-WARNING- this chapter has some prejudice views in it towards gay men. Let me point out that these are not my personal views. I think gay men are sexier than hell.

Epilogue: About 25 Years A.V. (After Voldemort)...

Harry heard the front door slam with a resounding -bang- coupled with the sound of hurried footsteps in the front hall.

He glanced up from his paperwork in time to see a blonde head come barreling around the corner and he braced himself for the attack.

As predicted, a warm body landed in his lap and a wet kiss was placed upon his cheek.

"It came then?" he asked with a smile, staring into a pair of gray eyes.

"Yes it did! I'm going to Hogwarts this year!" his 11-year old daughter, Tatum, exclaimed, waving around an open envelope with the Hogwarts seal on the back.

The front door opening and closing again, and much more sedate footsteps approached them and they turned as one to see Tatum's twin brother Tanner enter the room, Draco right behind him. Both had identical smiles on their faces.

Harry still couldn't believe he had 5 miracles. First Draco, then Keiron, then Brenna and followed by the twins.

He watched Tanner hand a similar letter to Draco and Draco wrapped an arm around his son's shoulders. Tanner had the same personality as Draco whereas Tatum was definitely Harry's girl in both mannerisms and emotions. He wouldn't change his life now for any reason.

"Hogwarts will have the honor of schooling 2 more Potters." Draco smiled, kissing Harry gently.

"Minerva can handle them, I'm sure." Harry grinned. "After all, Brenna and Keiron survived it."

"And you. And your parents." Draco added.

"Ah, but they didn't have Snape as a Potions teacher." Harry smiled. "And he's retired now."

"Yes, it falls to me to teach our little brood." Draco grinned.

- - -

Excerpt from the last chapter of "The Boy Who Continued to Live" written by Harold James Potter...

Now you have questions. Well, I shall tell you.

About a year after Draco and I were bonded, I was asked by Minerva to visit one of the wizarding orphanages in America as part of an effort to unite the American Ministry with the British one. You know I have a fondness for her, she's as much my adopted Grandmother than anyone and I'd do anything for her. So I went, taking Draco with me.

While there, I came across a small girl playing alone in a corner. She had dark hair, nearly the same shade as mine. I couldn't see her face because she was looking away from me.

I couldn't tell her correct age, she was so small. I asked the director about her and she told me the little darling was about 12 years old.

I asked for the full story. She had been removed from her muggle relatives home due to abuse and neglect. It was so similar to my own story, my heart went out to her.

I approached her slowly so not to scare her and knelt on the floor beside her.

"Hello." I greeted. She looked at me for a moment and I had to choke back a gasp. She was a beautiful little girl, eyes the color of a cloudless summer sky with the face of an angel.

"Hi." she replied softly.

"My name is Harry. This is my life-partner, Draco." I introduced. "What's yours?"

At first I thought she wasn't going to answer.

"Brenna. Brenna Marie."

"That's a lovely name, Brenna." Draco smiled gently.

"Thank you."

Then she smiled.

And I fell in love.

Draco and I adopted her that same summer and she was enrolled in Hogwarts, sorted into Ravenclaw.

Keiron became her protector as her "older brother" and made me proud of him.

- - -

About the same time, Severus had been laboring long and hard for 5 years on a potion that would allow same-sex male couples to have biological children of their own.

When he had completed what he thought was a viable solution, I (against Ron's strongest protestations – blame my Hero Complex for that) volunteered to be his test subject.

If it was successful, he was going to call it "Ortus Parvulus" or The "Birth Child" Potion. It essentially allowed a potential male parent's body to form all the female parts necessary to carry a baby and successfully deliver it. When it came time to give birth, all the female bits would simply be absorbed into the body, causing no lasting damage other than the urge to cry at sad movies. The potion was only supposed to allow couples to have one biological child of their own.

But I'm Harry Potter. Weird stuff always happens to me. You should know that by now...

1 year later, I successfully carried Tatum and Tanner to full term and Snape became famous beyond his wildest dreams. He retired from teaching, passing on his recommendations that Draco have his job, in order to pursue his own Potions business. He is now the most sought-after Potions Masters in all the world.

He and Remus had a couple of children of their own, I'm glad to say.

- - -

Ron and Hermione are fine. She still teaches, he's still playing Quidditch although he plans to retire this year and take over for Madame Hooch as the school's Flying Instructor and Quidditch coach.

The Terrible Trio are 16 now and just as beautiful as their mother and more devious than their uncles ever were at that age. Must be why they were sorted into Gryffindor.

Ron and Hermione have a son, Samuel, who looks like a miniature version of his father. He's just as smart as Hermione and has a great sense of humor.

To their shock, Sam was sorted into Slytherin, much to Draco's glee.

"Finally a Weasley in Slytherin." he had stated when they had come to the school for Parent's Weekend a few days after term started.

- - -

An excerpt from "Snakes Have Feelings Too" written by Draco Spencer Malfoy...

Keiron and Brenna loved their roles as siblings to the twins.

