Found by a Scent

by: EternalMoonFighter

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author's note: Sirius didn't die in Harry's fifth year. Minister Fudge was found to be a Death Eater, so there's a new minister. I'm reposting this story because removed it.

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Albus is sitting at his desk trying to figure out what to get Harry for his birthday. Harry's birthday is in a week and he still hasn't figured out what to get him for his sixteenth birthday. He stands up from his desk and decides to ask Minerva what she thinks he should get him. Just as he is about to pet Fawkes, he disappears. He reappears a few minutes later with an envelope in his beak. Dumbledore takes the letter and just about passes out when he recognizes the writing.

He grabs two pieces of parchment and writes something on them. He hands them to Fawkes before he says, "Hurry and give these to Severus and Minerva." Fawkes let out a trill and disappears. Dumbledore sits down shakily in his chair.

When the two professors rush into his chambers a few minutes later they are shocked to see the headmaster sitting with his head in his hands.

"What is the matter, Albus?" Asks Minerva.

Albus picks up the letter and let them see the writing on the envelope. They gasps.

"Is that Lily Potter's writing?" Askes Severus.

Albus shook his head and with trembling hands his motions for the other two to sit down. He opens the letter and starts to read it aloud.

Dear Albus,

It pains me to now that if you have received this letter it means James and I have died. It also means that Harry's sixteenth birthday is in one week. I'm sure that if he's not living with Sirius he's living with my sister Petunia. There are a few things about me and James that you need to know.

James is the heir of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. He's also a veela. He's not just half or a quarter he's almost a pure blood. Let me explain how. Godric and Rowena had a son, while Helga had a daughter by a wizard named Arthur Potter. Those two got together and had a son. He grew up and married a veela and they had a son. Everyone son after that has married a full blooded veela.

Which brings me to say that I was adopted. I'm a full blood veela. I had a nanny that was a veela, although no one but me and her knew that. I guess you are shocked, wondering how come me and James didn't look like veelas. Well, I'll explain. We had charms placed on to disguise us. No one could know, especially about me. You see if you look at a veela's eyes you'll see subtle differences in them. All veelas have some shade of blue eyes except the royal family they have green eyes. That means that Harry is now the king and ruler of the veelas.

The charms James and I placed on him will fade when he turns sixteen and it's time for him to find a mate. At the stroke of midnight he will know everything there is to know about veelas. He will know how to find his mate by their scent. You'll have to ask him what I mean about that. He will be vulnerable to everything and everyone till he finds his mate. His mate will unlock his veela magic.

I regret that James and I weren't able to watch my precious baby grow up. I hope he's happy. Let him have this letter. On the other pages is a letter for him in the ancient veela language. Tell him we will be happy with whoever his mate is, we just want him to be happy.


Lily Potter

P.S. Albus, if you wondering what to get him for his birthday get him a Black Mamba snake. It is the most deadly snake on Earth next to the Basilisk. Don't look shocked we already know he speaks Parsletongue. He speaks to the garden snakes in our yard. Don't ask me what it means because I don't know. We love you all and be careful.

- - - - -

The three sitting in the office were shocked they had all assumed that Harry got the ability to talk to snakes from Voldemort, but apparently he was born with it. They were just sitting there when Albus cleared his throat.

"Severus will you go and get Harry, while I go and get him a Black Mamba. Minerva has to go and get a room ready for him."

Severus starts to complain but he knew it would do now good so he just shakes his head before he asks," When do you want me to go?"

"As soon as you can, if you don't mind."

Severus shook his head and left to go and get ready. Minerva left a few seconds after him. Dumbledore sat there for a few minutes before he left to go ask Hagrid where he might find this snake for Harry.

- - - - - - - - - -

Severus sulks back to his room mumbling to himself.

"Why do I have to go and get the golden boy. I don't want to see him be treated like a king. I know he's treated just like his father."

"I'll just take another shower and have breakfast before I leave. It won't hurt anything. I'll just wait till lunch time to go and get him."

