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100 Drabbles

Number One - Chocolate

Words - 561

Usagi Tsukino sat at the counter of the Crown Game Center staring morosely into a half-melted chocolate milkshake. How could she be expected to save the world and still achieve good grades? Her failed test, her detention and her coming lecture from her mother- they were all the youma's fault not hers! The fact that she regularly failed math before she ever began fighting evil escaped her notice entirely.

It was normally at this point that Motoki would wander over and cheer her up but Reika had gotten out of class early today and he only had eyes for her. This only compounded Usagi's misery. She gave up swirling the gooey mess around with her straw and stood to leave. Even chocolate could not console her now.

She'd only taken a few steps from the counter, head hung in abject misery as only a teenage girl can accomplish when she heard a slurp and a masculine voice say, "Thanks, Odango. How did you know chocolate was my favorite?"

Usagi spun on her heel to find him standing next to the stool she had recently occupied with a cocky grin on his face and her milkshake in his hand! She marched over to him and lifted a finger to point accusingly at the treat. "That," she spat, "is mine."

Mamoru feigned innocent surprise, "But Odango you left it here, completely untouched. I thought you didn't want it."

"Well I do."

"Then why did you leave it?"

Usagi balked then lied, "I was only going to the bathroom."

Mamoru set the milkshake back on the counter and crossed his arms, "One: the bathroom is in the other direction. Two: your ears turn red when you lie."

Usagi spluttered, completely at a loss for a reply. Finally she composed herself enough to snatch the chocolate shake from the counter and slurped the entire thing down without even pausing for a breath. Mamoru's eyebrows rose in grudging admiration for the length the blond girl was willing to go to win an argument. Until, of course, Usagi dropped the glass. Mamoru deftly caught it in midair but Usagi missed this as she was dancing around the room, arms wrapped around her head.

Mamoru stared at her incomprehensibly for a moment and asked, "Odango-atama, what are you doing?"

Without pause in her dance of agony Usagi moaned, "Brain freeze..."

Mamoru laughed so hard he had to sit down on the stool Usagi had vacated. When the pain died away Mamoru was still laughing uproariously, and drawing the eyes of a number of people in the arcade- those that hadn't been watching Usagi at least. The girl glared murderously at him but he was laughing too hard to notice. With a little humph Usagi stalked out of the game center, muttering under her breath. She had completely forgotten the tragedy of her test score.

As she left Mamoru calmed himself and watched her go, sunshine pigtails flouncing with her ire. A little smile played across his lips as he watched her until she turned the corner and was out of sight. Turning back to the counter he Motoki next to him with a slightly puzzled look on his face. Mamoru chuckled and said, "I think I'm in the mood for a milkshake. Vanilla."

Motoki arched a brow, "Vanilla?"

"Yeah, I hate chocolate."