Note: Like the majority of my stories, this fanfic will involve a Yaoi relationship. That is to say, two boys together in that way. This story may also contain violence, language, or suggestive scenes. If you don't approve of that sort of thing, tough cookies, that's how I like to write. I love dark themes.

Disclaimer: If this world was of my own creation, then this wouldn't be on a fanfiction website, now would it? I just enjoy torturing the creations of the great J.K.Rowling.

You also may want to note that while this takes place during Harry's 6th year at Hogwarts, it is an AU and does not follow the storyline of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Anyways on to the story….

The Most Beautiful Sound



Ron, Hermione, and I were there that day, when it happened. When they made the attack on Hogsmeade. Of course they would attack then. Plenty of kids to maim and terrorize. Why would they pass up a chance like that?

The Death Eaters were merciless. I watched as they murdered our classmates right in front of us. I saw Parvati Patil and her twin sister Padma fall side by side. They killed Colin Creevey as he ran out of Zonko's in search of his little brother. Ernie MacMillan got caught outside the Three Broomsticks. He fought like a hero that day – it took three Death Eaters to finally bring him down. More victims of the Avada Kedavra curse, of the Dark Lord's followers.

Ron, 'Mione, and I, along with the broken remains of the D.A., had set up next to the road that led back onto the school grounds. We were defending the younger students, covering them while the other 6th and 7th years herded them back to the school. I remember I sent a body-bind spell at Macnair, then a stunner over towards Lucius Malfoy.

Then I spotted Bellatrix Lestrange. Sirius' cousin. His murderer.

I know Ron and Hermione called after me as I ran, yelled my name. I didn't care. I didn't listen. I was so angry, I could hardly think straight. All that mattered was that I get to her and kill her. Kill her, because she killed Sirius. She murdered my godfather.

Before I realized what I was doing, I was running after her, screaming any spell or curse that popped into my head. She was laughing at me, laughing as she ran, throwing spells back at me as I chased her through the village. I remember her laughter clearly. I can remember each and every sound of that day.

Screams, everywhere, all around me. Spells crackling through the air as they rushed past. The roar of the flames that enveloped the majority of the buildings. But always, around me, the screams. Screams of pain and fear. I'll always remember the sounds of that battle. If I forget everything else, I'll still remember those sounds.

I saw the jet of yellow light let loose from Bellatrix's wand. She was laughing maniacally the whole time. I turned my face away, trying to duck the spell. The curse missed my eyes. I'm not sure if that's what her target was or not. Either way, the yellow light hit me on the side of my head, right on my ear.

Merlin, it hurt. It hurt worse than anything I'd ever felt before. The pain surpassed even that of the Cruciatus. The blinding pain lanced through my skull, and the world spun as I collapsed. I heard someone – myself – scream horribly, and then there was nothing. No sound at all. Vaguely, I thought what a blessing the sudden silence was. My head still pounding with sharp explosions of pain, I crawled to my knees.

A pair of feet stood in front of me, and I looked up to find Bellatrix standing over me, wand leveled directly at my face, sick, black triumph etched all over her own face. I saw her mouth the words, "Goodbye, Potter," but no sound escaped her lips. She raised her wand to finish me off.

Very suddenly a shot of red light flew soundlessly from over my shoulder, striking Bellatrix full in the chest and knocking her to the ground. I looked behind me to see Professors Dumbledore and Snape. The headmaster had his wand raised, fury lining his face. I supposed it was he who had stunned Bellatrix. I stood slowly as the headmaster and Potions professor came over to me. My knees buckled, and I would have fallen had Snape not caught me first.

He held me tightly, but gently, and I sagged back into his strong arms. Part of my mind was wondering dazedly why I was allowing myself to be held in the arms of my most hated teacher, and wondering even more about why he was holding me like this in the first place. The other half of my mind was much more preoccupied with the agony still piercing through my head.

I felt Snape's lips move next to my ear as he spoke, but I didn't hear what he said. He waited a moment, then he turned me around so I was facing him, though he didn't let go of his hold on me. For that I was grateful – I doubted I could have stood on my own. He actually looked concerned. He said something. I didn't hear a sound. Frowning, he waited, then spoke again, and only then did it finally hit me.

Oh, did it hit me.

"Sir, I can't hear you." I felt my lips form the words, but there was utter silence. No sound reached my ears.

Snape's brow furrowed, and his lips moved soundlessly again. My eyes widening, I started to panic. "Sir, I can't hear what you're saying. I can't hear anything!"

I was deaf…


End Chapter 1

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