New Student

By Adrian Tullberg

"Who-Know-Who's Daughter?"

"Yes Ron. Voldemort's daughter." stated Hermione, briskly cutting up ingredients, placing them methodically in the cauldron. "She's trying to act like it's a big secret but she's leaving clues so obvious that a blind man with learning disabilities could figure it out."

"I didn't know."

"Shut up Harry." She glanced at Snape, who normally latched onto any of Harry's misdeeds, actual or otherwise, like a starving bloodhound. However, their Potions Master missed this one.

Grabbing her mortar and pestle, she continued. "Apparently she's so eager to get daddy's attention, she'll do anything to get information."


"I heard she told Hagrid to come around to the Quiddich Changing Rooms around lunchtime for some … personal attention. Well, she'll have a long wait because he was so flustered he passed out."

Ron glanced at the time. "Is she ... sick or anything?"

"Not as far as I know ..." Hermione stopped her preparations and gave Ron a dark look. "Are you saying you're ... interested?"

"Well ... she's not that bad looking ..."

"For heaven's sake! Just because there's a conveniently available slapper in the change rooms willing to do anything to anyone doesn't mean you have to go over and throw her a bloody bone! Don't you have any decency Ron Weasly?"

The deathly silence that followed her last sentence made Hermione realise that she'd practically shouted her tirade in front of the entire potions class.

"Thank you for that Miss Granger ..."

"Ah, Professor Snape ..."

"Class dismissed. What you do in your free time is ... entirely up to you ..."

Every male was rapidly filing out of the room, and heading down the corridors. Snape produced a small canister from his robes, sprayed a few times into his open mouth, and headed off in the same direction.

Hermione looked out of the door after the bodies moving. Snape seemed to have overtaken the pack.

Footsteps behind her made her look at the figure heading in the same direction as half her potions class.


"Don't knock it till you've tried it Hermione!" shouted the rapidly retreating figure...