I remember the Sunday afternoon Harry and I took our family to a wizarding park near Hogsmead for a family picnic. Tatum and Tanner were about a year old by this time.

We'd all been sitting on a blanket, just having a family moment when this rude man came up to us, eying our children with disdain.

"Filthy queers." the man hissed at me and Keiron. He saw how close Brenna was sitting to Harry and assumed Brenna was his biological child, her complexion was so similar to his. "You'd be wise, girly, to distance yourself from their ilk. Disgusting that is. No self-respecting wizard would ever sully his bits with another man. And if your da had any sense in his head, he'd do the same."

Before Harry or I could speak, Keiron was on his feet, enraged.

"You don't know what the bloody hell you're talking about so bugger off!"

A crowd started forming. Harry and I remained silent.

"Don't talk to me, you queer." the man replied, stepping toward my son, angrily.

"I would advise you not to speak to my son in such a manner." I stated in a low voice. I don't know who looked more surprised; the man, Keiron or Harry. I had just publicly named Keiron as my own son, something I'd never even thought about.

"You're buggering your own son?" the man gaped. "You should die for that!" I saw the man go for his wand and in the next instant it flew from his hand and into Harry's, who had come to stand behind me.

"How dare you attack my family for no reason other than your own spite!" Harry exclaimed, his eyes glowing in anger. I could feel his magic swirling around us, making the trees bend and sway dangerously. Keiron and Brenna instantly moved to protect Tatum and Tanner.

"Who are you to tell me what I can and can't do?" the man scowled.

"I'm Harry fucking Potter, that's who! And you just attacked my husband and my children without reason!" Harry roared. Nearby, a small sapling bent in half with a resounding -crack-, frightening an old witch into a faint.

I had the distinct pleasure of watching the man pale with fear as he realized his blunder. I learned long ago that Harry was fiercely protective of those he loved and woe be the one who tried to harm them.

I placed a hand on my husband's arm to try and calm him.

"Love, you need to reign in your magic before you hurt one of the children." I whispered in his ear. That seemed to ground him and the windstorm stopped. Tanner was crying, his sister joining him as Brenna and Keiron held them.

As luck would have it, my cousin Tonks and her spouse, Kingsley Shacklebolt, both top ranking Aurors, had witnessed the whole exchange and took the man away to be questioned and punished.

While they dealt with the man who attacked us, I turned Harry in my arms to look at him. He was staring at me oddly.


"Do you really believe Keiron as yours?" he asked. I turned to smile at Keiron.

"I do. I don't care who he was before he came to us. He's mine, ours, now and I'm not giving him up."

"I love you, too...Dad." Keiron replied, stepping up to us with Tatum in his arms.

That had to be one of the greatest moments in my life. Hearing Keiron call me "Dad".

I don't think my life could have been any more content than it already was.

- - -

Harry and Draco discussed what they'd need to do in Diagon Alley before school started before sending the twins off to get ready for dinner.

Even though they all had busy lives, they never failed to attend their weekly family dinners with The Weasleys – it's just now it was held in Hermione and Ron's backyard since both their families were growing.

Keiron, who was now a 23-year old curse breaker for Gringott's, was bringing his wife, Melanie, the youngest daughter of Hannah Abbott and Lee Jordan, and their 1-year old daughter, Chelsea.

Brenna, now 22, was just coming off a successful 2-year world tour with her music band, Emerald Gypsy, and was bringing her boyfriend, Zane (who was the drummer for the band – and incidentally Dean Thomas' younger brother).

Plus the other members of the Weasley clan would be attending. Ron was calling it a family reunion, Draco called it chaos.

- - -

While the two adults waited for the return of their children, a resounding explosion rocked the house on its foundation.

"Not again!" Harry groaned.

"It's your turn this time." Draco smirked.

"Do I have to?" Harry whined.


"The things I do for you." Harry sighed.

"You love me and you know it." Draco smiled. Harry pulled him into his lap and kissed him hungrily. He felt his cock harden in response to Harry's kiss. Even after being bonded for over 10 years, Harry always made Draco feel like a horny teenager.

"Daaaaaaaaaaad! Tatum blew up her bed again!" came his son's voice from upstairs.

"I did not! It was my desk!"

Harry pulled back with a groan. Draco planted a small kiss on the exposed flesh of Harry's neck, rolling his hips in Harry's lap.

"Keep doing that and I'm not getting up off this couch, and our children might see us doing something that will scar them for life." Harry whispered. Draco chuckled and kissed the tip of Harry's nose.

"I told you not to let Fred and George give them experimental fireworks for their birthday."

"I should have listened." he sighed. A second explosion rocked the house and Draco slid from Harry's lap. He helped Harry to his feet and pushed him toward the stairs.

"Harry?" Draco called. Harry stopped on the first riser and looked back at him.


"Thanks." Draco whispered. There was so much information in that one word, Harry understood its meaning.

"Anything for you, Draco. It always was." Harry smiled before heading up.

A moment later...

"Tanner Aidan and Tatum Leandra Nicole Potter, what on earth did you do to your rooms?"

Draco smiled.


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