Control the children of earth. Don't own DBZ in any way shape or form, but must control the children of earth.

Author's Note:

I couldn't go very long without having an actual multi-part story to write a plot to. I'll still keep up with the joke things, but I needed something more challenging to me. I don't know a real time that I have this set in, it's sort of out of the timeline I think, but hey, I'm using my artistic license here. I like comments! I really do! Tell me if you interested in where I am going with this. Or give me constructive criticism. I don't care, just respond! (Boy do I sound desperate.) Anyway, here you go!

Outbreak: Weird Science (part 1)

The small clearing held a beauty that also influenced the rest of the forest. Ancient hard wood trees made way for sparse green sprigs of grass and a small crop of boulders. Each of the five large sandstone's were buried halfway or more below the earth's surface. Two of the said stones pressed firmly against a solid rock wall. The cratered surface of the wall had several crevices, the largest of which was approximately two hands taller than the average man. This cave began with a somewhat narrow entrance and made a cozy little cavern that was maybe ten feet in diameter.

At least, the occupant of this cave thought it was cozy. A pallet of sorts at one side served as a bed and the rest of the area was large enough to keep one self entertained when the weather was unfavorable. Not that a little rain would stop a dragon, but Iciris was partial to sunny days. The stout little fellow looked sorrowfully at the world outside of his cave and whined softly. Today was not a sunny day.

He had discovered by trial and error that his little boy friend was not allowed to play on rainy days. The she animal that spoke loudly to his friend would not let him come. She called him Gohan. Iciris believed this she animal was Gohan's mother. In any case, she would not let Gohan go out on rainy days and would not let Iciris come there on ANY day. Iciris whined again.

A rustling in the bushes beneath the closest stand of trees caused the poor little dragon to just about jump out of his scales. A second more insistent rattling gave way to a head of spiky black hair popping through the foliage. A body covered in an orange karate GI and soaked completely through soon followed. The figure looked from the down pouring heavens towards the cave entrance tensed its muscles, then made a mad dash for the opening. The spiky haired invader whipped past the little dragon before coming to a halt inside the cave, dripping water everywhere and hugging himself to keep warm.

If Icicris had had the ability to smile, he would have then. This invader was very welcome in his cave. This he animal had found this home for Iciris. He was Gohan's father, Goku. The purple dragon waddled over to stand infront of Goku and began covering the shivering man's face in wet, warm, slobbery dragon kisses. Goku smiled and began laughing, but made no effort to stop Icicris's welcoming party.

The sayien, still laughing, exclaimed, "Iciris, it's good to see you too boy!"

Goku then reached into a belt pouch that Iciris hadn't noticed before and pulled out a capsule. "Gohan couldn't get Chi Chi to let him out of studying, so he asked me to bring this to you. He says you don't like rainy days and I can't blame you. It's so cold out there!"

With a shiver to mark his statement, Goku clicked the capsule button and tossed it onto the floor. With a poof of smoke, a little mechanical, thing, popped out. It was made of a shinny chrome type substance and stood about two-foot tall. Basically it was a pole mounted to a sturdy platform with a hydraulic arm attached near the middle. In the little robot's hand was grasped a stick. Iciris studied it up and down. What was the thing for? He whined at Goku.

Goku shrugged. "Gohan said it was a stick throwing thing. He didn't say it like that, but you get the point. He had Bulma make it for you. I guess what you are supposed to do is yelp at it and the thing will throw the stick for you. But not too far because you're inside the cave."

The stout dragon studied the contraption a moment longer before deciding that trying couldn't hurt. He let loose with a sort of dog like bark and a light at the top of the main pole flashed on. A mechanical voice intoned 'Fetch boy' and the stick was launched into the air. Iciris was to stunned to do as the robot commanded, but that wasn't a problem since Goku caught the stick instead. The tinny voice returned, this time to command that the stick be dropped at it's base. Goku did this as well. Iciris watched in wonder as the mechanical arm reached down and picked it up before the light turned off once more.

"See, it's easy." Goku said with his classic smile.

He patted Iciris on the snout, to which the young dragon purred, and told him that he had to be getting back. "Chi Chi will attack with a frying pan again if I don't get home soon, or worse yet, threaten me with no supper!"

Leaving the dragon with one last pat to the snout and the strange chrome contraption, Goku walked back towards the entrance. Looking at the falling condensation with disdain, he hurled himself into the elements. Wrapping arms tightly around his midriff once more, Goku set off at a quick trot though the forest. No sense in flying when you were this close to home.

As he broke through the trees into the next clearing he quickened his pace. His home was just ahead and that meant food and out of the elements. Goku dashed through the front door and stood dripping yet more water onto the kitchen floor. His son and his wife looked up from their duties. Which meant, Gohan looked at him from his books and Chi Chi turned to him from her cooking.

Chi Chi glanced at him and tsked. Turning her head purposefully back to her cooking, the woman spoke with ice in her voice. Goku began to think perhaps that it was warmer outside. "I hope your happy Son Goku. Going out into the rain for no good reason, if you get sick don't you dare blame me Goku! And don't look at me that way, I know you have never come down with anything before, but there is a first for everything." Turning to face her husband, Chi Chi continued in a softer tone. "Goku, I worry you know. I heard on the news that there has been an outbreak of some new disease. No body knows what causes it. I don't want to find out its caused by being cold and wet just because you went out into a rain storm. I can't have you bringing anything like that home to our little Gohan either. Try to stay out of the rain next time Goku."

"Yes dear."

Chi Chi smiled broadly. "Good. Now go upstairs and put on something dry. You won't be eating at MY table soaking wet."

And Goku did. The smells wafting from kettles on the stove could have drove him mad. Only a true idiot would miss Chi Chi's cooking over wet clothing.

It's short. I know. Sorry. It's also late, and I'm beyond typing any more. I'll make the other parts longer.