This story started out like any other before it, with a promise of something good. I like this story very much, because it is completely different from my other stories. This is a story of what i would think what might happen after the end of Voldemort. i will explain my reasoning after the chapter though.

Warning: I started this story beforeI read the sixth book. So in here, Draco became a spy for the Order,and joined the good side, before the end of voldemort and helped bring him down.


Chapter one:
Started out Like any Other Day

Harry's chest heaved as he stared at the corpse in front of him.

Over, his mind told him. It's over.

And yet, he stood there. His knees weak with fatigue that they visibly trembled. And his chest was still tight, as if the knot that had been building there over the passed year, refused to let him go.

How long had he stood there, he wasn't sure. But it was how his friends found him. His eyes stared at the mess before him. The green in his eyes had consumed the irises, making them appear large and frightful.

"Harry," a familiar voice whispered. But even over the harsh breeze that pushed the limbs of the trees, and rattled the leaves, he could still hear the tremor.

Startled the hear someone speak up from the raging storm around him, Harry lifted his eyes to meet the speaker. Hermione stood among a group of wizards and witches. Her hand clutched the front of her robes, in the attempt to hide her racing heart. Her eyes, which he always remembered to hold knowledge and wisdom, held something different this time.

Frowning, his eyes focused through the crack in his glasses, so that he could see her more clearly. His heart twisted at the sight, and then clenched tightly within his chest when he saw her tears. He caught his breath when he recognized the look in her eyes.


Harry then looked at the group behind her. His friends, the only people he cared about stood behind her. And they all held that same look. A look of fear, and a look of disgust.

Some were filled with despair, but it was mostly fear.

Tearing his eyes away, Harry looked at the carnage around him. Tears burned his eyes, while something large knotted itself in his throat. Harry looked at Hermione again, but her expression was still the same.

She's afraid of me, he thought. They're all afraid of me.

Shaking his head, Harry turned on his heels, and bolted for the line of trees. He heard a shout, but before the spell could hit him, he ducked behind a tree. There was an explosion, but he kept running. Even when his heart burned and threatened to burst, he ran.

But for all the distance he put between himself and his friends, he could not rid the look in Hermione's eyes, from his mind.

A look of fear, distrust, and despair.


Bolting forward, Harry came awake from a nightmare that had haunted him for well over four years. Gasping for air as if he had truly been running, Harry clutched the front of his shirt.

"Not again," he whispered, wishing the dreams would just go away. It had been four years since that night when he had fought against Voldemort. Four years since he ran away from the wizarding world, because he wasn't accepted.

Dropping his head into his hands, he let the air he had been holding come out in a rush. Rubbing the ache from his forehead, Harry sighed, wondering why his mind punished him- even after all this time.

Harry reluctantly climbed out of bed. It was barely breeching five o'clock, and the sun hadn't even risen yet. Staggering to the bathroom, Harry felt tired, and sore. It was like that night all over again. When he had finally stopped running, he had collapsed. Unable to move, he stayed there till the next day.

When he reached the sink, Harry gripped the counter with both of his hands. With a tight hold, he lifted his head to inspect his reflection.

When his strength had returned to him, Harry had altered his image before entering civilization. Now, he didn't have to alter much anymore.

The man that stared back at him, was one Harry had learned to associate with in order to survive. Free Death Eaters had hunted him down, and tried to kill him. His friends had put out his picture, the one of him taken in his second year, the one with Gildroy Lockheart. They had given it to all of the Newspapers, wizarding, and muggle alike, in hopes of someone seeing him.

Lifting his hand, Harry fingered the lengthy black hair, he had let grown out over the years. The strands had grown to reach just passed his shoulders, just long enough for him to pull it back into a low ponytail. He had let his eyes remain green. When he had altered his image, he didn't want to not recognize himself. But the first thing he got rid of, and had kept hidden still, was the lightning bolt scar.

Brushing his fingers across the bare spot, as if expecting to feel it, even though he couldn't see it.

Harry shook himself from the nightmare that still clung to him even though he was awake. Pulling from the mirror, he went andtook a long shower. He washed his hair twice, and then washed his body not missing a spot. When done, he towel dried, and dressed in a pair of clean clothes.

Dressed, and feeling refreshed afterwards, he tied his hair back, and slipped on his glasses.

When Harry had ran away, he had altered his appearance to keep anyone from recognizing him. He hadn't been ready to face his friends then, and not even now after four years. But back then, the glamour charm he used, had hid the scar, rounded his cheeks, and lengthen his nose. He'd grown his hair long, and even widened his eyes. The result had not been cute, but it had kept his identity hidden well.

