The view from the Watchtower always astounded Clark. No matter how many times he stood at the great window and looked down on the Earth, it never got old. The swirling blue orb was still as beautiful as the first time he broke out of the atmosphere and turned to look back. The place he called home was one of the prettiest plants he had yet to see. With a contented sigh Clark turned and headed for the control room, Bruce would be waiting.

The red cape fluttered out behind him as he strode into the nerve center of the tower. His soft step was not unnoticed. The pointed black cowl over Batman's head turned toward Clark.

"We are ready." he said in his no-nonsense tone. Clark nodded and the view screen flickered to life. The red and yellow mask of The Flash filled the viewer, the toothy grin blinding them a little.

"Hey, Big Blue! Bats! You are gonna love this one!" the Scarlet Speedster chuckled. Bruce sat back with his arms across his chest. Clark smiled shaking his head slightly.

"Just give us the facts Wally." He replied. Flash fidgeted, obviously excited.

"Well the thing is, this 'Miracolo Donna' as the people of Naples are calling her is..." He seemed lost for words for a second.

"She is a Goddess that's all I can say, I think I may have impressed her." he confided with a wink. Clark rolled his eyes as Bruce grumbled.

"Enough with the commentary." The Bat was not interested in flash's opinion on her looks.

"Is she a good fighter? What are her powers?" the Detective was always listening, always alert. Flash waved a dismissive hand.

"She can do just about everything Supes can do. She's just as strong too." He reported. Clark felt a slight twinge of ego.

"Are you sure Wally?" he asked hoping he did not sound concerned. Wally West grinned again.

"Clark she is really good." He made a conspiratorial face.

"The really awesome thing is… she told me she's looking to join the Justice League" the Flash threw his head back in phony shock. Bruce and Clark exchanged doubtful glances. Flash rushed to explain.

"I told her that it was a very selective group and she would have to go thru the normal channels." His voice got smug.

"But she said she had a message for Superman that would by pass the whole thing." Clark's brows creased.

"What did she say the message was Flash?" he asked, perplexed. Flash gave a crooked grin and cocked his head.

"Now your gonna have to explain this one to me later, Blue." The flash crossed his arms.

"She said to tell you she still loves cranberry juice." His voice was puzzled. Bruce looked at Superman for an explanation and the big man's face broke into his million-watt-smile.

"Bring her up Wally." He said. "She's right it does by pass the normal channels." Wally nodded and waved before signing off.

The screen blinked out and Bruce continued to stare at him.

"'Miracolo Donna' is Italian for 'Wonder Woman'." Batman said irritation clear in his tone. "How do you know her?"

"Is there a language you don't speak Bruce." Clark said teasing his friend and ignoring the second question. He leaned over and gave his good friend a Flash-like wink.

"Trust me Bruce we want her on our team." Clark chuckled and patted Batman on the shoulder, before leaving the room. Batman stared after the retreating Man of Steel.

The Dark Knight sat back in his chair and steepled his fingers before his face. His eyes closed to slits and his answered in a low voice, knowing Clark could hear him.

"You better be right, Farm Boy."

The End