It had been a normal day at the lab. I walked into the break room to get my assignment. Everyone had already left on different assignments, which surprised me. Then, as I walked in, my supervisor said one of the last things I expected him to.

"Sara, you're with me today. We're going to go process a 419. It's out of town, so we may not be back for a while. I'd suggest packing some things before we go."

I froze. Grissom and I- out of town- together? The words ran through my mind and I just nodded when I finally registered what was going on.

"Y-Yeah, okay," I sounded like an idiot. I walked to my car, though I had just arrived at the lab. I got into my car and headed home.

I packed quickly. I was overly excited. I packed the essentials and started loading everything into my car, when my cell phone rang.

"Grissom? Uh, hey. What? Really? Uh…okay," I was in shock. I hung up. He was coming to pick me up in half an hour. Grissom; picking me up; I couldn't believe it.

I put everything near the door, including my kit. I sat, waiting patiently for at least twenty minutes. I was ready. I was relieved when I heard a horn honk outside.

I walked over to the door and opened it, things already in my arms. Grissom was waiting in his Denali, and he came out to help me with my things. Grissom- Help me with my things; it was like a big dream. But if it was, I sure hoped I wouldn't wake up.

We drove to the scene. Grissom explained that the officers were already at the scene, waiting for them. I was tired, but I refused to sleep. I wasn't going to fall asleep, not now. But, unfortunately for me, I did fall asleep.

I woke up a few hours later. "Grissom?" I asked running a hand through my hair.

"We're almost there," he said looking over at her and smiling. "Feeling better?"

I nodded. "Yeah, as a matter of fact."

"Good, we're going to have a long shift."

And then it was back to business. I sighed as we drove for about another forty-five minutes. We approached a forest-like area and got out of the car.

"Where's the scene?" I asked, getting out my kit.

"It's up a little ways. Maybe about a mile or so," Grissom replied, getting out his kit as well.

I sighed. "Great."

We jumped over a large rock and I looked around. It was quite beautiful- the trees were big and strong and the many plants growing around the area made it quite colorful. I smiled to myself as my wandered to other places…


The record playing in my mind ripped. I looked up at my boss.

"This way," he said pointing ahead of him. I nodded. I was a bit embarrassed, but he pretended not to notice- that made me feel good.

We went a little further until Grissom stopped. "Huh…" he said looking around.

I stopped as well. "What?" I asked.

"I don't remember this area when I came down here last year."

I stared at him.

"I had another case in this area a while ago."

I nodded. "So…we're lost?"

"No, we're not lost."

Heh, that's just like a guy. Stubborn to the bitter end, and he says I'm stubborn. I smiled as I dug my heel firmly into the ground and put my kit down, crossing my arms. My kit had grown rather heavy in the last hour we had been wandering around.

"Just admit it, Gris- we're lost."

He refused to believe it.

"We'll make it there soon."

I believed him. I picked my kit up and walked behind him, stepping around plants and over rocks on my way.

"Grissom, we're lost."

It had been two hours now. Grissom hung his head in defeat.

"Alright, let's try and call the officers so they can come get us," he said.

I grabbed my cell phone and pushed in the numbers as Grissom recited them for me.

"No signal," I sighed.

Grissom sighed. "Well, let's wait. Someone's bound to come and find us eventually."

I nodded. We sat down on two rocks that were next to each other. I put my kit down by Grissom's and rested my head in my hands. We waited, and we waited some more. It was starting to get pretty dark.

I sighed, breaking the silence. "Grissom, no one's coming. We should head back."

He shook his head. "The case is our first priority. We'll go as soon as we're done processing—"

His voice was cut off by a crack. We both stared at each other. I raised my hands in front of me to signify that it wasn't me. He nodded.

He then noticed where the sound was coming from. His eyes were now looking directly under the rocks we were sitting on. I moved my eyes to see what he was staring at. I saw what it was.

The ground that the rock I was sitting on now had a large crack in it. My body and mind were a bit slow, and so I completely forgot that below us was a steep creek with high currents running through it at high speeds.

I noticed the ground around Grissom's rock was now just as unstable as mine. I pointed to it, but before I could tell him verbally, we both fell down and tumbled into the water. Well, I tumbled into the water.

Grissom was smart enough to grab the edge before he fell. The last thing I remembered was Grissom extending his hand to mine before the strong currents swept me away. I felt a throbbing pain in my head before I passed out.