But now that he was twenty-one, Harry had let the glamour wear off. Over the four years, his body had lengthen, and thinned. Baby-fat disappeared, and in it place came muscle. He hardly resembled the boy who had gone to Hogwarts. The boy who had defeated Voldemort, and ran away from his friends.

Harry tugged on his shoes as he left the bedroom and entered the living room. Passing the couch, he entered the kitchen to stop in front of the fridge.

Looking inside, Harry pulled out a container of leftovers and shut the refrigerator door. He went to the scarred table and took a seat.

Harry nibbled on the rice, and sushi, he had had the night before. As he did so, he reached for the remote and turned the TV on. The news broadcasted warm weather and a slight chance of rain. The same news as the day before. Flipping the channels, he looked for nothing in particular.

With Voldemort dead, he had little to worry about. The occasional Death Eater did pop up every once and a while, but that was few and far in between. He usually managed to get to them, before they realized he was who they were looking for.

When he finished breakfast, he turned the TV off, and threw the container away.

At the door, Harry grabbed his coat, and an umbrella just in case. He padded his back pocket checking for his wallet. Opening the door, Harry slipped out into the cold air outside his apartment building. But instead of closing the door, he ducked back inside to grab his keys before locking the door. Fiddling with the ring of keys, he sighed, before stuffing them into his jacket pocket.

Harry started down the short walk, before reaching a set of stairs. He quickly made his way down them, and started across the parking lot. Near the road, he stopped in front of his mailbox, and checked inside. The muggle way of life, he thought to himself with a shake of his head. All of the envelops were written out to a James Potter. There were over twenty James Potters living in Europe alone. About thirteen Harry Potters. It was hardly, anyone would be able to find him by his name. So Harry altered it just a bit, just enough to keep people off his trail long enough.

"James!" someone shouted. Looking up from his bank statement, Harry eyed the young boy holding out a newspaper. "Fresh off the press, just how you like 'em!"

Harry smiled at the young boys enthusiasm. Pulling out a few loose knuts, he paid for the Wizard paper. "Thanks Eiyuu," he told the boy, and patted his head. "See you tomorrow morning. Ja ne!"

Harry continued his leisure pace down the sidewalk, joining the morning masses as they all made their way to work. At a crosswalk, they waited, and then crossed when it was green for them to go.

On the other side of the busy street, Harry paid for a muggle newspaper. With his mail gripped in one hand, he tucked the two newspapers beneath his arm and continued on his way.

Two blocks down, Harry stopped in front of a small building wedged in between two skyscrapers. Shuffling his arm full, he managed to drag out his keys, and unlock the front door. With his foot, he kicked the door shut, and flipped the sign to open.

Harry stopped at the counter, and set his mail down, and then the two newspapers. He tried to keep up with both sides of the world, since he belonged to both.

Harry skipped the mail, tired of reading about bank statements and bills. Instead, he opened up the muggle newspaper, and sat down on the stool behind the counter. The front page consisted of an accident where a muggle woman and her children had died because the other driver had been drinking and swerved into their lane. The classifieds gave up nothing new, and either did the advertisements. The funnies he enjoyed, that and the sport section.

With a yawn, Harry tossed the paper to the stack he had laid out next to his desk. During winter he would use the paper to keep his store warm.

His store, was more like a joke than anything else. The Merlin's Beard was a wizard shop. And not technically for the real wizards either he sold Wizarding books, spells, charms, and other things to both parties. Of the muggle population a whole whopping 20 percent, consisted of warlord, wizard and witch fanatics. Not that he minded. But he did make sure, none of his supplies could cause harm, if a muggle managed to figure out how to do them.

Merlin's Beard had been open for only two years about the time Harry had finally settled down and bought an apartment. His apartment, and the start of this shop had come from his parents savings for him. But now with a job that made good money, he didn't need their money so much anymore.

Harry pulled out the local wizardry newspaper, The Prophecy. He read the headline, and frowned at the front cover. 'Pureblood proposes to Mudblood.' he read to himself.

Rereading the headline, Harry began to wonder if maybe there had been an error. But when his eyes dropped tothe image below, the thought was wiped from his mind.

It was a moving image, like most are for The Prophecy. But this one held him captivated. The reason being, because he recognized the people in it, and he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Hermione Granger, muggleborn, smart as a whip Gryffindor, stood smiling in the picture. Over and over in the image, her smile would vanish, and she would bop Ronald Weasley's head. The reason, Harry could see was because Ron looked like he was giving her a tongue lashing, all the while pointing at her accusingly. Harry's eyes shifted to the other people in the picture. Next to Ron was Luna Lovegood, who shook her head in exasperation.

