Chapter 1: Team Kiwi

Now as the group appeared in the ice realm, Jeremy says into his calm link. "Ok we don't have much time, so let's do what we always do and deactivate that tower. The tower is right in front of you, but on my scanners there are a few Krabs around it as well."

"No sweat," Odd replied. "Just download our vehicles and we will be there in no time."

"Doing just that," Einstein of the team answers as the three vehicles appeared in front of them and Aelita got on the hover board and they took off.

After a small time of crossing the icy land, on Jeremy's computer three red signals appeared as he says. "Watch out behind you, three Hornets are coming."

Ulrich looks behind him to see the three flying pest. "I will handle them, you two get Aelita to the tower."

"Good luck Ulrich," Yumi replied as Ulrich turns around and heads right at the Hornets as the other two speed towards the tower.

As they continue to head towards the tower, Jeremy says. "Hurry up, we are running out of time."

"We are doing our best, this is getting pretty hard," Odd replies as they see the Krabs in front of them, shooting their lasers at the group.

"Where is Ulrich?" Yumi asks.

"He should be there shortly," Jeremy said as the screen shows two more red signs. "You have to be kidding, now two Mega-Tanks are aiming right at you."

They look to see they are surrounded by three Krabs and two Mega-Tanks. "We should have expected this to be harder than usual, but that just means more target practice."

"Remember to protect Aelita, we can't do this without her," Yumi reminds the crazy teammate.

"I know, but it isn't going to be easy."

Just then, the Mega-Tanks fire as the two were able to dodge, but their vehicles were hit.

"Laser-Arrow!" Odd yells as he shoots and hits the target, blowing up the target as Yumi is blowing the laser fire from the Krabs. Then she throws her fans, it hits one of them but the other one misses as they both return.

"Nah nah, can't hit me," Odd gloats as the creatures focus on him.

"Hurry to the tower Aelita, we can take it from here," The Goth girl tells her pink hair friend as she nods and heads off.

Then she throws her fan once again and destroys the other Krab but the third one fires at Odd and hits as the Tank aims right at the cat teammate.

"This is going to hurt," He calls out as out of nowhere, three Ulrich's surround the Tank as one of them yells out.

"Impact!" Then jumps and slams his sword into the eye, then jumps back as it is destroyed. "Don't tell me you started without me."

"Stop gloating already Ulrich," Yumi replies as they all focus on the last Krab, which is getting a bit nervous from five to one.

"Laser-Arrow!" Odd cries out once again as he fires three arrows and destroys the last creature and Aelita makes it into the tower.

"I hope we have made it in time," Jeremy points out as in the tower, Aelita makes it to the top platform and puts in the code LYOKO. Then the screens around the tower fall as the announcer says.

"And the winners, by a close point five seconds are, Team Kiwi!"

Then you see on the large screen Team Kiwi, Winners!

The audience cheers with signs saying Go Team Kiwi and We love you Team Kiwi, as across the room the other team comes out of their pods looking annoyed at their lost.

Then the winners come out of their pods as they all walk up to the front and take their bow. The cheers and applauds only grow from it as the announcer continues. "Because of this Victory, Team Kiwi is now heading to the Lyoko World Finals with the other four top teams in the world."

Again, the audience cheers.

Now back at Yumi's home, there is a large celebration in their honor with a large banner that says, Congratulations, Team Kiwi!

The group is resting on the couch, drinking in celebration as Odd says, "See, told you that Kiwi would be a great name for our team."

"Well, I can't believe how fast we have gone up in the ranks. Soon we will be taking on Team Shadow, Team Project, Team Hyper, and Team Sin. If we want to take the Championship, we are going to need to train a lot harder," Ulrich points out.

"Ulrich is right, I have looked up the stats on the other teams. They are going to be really tough to beat." Jeremy adds.

"Well, with you as the Controller, Aelita as the Deactivator and the rest of us as Body Guards. We should be alright." Yumi reassures her team.

"But we still have a few weeks before we head to the Lyoko Championships, so we will train everyday after school for an hour and we should be ready," The team's Controller instructs as they all agree.

"We are representing our school in this and yet we still have to do our homework, does anyone else feel like we are being cheated?" Odd asks.

"There is nothing we can do about it," Yumi replies. "So we need to put that behind us and focus on the match."

"Oh well, couldn't help but try."

"But for now, let's enjoy this party. It is in our honor after all," Aelita points out.

"You don't have to tell me twice, I'm ready to show off my dance moods," Odd replies, as he gets off the couch and starts break dancing.

The rest of his team looks at him with a confused look on their faces as Jeremy holds out his hand to Aelita. His cheeks grow a little red as he asks. "Would you like to dance Aelita?"

Her face grows a little red as well as she takes his hand and replies. "I would love to."

They walk off as Ulrich looks at his Goth teammate, he was about to say something, but William from their rival team, Team Dark at their school, comes up to her and says. "You were great out their today Yumi."

"Thanks," She replied, but Ulrich comes between them and points out.

"Yumi, it's not a good idea to talk to the rival team."

"Come on Ulrich, our school aren't playing each other at the moment. Your team won fair and square and I just came over to complement Yumi, I know if she was on my team, Team Dark would defiantly be the one representing our school in the Lyoko Championship," Will replies as he holds out his hand. "And also ask Yumi if she would like to dance with me."

She accepts his hand and answers. "I would like that."

They walk off as Ulrich's hand tightens into a fist.

Why did he have to show up? I was just about to ask her!

He thinks as he sees Odd pulled off by his girlfriend Sam, so he just sits back down on the couch. That was, until he hears a voice behind him. "Hello Ulrich dear, I loved how you took out that Mega-Tank today. And taking on all of those Hornets by yourself was so very brave of you."

He then looks behind him to see Sissy looking down at him. "Oh, hey Sissy."

She pouts as she sits down next to him. "Come on, is that the way to treat someone that admires your skills?"

He rubs his eyes. "Sorry, I'm just not in the mood right now."

"Then let's dance, I could request they play the new Sub-Sonic CD I brought with me." She says as she holds out a CD case for him to see.

He then looks at Yumi who is dancing with William and replies. "Sure, that sounds like a great idea."

Then they both get up as Yumi sees Ulrich walk off with Sissy.

Strange, why is Ulrich with Sissy?

She thinks as she continues to dance with Will.

To Be Continue

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