much. But I know this much is true. I was blessed because I was loved by you."

Warren listened to Theressa' beautiful voice and joined in on the rest of the song.

"You were my strength when I was weak. You were my voice when I couldn't speak . You were my eyes when I couldn't see. You saw the best there was in me. Lifted me up when I couldn't reach. You gave me faith 'coz you believed. I'm everything I am because you loved me

"You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
You've been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you

"You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me"

The audience clapped as the minister began the wedding by asking,

"Who here gives this woman to this man?"

"I do." Logan said kissing his daughter on the cheek, passing her flowers to Jean and placing Theressa's hands in Angel's and added,"you take care of her. If you break her heart, I will hunt you down and claw your eyes out."

Everyone laughed but also knew that Wolverine would be the man to do exactly what he said if forced to do so. After that Logan sat down next to Stephanie's dad and watched his oldest daughter get married once more.

"Before we move to the vows," The minister said, "Theressa and Warren have chosen to light a single white candle in remembrance of Christopher Ryan Knight who died a few years back."

Theressa picked up a lighter as Warren held the candle by the silver holder and waited for Theressa to light the candle. A few tears fell from Theressa's face as she took the old wedding ring off and placed it around the candle and then lit it and Angel and Theressa placed the candle in it's silver holder on the table by the minister.

"Theressa and Angel are now going to say a few words to each other." The minister said and Theressa began to talk.

"When I first met you I was afraid of relationships and of getting hurt again. I had hurt some one I loved before and didn't want it to happen again. So I went into a shell where I knew I was safe but I wasn't happy. I desperately wanted someone to love me as Chris once did but like I said I was afraid. Somehow, someway you knew I was the one for you and so you stayed by my side until the time came where I would decide to take your hand and say that you're my man. When that happened, you healed a wound with in me. A wound that not even my dad could fix and it was a wound that hurt when the wind blew passed. I will love you for all of time because of that. I love you, Warren."

Warren smiled as he held Theressa's hand and saw tears falling down her face but her scare was a bright blue. He didn't know every color of her emotions yet but he knew enough to know that she was very, very happy and the tears she was shedding were tears of joy. Warren took a breath and said, "Wow I don't know how I'm gong to follow that!" The crowd laughed and Theressa hit him gently on the shoulder as he continued,

"When I first saw you, I thought you were the most beautiful woman in the whole universe. I knew from the moment our gazes met that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Then when I tried to get to know you, you refused and kept me at arms length and your dad didn't like me much either. He thought I was taking you away from him and all I wanted to do was to get to know you more and like you, maybe even love you. I soon found out that something had happened to your previous husband, so I stepped back for awhile and allowed you to come to me when it was time. When I thought I was going to lose you the day they transferred Xavier from your mind to the hologram he is now, I made my final move. I went in that room with the mind set that if you didn't like me the way I felt you did, and then I was going to leave. Turns out you did see that you loved me just as I loved you and here we are on our way to spending the rest of our lives together and I wouldn't change it for the world. I love you with all my heart as well Theressa."

"Do you have the rings?" The minister asked Warren, who turned to Scott and claimed the rings, "Warren do you promise to take Theressa Knight to be your wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health till death do you part?"

"I do." Warren said smiling as he placed the ring on Theressa's finger.

"Theressa Knight, Do you promise to love honor cherish, Warren Worthington III, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health till death do you part?"

"You bet I do!" Theressa exclaimed slipping Warren's ring on his finger. The crowd laughed at Theressa's response and understood why it was full of enthusiasm.

"Then by the power of the Lord our God, I now Pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." The minister said as Warren, who had no shirt on due to his wings, wrapped his arm around Theressa's waist, brought her close to him and kissed her romantically. When the kiss was over the minister said, "I give you Mr. and Mrs. Warren Worthington III." At that moment Warren scooped his wife into his arms and flew away into the evening sky.

A/N: i do not own Celine Dion's Because you love me. I used this song becuase it fits Theressa and Warren's relationship perfectly. All the times theressa was pushing Warren away he still stood by her and wasn't going anywhere without her. and singing down the isle is somethiong i would like to do at my wedding but I doubt I'll actually do it. Tell me what you think.