I really hope you don't think I can think up a cute little guy like Gohan and an entire universe for him. I hate to disappoint those who do, but I can't, and I haven't!

Author's Note:

Last part, finally! The real world came howling and barking out of its cage recently, and I had to beat it back in there with a stick before I could return to my happy little DBZ fandom. Sorry everyone. Anyway, this is my short sweet rap up to Outbreak. I'm glad you all seemed to enjoy it, and I'm glad that no one commented on my inability to spell Saiyen the same way twice (Well, I might have, but I don't think it's the right way ^_^) Tell me what you thought of it, give me constructive criticism! I have a few ideas bouncing around my head for another series; an I need opinions on this one to straighten those out. Opps, ranted to long. Read and enjoy!

Outbreak: Weird Science (part 11) Cause I can't end on an even number like Chelsee can.

Rocks shown brightly in the mid-day sun. A sparkle and a bubble could be seen and heard every few moments on the near by stream. Birds fluttered a sang their respective songs amongst the trees and bushes. A light breeze ruffled some feathers and leaves alike while carrying soft summer scents in its currents. This was a perfect day.

Well, almost perfect. He was stuck inside, that just about ruined the whole sensation. Except that he could still smell the scents and feel the warmth of a ray of sun beating down on his tail. But for heavens sake, why wouldn't she let him go outside? After all, Gohan could go out today. He had stopped by with his father on the way to the swimming hole.

No, Iciris had to stay inside and… clean. Didn't she realize that cleaning was very difficult given his bodies natural proportions? Stubby arms for one thing and lack of a thumb for another.

"Iciris, if you don't straighten up your pallet, you will never get out of this cave!"

The young dragon shot as close to a dirty look as he could muster at the overbearing monitor. This woman was expecting miracles! He let out a defiant snort and made his way to the cave entrance, where he laid down with noes outside. He had to admit, the cave wasn't so lonely with Neela around, but Gohan was far more fun to play with.

"Iciris, dear, ignoring me will only hold you up longer."

The little fellow snorted in disgust and proceeded to wag his tail in a disgruntled manner. Neela had only just adopted his cave as her new computer terminal a week ago, and he was already discovering what kinds of mood swings women could really have. Honestly, a dragon cleaning, of all the silly thoughts.

The distinctive woosh of the monitor told Iciris of Neela being right behind him, that and the interesting phrases that were popping from her. They weren't of any language he had ever heard, but he was fairly sure they were non-repeatable. Then she spluttered out something he could understand. "How DARE you ignore me! You get your Little Purple BUTT over here RIGHT now and straighten up your PALLET!"

A glint of shinning metal caught Iciris's eye during her tirade. An almost evil thought bloomed in his head. No, he couldn't do that to Neela. He listened as her yelling took on words he wasn't so sure a young dragon should hear. Ok, maybe he could do that to Neela. "BrrrYelp!"

"Fetch boy."



Iciris turned to see a very startled Neela staring at the stick-throwing contraption. There was an interesting, if small, dent in the side of the monitor. He very loudly purred his amusement to her. Neela turned to Iciris and glared. "Now your going to get it."

With that, a small jolt of electricity sprang from the monitor and hit the dragon square in his forehead. He yelped his surprise. Then he noticed a strangely crazy type gleam coming into Neela's eyes. "Oh, you wanna play? Play with this!" She released another jolt of electricity into him. The purple dragon turned and ran out of the cave where he took flight. Neela was on his tail laughing playfully. Iciris purred out his approval as they disappeared over a near by hill.


'Now where could he be.' The child thought. 'I saw him swim that way…YES!' The target was spotted. Hiding behind a rock, and the cover would have worked had Gohan been coming at this from the other direction. Instead his prey looked about the area suspecting a frontal attack. A smile tilted Gohan's lips towards his eyes. 'I'm gonna win this time Dad.'

With that thought, he swam in for the attack. He needed a quick battle plan for this. How could he get his dad to go to the surface first? Ahha, bingo. The feet drifted about unprotected. The target had ticklish feet. The smile broadened into something like an evil grin. The boy swam in closer, until his prey's weak point was within reach. Without warning, he reached out and began ruthlessly tickling them.

A burst of bubbles exploded from his father's mouth and the Saiyen thrust his feet about wildly. He made a choking action, one that happens when you try to laugh under water. Suddenly he took off towards the surface. Gohan watched the spiky head break surface. Victory. Time to finish the job.

The half Saiyen aimed for a point of the surface a few feet infront of his father and swam madly for it. He broke surface, took a deep breath, and tackled his father back to the water's depths. Goku regained his wits quickly and straightened himself out under the water. He smiled his classic smile and reached out to begin tickling Gohan under the ribs. The boy struggled, snickered, giggled, and finally made a break for the surface once more.

Goku came up just behind his son, laughing just as hard as the boy was. "Hey you two, mind if I join the game today?"

The two Son's looked up and were both stunned into silence. Chi Chi stood there in a bathing suite with her hair down and a big smile. Goku being Goku, was the first to recover. "Sure!" he laughed. "But watch out for Gohan, he's into attacking feet today."

"Oh really," Chi Chi snickered. She dove into the water and came up just short of the two 'boys'. "Then he doesn't know that your really ticklish right around… here!"

Chi Chi dove at her husband and began a tickling motion around his ribs, much like what he had been doing to Gohan. The Saiyen giggled and snickered as his wife tickled him. Gohan threw back his head and roared with laughter. Life was good, and sanity was rare. Best to enjoy both while you have them.

Ok, ok, I have NO idea if Goku really is ticklish (I seem to like that word right now) but it suited the type of scene I was going for. So there is the wrap up to my somewhat cut off story. Sorry, still a beginner writer here. Give me a few more chances and maybe I'll figure out how NOT to cut off a story. And thank you all for sticking with me through this. I know that it is a tired out subject, Gohan getting kidnapped and Gohan going insane, but I had to get it out of my system. I don't guarantee I'm completely over it either… Anyhow, until the next story/epic/ just-plain-post, I hope everyone enjoyed!