Then, Harry noticed the last person in the picture, and his jaw fell slack, and his eyes widdened at the sight. With his arm around Hermione, hugging her close, was the smug, but very much happy, Draco Malfoy.

"Bloody hell," Harry breathed, staring at the image. Draco and Hermione, he wondered to himself. Impossible. Sure it had been four years since he had seen them, but that wasn't nearly enough time to even break the tension between Draco and Hermione. Let alone be enough for them to get married.

It had to be a false allegation. Maybe a reporter had saw the two talking and misinterpreted it-

Harry was convinced that that had to be the truth. It was impossible that Draco would ever want to marry Hermione. When Harry had left the two still called each other names, and threw out insults whenever possible. How could things have changed so much?

"How could they have moved on so fast," he asked aloud.

A sound from outside alerted him to Hedwigs' return. Harry had built a home here in the shop for Hedwigs to live, since his apartment wouldn't allow animals. And here, his owl had free access to the outside world all night and day.

So Harry was never surprised to come in to find his friend already gone.

With a sqwak, the snowy white owl landed on the counter in front of him, like she did every time he opened the store in the morning. But today, she carried a letter tied to her leg.

Over the years, Harry had found it terribly hard to cut himself completely off from his old life. So instead of falling into depression, he allowed himself to keep in contact with only one person. One person who knew what it was like to be an outcast.

Untying the knot, Harry took the letter. But, before he opened it, he fed Hedwigs a treat, and thanked her for bringing him the letter.

After the owl took flight and flew to her cage to rest, Harry hesitated no longer in opening the letter.

Unfolding the parchment, he read what laid inside, but with each word he read, the quicker his smile fell to a frown.


It has been a while since I have heard from you last. Things have been relatively calm back here in England. I have been given back my position as Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, and I start this coming September.

Hagrid asks of you often, since you have allowed me to tell him that you write. He wishes you well, andhas asked me to tell you that Buckbeak is well taken care of.

Along with this news, it gives me great pleasure to tell you that Neville and Ginny married last spring, and are expecting a little one sometime this winter.

Ron asks about you often, even though I assure you I have not told him I write to you. He asks if you are well, and I am vague on my answers. But enough of this.

Have you heard? It came as a shock to all of us, when the couple announced it. None of us even knew they were together. But a week ago Draco proposed to Hermione at the party held at the Ministry where they work.

It's great news though, and Hermione is very happy. I know you don't approve of Draco, but if you could see Hermione you wouldn't care who she was marrying. That picture in the paper, Ron was lecturing Hermione about all the reasons why she shouldn't marry Draco. But after that, he has calmed down. Did I tell you, Ron has been seeing Luna Lovegood? I think for about a year now. Maybe they will be next to wed.

Speaking of weddings. Hermione, who I am sure doesn't know I write to you, has asked me, if I do hear from you, to ask if you will come to her wedding. Draco wants you to be his best man.

It would be nice if you could make it. It would make Hermione very happy if you could. Well I wish you well, take care of yourself, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Remus Lupin.

Harry read the letter three times, before he folded it, and put back into the envelope. Neville and Ginny got married, and Ron's dating Luna, and Hermione is going to marry Draco.

All of it, was almost too much for him to bear. Shaking his head to clear it, Harry pulled out a sheet of parchment, and wrote his reply to Remus.


I'm happy that Neville and Ginny have finally gotten married. And it is also good to see Ron is settling down. As for Draco, you are right I don't approve of him, but if he makes her happy then I can't complain. Tell Draco that this is the only thing good going for him, and that he should try not to mess it up.

Tell Hermione that I am happy for her, but I must decline her invitation to the wedding. I send her this, as a wedding gift.


PS. Congratulation on the teaching position.

Harry folded the letter, placed it in an envelope, and pressed a seal to the back of it. "Hedwig," he called and his friend went to him. "Take this to Remus." he fed her a treat after her tied the letter, and a small package to her leg. With a small nip to his finger, she took flight, leaving him alone in the store once more.


In my oppinion, this is how things should happen. I have a hard time believing that the wizarding world would accept Harry with open arms. technically, he just murdered someone, in cold blood no less. And now, he would be considered the most Powerful Wizard alive. I think at first, people would fear him. But that is just my oppinion, and thus this story was born.

So i hope you like my version of A Life Afterwards, Harry's life after the fall of The Dark Lord.