Severus walks into his room and calls for a house elf to bring him something to eat in a half hour. He then goes and gets in the shower.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

At noon Severus floos to Arabella Figgs house.

"Well, hello Severus and to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I have to return Harry Potter to Hogwarts. Can you point me to his home?"

She nods her head and moves to the window to point out the house just across the road from hers.

"That's it right there, but I haven't seen Harry come out of the house since he came home from school a little over a month ago. The wards are still there, so he hasn't run away."

Severus nods his head and watches as Petunia and Dudley get in a car and drive away.

"I'll be back in a few minutes with Potter. Is it alright if we use your fireplace to get back to Hogwarts?"

She nods her head and he heads out the door and towards Potter's house. Just as he reaches to door and starts to knock he hears screaming inside.

"What did I tell you Freak, if you couldn't get that mess cleaned up by the time I got back you were going to be punished."

He couldn't make out Harry's reply. Suddenly he hears a blood curdling scream and pulls his wand out. He whispers 'Alomorha' before he quickly opens the door quietly. He silently walks up the stairs following the screams and sounds of metal hitting something soft like flesh. He walks up the stairs and to the open door with the locks all over it. He walks in only to see Harry Potter shackled to his bed, naked and being beaten by a muggle with a metal pipe.

Severus cannot believe what he is seeing. He catches Harry's eyes before he passes out. He raises his wand and shouts Stupefy at Vernon. Vernon goes stiff and falls to the floor. Severus looks around the room and sees that Potter's trunks is chained up at the end of his bed. He raises his wand and says "Accio Harry's things." A book, quills, and some parchment come flying out from under his bed. He unlocks the trunks and puts them in it. He lets Hedwig out of her cage and puts it in the trunk. He shrinks the trunk and puts it in his pocket. He turns to Vernon and whispers a few things at him and picks up Harry. He runs down the stairs to Vernon's screams of pain. He rushes to Arabella's and opens the door. He rushes past her and floos straight to Hogwarts infirmary.

As soon as Severus is in the fireplace in the infirmary he starts yelling for Poppy. She comes running out of her office and gasps.

"Is that Mr. Potter?"

Severus nods his head and lays him on a bed he looks at Poppy then runs back to the fireplace and is gone.

-Severus -

Severus floos back to Arabelle's and runs out the door back to the Dursleys. He opens the door and goes in. He makes sure to lock the door, just like it had been before. He runs up the stairs and back into Harry's room. He sits on the bed and watches as Vernon shakes and whimpers. He puts a silencing charm on him. He sits there and waits for the rest of the muggles to get home. He hears the car pull up and places an invisibility charm on himself and Vernon. He listens as the fat boy and horse woman come back into the house. He hears them both coming up the stairs. The woman starts talking as if she was talking to her husband.

"Well did you punish him good, Vernon? He should have cleaned up that juice quicker."

"I wanted to help, why couldn't I stay and help punish the Freak, mum?"

The fat boy was just saying that as the walked to the door of the room. Both of their faces went white when they noticed that both Harry and Vernon were gone. Severus silently cast the stupefy hex on both of them and put silence spells on them before he lifted the invisibility spells. He sneered at the three muggles and walked out of the door. He went back to Mrs. Figgs and flooed back to the infirmary.

-infirmary while Severus was gone -

Poppy scans Harry to see what his injuries then rushes to get the potions. She makes him drink them before she fire calls Minerva. McGonagall and Dumbledore rush into the infirmary. They stop short as they see Harry's body. Poppy walks to them.

"He's been starved. His left arm was broken in four places, four broken ribs, his right leg was broke in four places, his jaw was broken and he had some internal bleeding. I gave him the potions to heal everything; I just don't know how long he'll be unconscious."

They start to cry and pull chairs around his bed. They sit there until Severus gets back. They walk toward him. He tells them what he did at the muggles home and how they were tied up and waiting for the Minister so they could have a trial right there. He stuck his hand in his pocket and showed them a vial of clear liquid. They all know what it is. It's the truth serum. Severus, Albus, and Minerva floo to the Ministry to talk to the new Minister of Magic.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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