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Hard and precise a sword came down upon her, the blow shaking through her body as Lillian forced her blade to meet his, deflecting the crushing blow that had been aimed to kill her, steadying herself, Lillian found the strength to push the attacker back just enough to swing low, slicing his mid-section and sending him crashing to the ground which lay soaked with his blood.

Looking around she saw several more coming her way, and her fellow comrades not far off, each still fighting to stay alive. their armor bloodied from the assault, though only a couple woads lay dead on the ground. Glancing around Lillian saw that their efforts proved to be doing little to the number of warriors that had emerged. A scream from behind caused the young woman to turn quickly around, eyes wide in alarm as her sword interlocked with that of her enemy. The mans sapphire eyes filled with a rage that fueled his attack, struggling Lillian tried to keep her ground. An evil grin donned his dirty painted face and as uncertainty filled Lillian's core.

The woad proved faster then she thought and Lillian found herself spinning away as the knife he kept hidden in his free hand sliced at her arm, tearing her flesh. The cut turning her faded armor crimson. Instinctively her free hand went for her wound, it wasn't bad but enough to sting and send pain through the arm. Wincing slightly Lillian readied herself to fight on.

Then just as quickly as the assault started it ended, as Lillian readied her attack the warrior raced for the trees followed quickly by the others. Confused Lillian kept her guard up, unsure of what would happen next, whether the assault was actually over or if another attack was in the works. Stepping back, sword at the ready Lillian took a quick look behind her, and was thrilled to find that the others were ok. Blood still donned their armor and weapons and skin but still alive and not seriously injured.

"We should go before they return. We must tell Arthur what has happened." Raoul cautiously sheathed his sword and went for his horse, his eyes constantly returning to the tree line and for the enemy that disappeared within it. "hurry" he shouted causing the others to race to their steeds and rush for hadrians wall.

"How many did you say there were?" Arthur asked after the knights finished the debriefing. Concern, curiosity and what Lillian believed to be uncertainty filled the war worn man making him look older then he truly was. Silently he had paced the infirmary as his knights were bandaged, listening closely to their story.

"no less then twenty. And that was just the ones we could see and fight, no telling how many were in the trees launching the arrows at us." Raoul replied running his fingers through his hair contemplating the number and wondering just how many had in fact lingered behind the veil of wood and leaves. "They caught us off guard Arthur. The only warning we had was when the arrow reached axel." Raoul added pointing to the knight he spoke of who lay not far off, a woman bandaging his wound as best she could while smiling bashfully to the injured man she aided.

Raoul had found himself lucky enough to escape with nothing more then a few bruises and minor scratches where as other received more serious of wounds. Grabbing the washcloth nearby Raoul carefully washed lillians arm. The injury, obviously not life threatening but the thought that she had been injured angered him. The angle at which the knife had cut her lower arm spanned from just above the elbow then down around her forearm.

She had tried to argue as politely as possible that she could manage the injury herself but the man insisted on aiding her and Lillian, knowing that he probably blamed himself for their injuries obliged reluctantly. Brushing a few strands behind her ear Lillian smiled to him before looking back to Arthur who still paced the room arms crossed and hand caressing his chin thoughtfully

"Looks like you got the excitement you wished for Commander." Lancelot's voice broke the momentary silence.

"Not now Lancelot." Arthur replied quietly knowing all to well what may happen should Lancelot's mouth run away with him.

Cauis, who had remained at a distance from the injured men and women had listened to their story and found little interest in it at all. His eyes flashed coldly to Lancelot who stared back just as hard. Lillian's eyes flashed worriedly to both men, if they had been at their own post, Lillian was sure Lancelot would have been 'dealt' with by now as only Cauis knows how. Her Roman commander never aloud any of them to address him with such disreguard and direspect and Lillian knew the rage that must be boiling inside Cauis' veins as he held his tongue and bit back the words he had for the dark haired knight. Lillian watched as the staring contest continued before finally Cauis turned his back on the man, smiling briefly at the smug look that donned Lancelots face at his minor victory.

"There all better." Raoul replied finishing the final wrapping around her lower arm. His sad sea green eyes lingering on her briefly before returning his attention to his commander. "They didn't attack like they usually do, they were….it was like they were toying with us Arthur. It didn't make sense."

"Few things make sense when it comes to war my friend." Arthur replied fingers tracing his chin as he contemplated the days events. "We will send a group to the area and have a look around, see if there is anything that may explain what happened. Lancelot," Arthur's voice still deep in thought as he summoned his dark haired knight forward. "Gather some men and see what you can find at that field."

"Very well." With a bow the man accepted his task and, turning, met the soft blue gaze of Lillian's before leaving. A shiver raced down her spine that no charging enemy had ever caused. Shaking it off Lillian stood and faced Arthur.

"Arthur? What if the Woads are still there? The others could be ambushed as well." Lillian voiced concern at the thought of others meeting the same predicament she had been.

"Lillian's right Arthur. The woads could still be out there." Raoul stated looking with unsure eyes at his commander.

"I know, but something is not right. They did not attack like they normally do. The Woads attack and kill yet they attacked you four, outnumbering you atleast 5 to one yet all of you escaped. Injured, but escaped. That first shot should have killed Axel but instead they hit his leg. They fired a barrage of arrows your way and all seemed to fall just short of hitting you." Arthur spoke aloud, more to himself then anyone else, as though speaking the scenario aloud would show the hidden agenda of the enemy. "Their missing you could not have been by accident."

The blood still stained the earth as the group reached the field that moments before held death on its grounds.

"Where are the bodies?" Galahad asked glancing around none were seen. The only thing left to show any struggle took place on the ground was the blood strewn grass before them and what few pieces of weaponry that had been left behind.

"Look around and see what you can find. But be on guard." Lancelot stated eyeing the tree line beside them cautiously.

"There was nothing their Arthur. They collected their injured and dead before our arrival. All that we found were these." Lancelot tossed what crude weaponry they had found before his commander. Taking a seat beside him the knight continued. "Blood trails led to the edge of the forest but disappeared within it. We tried to follow it briefly but the blood trail got lost among the leaves and rocks."

Silently Arthur listened to the knights telling of the events. His eyes tracing the weapons before him, a small axe, some daggers nothing that would lead them to the answer Arthur sorely desired.

"Maybe they just attacked to attack. Maybe there is no hidden agenda Arthur." Lancelot urged eyeing the reactions of his superior closely.

"Perhaps you are right Lancelot. Perhaps I am reading to much in to this. But maybe that's what they want, to distract us with this little games in an attempt to cover up something bigger." Arthur's tired, war wrought eyes met that of Lancelot's. "For the sake of all within these walls both Knights and civilians, I hope I am just reading to much into this."