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Chapter 3: The Guardian and Plans

Naruto and the others watched as the barrier disappeared. Suddenly, a white wolf appeared next to

Naruto. "AHHH!" he screamed and fell over. Sasuke threw a kunai at the wolf. The wolf dodged it.

"I am not an enemy, trust me. I will tell you what is going on with Sakura-sama after we get out

of here. By the way, my name is Mitsuko"

"We'll trust you for now. However, if you dare make one false move, you will be killed." KAkashi


"Hai, thank you" Mitsuko said and bowed. 'Geez, do I have to watch my back every time someone

sees me?' Mitsuko thought.
"Sakura-san, kill them" Itachi commanded.

"Hai, Itachi-sama" Sakura spread her wings and everyone was surrounded by darkness. Her wings

grew longer and she circled them in a semi-circle around the Konoha ninjas. She looked at

Mitsuko. Mitsuko constructed a barrier around herself and the Konoha ninjas.

'I forgot to tell you.Freeze time, first' Mitsuko told Sakura in her mind.

'Hai' Sakura closed her eyes and put her hands together.

"Time, I command you to freeze" she said. Once Mitsuko was ncertain that time had paused, she

created clones of herself and the Konoha ninjas.

"Goodbye, Mitsuko" Sakura said sadly.

"Goodbye, sakura-sama. I promise we will get you back." Mitsuko replied. She created abarrier

around the ninjas and herself. and then they disappeared. Sakura unfreezed time and closed her

eyes again.

"Night of a Thousand Feathers!" She called and her wings glowed. One thousand feathers made of

red light appeared around the ninjas and then sliced them. Some ANBU screamed and the others were

too shocked or in pain to do anything before they died. Sakura went unconscious and her wings

disappeared as she fell, however her eyes and hair remaine the same as they were when she

transformed. Itachi picked her up and they went to the Akatsuki hideout.
"OWWW!" Naruto yelled as he fell on his rear.

"Lets get back to Konoha" Sasuke said

"Wait! Can someone carry me when I fall unconscious? I feel faint" Mitsuko told them.

"Whatever! Just as long as we get to Konoha!" Naruto yelled.

"Damn brat! You don't have to yell at me. All I did was ask if someone could carry me" Mitsuko said.

"Fine! I will carry you" Naruto said. They went toward Konoha and after a few minutes, Mitsuko fell.

"Naruto! Your luggage is ready!" Sasuke called.

"Shut up, Dumbass! I KNow!" Naruto yelled. He tried to pick her up, but ended up dropping her.

"Damn! She's heavy!" Naruto said.

"Did you expect her to be as light as a feather? She is bigger than regular wolves"Sasuke said.

"Just shut up, dumbass!" Naruto yelled.

"Kage No Bunshin!" Three Narutos appeared and the each grabbed on leg, dragging her as they

continued on towards Konoha.
Itachi put Sakura in a spare room and he and Kisame walked down the hall. "Hey Itachi-san, Kisame-san Leader requires your presence." Deidara said.

"Hai" Itachi replied and they went to go meet Leader.

"Where is the kunoichi?" Leader asked.

"She is currently unconscious in the spare room."

"Okay. We need to come up with a plan to conquer the other hidden villages. Itachi, is the girl

like the angel of legend?" Leader asked.

"Hai, but she will need some training" Itachi reported.

"Okay, Itachi, you will be in charge of training the girl. You have two weeks. At the end of two weeks, report to me." Leader said.

"Hai!" Itachi said and he and Kisame left

Tsunade was resting when she heard a knock.

"Come in!" She called and Kakashi came in.

"We failed to retrieve sakura. She was different. Her eyes were silver, her hair was longer, and

she had black wings" He reported.

"Silver eyes and black wings?" Tsunade asked.

"Hai. We brought back a weird wolf, who has information about her and why they are using her, but

she is currently unconcious." Kakashi said.

"Okay, bring her when she wakes up." Tsunade said.

"Hai" Kakashi said and left.

After a few hours, Mitsuko woke up.

"Ohhhhh my head hurts" She complained.

"Mitsuko, Tsunade-sama requests your presence" Kakashi told her.

"Hai" Mitsuko mumbled and followed Kakashi to Tsunade-sama's office.

Mitsuko walked in the office and bowed.

"Hello, Tsunade-sama, I am mitsuko"

"Hello. I hear you have information regarding Sakura-san." Tsunade said.

"Hai! I am Sakura-sama's guardian. This organization, the Akatsuki I believe I heard you guys

call it have imprisoned Sakura-sama for a huge event. They plan to use her to control the other

hidden vilages, maybe more. All I heard them say was something about the hidden villages. They

are using her specifically because she is the angel of legend." Mitsuko said.

"Angel of legend?" Tsunade asked, confused.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama. It was prophesized that one day an angel would come to stop a great evil from

coming. However, if in the wrong hands she could destroy the world." Mitsuko said.

"So, this is why the Akatsuki want her. Thanks for your information. We will immediately begin a

rescue plan" Tsunade said. "By the way, can you change into a regular dog? It will help, since

there could be spies."

"Hai! I can change into any canine and speak dog, too" Mitsuko said.


"Hai, Tsunade-sama?"

"Get the coucil ready for a meeting and send in Uzumaki Naruto and Inuzuka Kiba!"


Tsunade and Mitsuko rested while they waited for them to show up.

They were dozing off and jumped when they heard a knock.

"Come in!" Tsunade called

"You wanted us?" Kiba asked.

"Hai. Naruto, Mitsuko will go with you until we come up with a plan to rescue sakura. Kiba-"

"What! I am not going to accompany her! Mitsuko is a smartass, freaky mutt!" Naruto yelled.

Mitsuko glared at Naruto. "You little brat, how dare you insult me! I am a guardian, not a mutt!"

she retorted.

"Freaky mutt!" Naruto yelled.

"Dumbass brat"


"STOP IT!" Tsunade yelled. "Kiba, you will accompany them also, since you and your family are the

only ones who can understand dogs."

"Hai!" He said.

"Mitsuko, can you change now?" Tsunade asked.

"Hai!" Mitsuko said and changed into a golden retriever.

"Okay. Your mission will be to collect as much information about Sakura and her surroundings. You

leave in four days."

"Hai!" They said and left,

Tsunade looked out the window and watched th sun set.

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